On no! 33% OFF tuition ends this week!

If you have been receiving my emails for a while there is a good possibility that you have already experienced 33% OFF tuition savings with two of our most popular courses. If you are new in my community, then please pay close attention to this opportunity to save 33% but it's ending this week.

I do my best to reduce courses from time to time, to express my gratitude for your desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others. It's my way of giving toward your mission and calling and I love doing it.

This year we held these savings for longer than ever before in our history. We have held the 33% OFF our Christian Life Coach / Professional Life Coach dual-certification course for over 2 months now, saving you over $500.

We also held the 33% OFF our Christian Counselor certification course for over 3 months, where you also save up to $500 and more.

But as we approach the 2018, it's time for this to end so that we can get ready for the new year.

So I just wanted to send you a couple more reminders this week in case you have delayed enrolling. This is the nudge you may have been waiting for. Remember, the more you know and the greater your skills, the more of a blessing you can be to the Kingdom. When you know more, God can use you in greater ways!

Imagine yourself next year at this time, with a new certification and greater skills to help others. What kind of impact will you be able to make? Who is waiting for you to get ready to help them?

These offers will officially end on Friday, December 8, 2017 at 5 pm Eastern Time.

Below are links to the two courses for your convenience. There are no coupons ... just visit the course page ... scroll to the bottom and click the ENROLL NOW button to access your enrollment form.

Please remember, if you want to get in on this savings, your tuition must accompany your enrollment form. We are not able to hold your form for a future date. Rule of thumb: complete your enrollment form when you are ready to enroll that day and pay your
tuition. Thanks for understanding.

If you have any questions, please click the "Chat" icon on our website and we will respond to your message / email in the order it was received.

Love and blessings,
Leelo Bush

CEO and Director of Training

Enroll before 33% OFF Ends Friday!
(SAVE OVER $500!)

Christian Life Coach 2.0
CCLC / CPLC dual certification 

Christian Counselor
certification course


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