How Can Christian Coaching Week Help You?

Would you like more clients, more speaking engagements, more media attention or more opportunities to help others? If you answered "yes" to any or all of these, you need to become part of this year's Christian Coaching Week. You see, the annual Christian Coaching Week provides you these opportunities absolutely FREE.  All you need to do is register and then review this year's Celebration Kit for ideas on how to create MORE of what you want for your coaching practice or ministry.

The most important thing you can create is greater visibility for the work you do so that you get more opportunities to help others because more people will know about you.​

You can be in any part of the world to participate. There are no geographic barriers and absolutely no cost to join us. What could be better?​

In 2016, there were 183 registered participants in 17 countries including Brazil, Switzerland, Nigeria, United States, Canada, Cameroon, South Africa, India, Myanmar, Brunei, Namibia, Cambodia, Australia, Zambia, New Guinea, Ethiopia and United Kingdom. 

The top two countries represented last year were the United States and Canada.

Among the 32 states in the US represented were Colorado, Texas, Ohio, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Maryland, South Carolina, Virginia, Connecticut, Washington State, Tennessee, Florida, Indiana, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, Oklahoma, New Jersey, New York, Missouri, Mississippi, Illinois, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Nevada.

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This celebration is for Christian coaches around the globe, not only for our students and graduates.  It is your opportunity to share what you do and raise awareness and credibility for our industry.  All Christian coaches regardless of their affiliations are invited to participate.  

This celebration can turn an ordinary coaching event into a media-worthy attention-grabber.

Here are 5 more ways you can create buzz about your coaching practice or ministry during Christian Coaching Week:

1. Donate your coaching services to a church, ministry or your community.

2. Hold live coaching demonstrations or seminar(s) in your community.

3. Announce that you are donating a percentage (min. 10%) of your fees earned during Christian Coaching Week to a charity.

4. Hold a live coaching group event.

5. Hold a virtual coaching event.

Once you register, you will receive access to a document in your Celebration Kit, entitled, ​
"14 Fabulous Christian Coaching Week Celebration Ideas", that contains the above plus 9 more ideas for you to implement.

Many of these ideas take a little time, creativity and planning so you want to get the information now in order to get ready. Also if you are going to send media a press release on what you are doing, they need advance notice in order to interview you or schedule a press event or your article to appear.​

When you register (it's free), I invite you to join our closed Facebook group and get additional materials and variety of images like the header posted here "A rising ride lifts all ships", to use as your header on Facebook.​

All you need to do is ... visit the celebration website and register FREE at  You can then download your FREE Celebration Kit that will contain helpful information, a customizable press release, images and logos, etc for you to use if you wish. 

2 Sponsorship Spots Left

We still have two spots left for sponsors this year (as of right now). We sold out on the first day and then decided to add 3 more spots.

On the right side of the Join The Celebration page at http://christiancoachingweek/join-the-celebration/ , you can learn more about this very affordable way to promote your coaching practice, ministry, business or school.​ (Only $94 for a full year of advertising on this high profile website! That averages to only 26 cents a day.)

View the sponsor area near the bottom of the Christian Coaching Week homepage.

Join the celebration!”


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