How To Create Your Ideal Coaching Practice
in 90 Days 

So, you know that God has called you to be a people helper and help them live great lives but at the same time you have financial responsibilities.  So many of us just want to help others. We may know how to coach but for some reason we're not connecting with those who need us.  

Some new coaches just focus on giving and end up struggling themselves until they eventually quit because they can't keep supporting their coaching. 

Leelo Bush, Ph.D.

Leelo Bush, Ph.D.

Let's put this in perspective.  This is a profession, a business and unless you can create a stable, sustainable practice you won't be able to make the impact in this world that God designed you for. God gave you this gift so that you would multiply it. Some people He made physicians, some attorneys ... you He made a life coach, a different kind of professional. You are entitled to be paid well for the services you provide. 

No guilt allowed here. God created you to thrive and the only one who wants you poor and destitute is the devil. The word tells us that we are given opportunities  according to our abilities. (Parable of the Talents) The greater our abilities, the greater our income. And the greater our income, the more we can give to others. Bottom line is the only one who can increase your abilities is you.

So if now you are thinking to yourself that you don't care to increase your coaching practice income, this page is not for you.  This is for those who are willing to do all they can, to live in the fullness of God's purpose and give back to God's kingdom in big ways. And I am here to help you do that.

Maybe you have tried a lot of different things but have yet to see the fruit from your coaching practice, that you hoped for. And that might look different for each of us. There is an answer ... a solution ... and you will find it here. What you will learn are proven, battle tested tactics that just plain work, if you follow the instructions, work consistently and don't try to reinvent the wheel.

What does your ideal coaching practice look like to you? Here is what comes to mind for me:

In a perfect world, we would instinctively know who our ideal client is and be able to create conversations with them that would instantly inspire them to hire us, right?  We would understand our ideal clients deeply, so that we could create such an extraordinary experience for them, they’d remain our loyal client forever and refer all their friends to work with us.  We would always have a waiting list of prospective clients.  And it goes without saying, we would demonstrate world-class coaching expertise where we could quickly get to the heart of the issue and elegantly coach our client through any coachable situation.

And, we could create the income we need to support our desired lifestyle as well as tithe and donate to ministry, charities and maybe even build an orphanage in a third world country.

You might be thinking by now, “what’s the point of all this, Dr. Bush? This is NOT my reality and sounds more like a dream.”

Well let me encourage you. This is not a dream; this can be your reality, or something similar if you are willing to learn how.

If you’ve been frustrated by trying to build your coaching practice and have not yet experienced the success you’d like to see, it’s not your fault. You see, it’s not only a matter of knowing what to do, but also in what order to do it. Then producing the right actions consistently.

Believe me I get it because I’ve been there.  It took me about 18 months to get on track to earn a 6-figure income. I made a lot of mistakes and wasted a LOT of time in the process because there was no one to mentor me or show me how.

Now, fifteen + years later, most coaches still struggle with the same challenges I had. Those who have busy practices coaching aren’t sharing how they made it because honestly, they’d rather not have more competition. Can you blame them?

So WHAT are you supposed to do? Just settle for less or give up?


As a master coach trainer and training curriculum developer, I have put all the missing pieces together for you in the Advanced Professional Life Coach certification course. I have made it easy to understand and implement the actions step-by-step.

What is it costing you to not operate the coaching practice of your dreams?

This is important because it truly does come down to dollars and cents. And if you are struggling, how can you convince others to hire you and follow your lead? It almost feels illogical, doesn’t it?

Certainly there is an emotional cost to know you have so much to give yet not know how to create it. But it might be easier to look at the financial cost to you because that is readily measurable.

A full practice may be coaching 15 clients per week. That would average out to 3 client sessions per day at one hour each. The balance of the time, you are preparing for the coaching sessions, researching supportive information for your clients and marketing your practice.

On the average a certified coach earns $150/hour session. If you coach 15 clients/week, you are earning $2250/week.

Let’s give you 2 weeks vacation … so in fact you are earning $2250 x 50 weeks each year.

That’s $112,500. It's well over the illusive $100,000 mark.

But for now, let’s say you are coaching only 3 clients/week. This means, you might be earning $450 week, $1800 less than you could be earning. That’s a lot of money lost.

But we’re not there yet.

How much is it costing you this year? Let’s multiply $1800 by 50 weeks and you get $90,000!

In this example, you could be losing $90,000 dollars each year plus sacrificing your own dreams and those of untold numbers of clients you are unable to reach or help.

The coaching fees and overall numbers might be quite different in your case, but if you use the same formula, you will see immediately what your situation is costing you.


How would your life be different if you could once and for all create the coaching practice of your dreams and not leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table each year?

If you are ready to draw a line in the sand and say NO MORE playing small, I can help you.

"God wants you to thrive. I'm here to help you do it."
~ Leelo Bush, PhD

In the Advanced Professional Life Coach certification program, you will discover who your ideal client is and how to attract them.

Advanced Professional Life Coach Manual - cover at

You’ll learn how to create conversations that convert prospective clients into paying clients.

You’ll understand your ideal clients so deeply that you can create such an extraordinary experience for them, they’ll remain your loyal client indefinitely and refer all their friends to work with you. (Read: waiting list.)

You'd learn an extraordinarily powerful, advanced, little-known coaching model to help you quickly get to the heart of your client's issue and elegantly coach each client through any coachable situation.

If I can teach you how to create the coaching practice of your dreams, 
will you give me 90 days?

The Advanced Professional Life Coach course is only 5 weeks long but realistically you will also need additional time for implementation so that you can get on track. The goal is to get  you on line to create your own ideal coaching practice within 90 days.

