Second Annual Christian Coaching Week 2017

I invite you to join us for the second annual Christian Coaching Week. Registration is now open world-wide.  Christian Coaching Week is the week-long celebration of the Christian Coaching profession and all its specialties. It's an opportunity for Christian Coaches world-wide to share their gift, educate others about the benefits of Christian Coaching, demonstrate coaching and donate Christian Coaching to their church and community.

This celebration is for Christian coaches around the globe, not only for our students and graduates.  It is your opportunity to share what you do and raise awareness and credibility for our industry.  All Christian coaches regardless of their affiliations are invited to participate.  This celebration can turn an ordinary launch or promotion into a media-worthy attention-grabber.

In 2016, there were 183 registered participants in 17 countries including Brazil, Switzerland, Nigeria, United States, Canada, Cameroon, South Africa, India, Myanmar, Brunei, Namibia, Cambodia, Australia, Zambia, New Guinea, Ethiopia and United Kingdom. 

The top two countries represented were the United States and Canada. Among the 32 states in the US represented were Colorado, Texas, Ohio, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Maryland, South Carolina, Virginia, Connecticut, Washington State, Tennessee, Florida, Indiana, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, Oklahoma, New Jersey, New York, Missouri, Mississippi, Illinois, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Nevada.

Christian Coaching Week - Official Participant Logo HEADER 2017

When you register (it's free), I invite you to join our closed Facebook group and get additional materials and variety of images like the header posted here "A rising ride lifts all ships", to use as your header on Facebook.​

Christian coaching is the most powerful coaching available to mankind. It helps create lives fully alive for Christ by serving the world, leading by example and transforming destinies.

This year it will be celebrated during the Week of March 6-10, 2017.  What a great opportunity to share the love all week long!

Christian Coaching Week had long been a dream of mine. I see it as an opportunity to share the benefits of this profession and demonstrate how lives are changed.

Leelo Bush PhD, Founder and Director of Training at the Professional Christian Coaching & Counseling Academy PCCCA

Leelo Bush, PhD

As an early adopter of Christian Coaching and creator of a foundational curriculum for biblically-based, Christian Life Coaching​, I have seen challenges over the years, of taking our profession into our churches and communities and creating awareness for how we can help.

It is my hope that as the Second Annual Christian Coaching Week gets underway, more people than ever benefit from Christian coaching.  It is my prayer this helps to create greater public awareness for our Christian Coaching profession and our many specialties," Dr. Bush added.

Participation is FREE and all Christian Coaches are invited!

All you need to do is ... visit the celebration website and register FREE at  You can then download your FREE Celebration Kit that will contain helpful information, a customizable press release, images and logos, etc for you to use if you wish. You will also find a shop with Christian Coaching Week swag.

Then spread the word by social media, word of mouth and press releases. Afterwards, please come back and tell about your experiences!

Sponsorships are available.

When you click on the Join The Celebration link near the top of the page at, you can learn more about this very affordable way to promote your coaching practice, business or school.​

The second annual Christian Coaching Week 2016 will take place March 6-10, 2017.  
Join the celebration!”

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