Remember, each person's situation is different.  It might take you less than 90 days ... or more. We don't know that right now. But what we do know is that if you do not act, you are likely leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table.



Become a Certified
Advanced Professional Life Coach
& dramatically GROW your
coaching practice!

Help more clients and grow your practice with an advanced, highly effective model and growth tactics.  Receive a beautiful, frame-ready certificate to acknowledge you for your achievement!

There is no better time to learn and grow than now. Open yourself to more possibilities and opportunities.  Your best ideas
always arrive when  you listen to God's still small voice, when you are alone in His presence.
There is no pressure and it is so easy to open up to your hopes, dreams and vision.

With the tools in hand that you receive in this Advanced Professional Life Coaching course, you will be armed to
make a greater difference in the lives of those you work with. You will also become equipped to dramatically grow your coaching practice.

Earn a prestigious certification and web logo
for completing this course.  Just send in your completed work at the end
with a nominal processing fee of $25 USD and receive a beautiful certificate
for framing and graduation logo to add to your website or other marketing.

You'll Receive 100% Tuition Credit toward your
Master / MCLC course enrollment!

Graduate from this course and enroll in the MCLC course within 12 months of enrolling in this course, and you'll receive 100% CREDIT for every penny you paid here, toward your Master Christian Life Coach (MCLC) training. Your enrollment date for this course will be the date you complete the Advanced Professional Life Coach course enrollment form.


(1)  Effortless Client Attraction: Create / Grow your Coaching Practice to Easily Attract your Ideal Clients.

(2)  Learn Conversation Tactics to Organically Convert Prospects into 
Paying Clients.

(3)  Advanced Client On-Boarding
Learn to create a superior experience for your clients from the moment they sign up so they
love and trust you, then refer you to others.

(4)  An Advanced Coaching Model (ACM) to give you laser focus in
problem-solving so that you can quickly 
and effectively help your client resolve nearly any coachable situation.

Jenny Grace Morris, MCLC

"I immediately took steps towards excellence and success"

"“Spending one minute with Dr Bush is engaging and worth while, so to hear her present on expanding ones business was a tremendous benefit. I immediately took steps toward excellence and success after attending her conference.”

- Jenny Grace Morris, Master Christian Life Coach with multiple PCCCA certifications

Who is this training for?

 Say NO to this training if these describe you:

  1. You are satisfied with the status quo.
  2. You believe you already know everything there is to know about growing your coaching practice.
  3. You don't believe in the benefits of investing in your own future and success.
  4. You are hesitant or reluctant to put forth effort to see results.
  5. You have goals but feel that now is not the time.
  6. You have a history of sabotaging your own success.
  7. You are brand new in coaching and have not even thought about setting up your coaching practice.
  8. You like to try things but quit before completion.

 Say YES to this training if  two or more of these describe you:

  1. You want a higher level of knowledge about coaching and running your practice.
  2. You have previous life coach training and/or experience and want advanced training. (previous certification not required)
  3. You are willing to do some work to learn the process and setup your own systems.
  4. You want to learn at your own pace, in a relaxing, low-key environment.
  5. You want to learn advanced skills from a very practical yet biblical foundation.
  6. You are already working as a coach or want to fast-track your practice setup with advanced methods.
  7. You aspire one day to become a Master coach or already are one and are seeking continuing education.
  8. You are 100% committed to achieve everything God has for you and nothing will stop you.


Approx. 60-80 Minute Video Training Modules with Step-By-Step, Actionable Content, In-Depth Worksheets and Resources (originally presented by Dr. Bush as a live teleclass for advanced students)
NOTE: This course is not for beginners!



Who are you meant to serve and how can your ideal client find you?
Discover what message resonates with your clients so they are immediately drawn to you.

Learn where and how to deploy your messaging for maximum impact both
online and offline.  Get this right and any coaching business becomes SO much easier.



Help your clients understand in their head and heart why working
with you makes perfect sense.

There are many opportunities to communicate with your ideal client. Make sure that
your conversations lead to conversion. When you understand the process, it removes
all fear of sounding salesy and instead gives you confidence because you
are helping your prospect become self-aware and empowered to
make their own best decisions.



Create a unique, special experience for your clients that makes them comfortable and shows them
the incredible value you will bring into their life. This begins the moment they sign up to work with you.
Since most "customer service" is barely adequate, when you give them extraordinary,
you become their champion. Clients love and trust you. They become raving fans
and tell their circles of influence about you.

How to set up your client on-boarding process, mistakes to avoid and resources.



This advanced coaching model helps you get laser focused on the client's situation
and how you can help them.  It's intuitive, fast and easy to connect-the-dots, when you know how.

Learn the model, then practice it with various, coachable scenarios so that you are comfortable in using the model with your clients. You can literally help clients change their lives with it.

     No Interest if paid in full in 6 Months!!

Your Instructor:  Dr. Leelo Bush
Leelo Bush, Ph.D.

Leelo Bush, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO of PCCCA, our Director of Training, Leelo Bush, PhD, is the author and creator of the original CCLC course, also known as Christian, Spirit-Led Life Coaching as well as author of 11+ courses, 11+ books/ebooks and over 100 articles.

Dr, Bush has created many course curricula and trained over 20,230 Christian, professional life coaches, counselors, wellness professionals and specialty coaches worldwide with students and graduates on every continent.

You will benefit from this new, compelling, course content in countless ways, The transformational training you receive in this course will change your life and your practice!

By enrolling now you’ll receive the following benefits:

Step-by-Step Growth Process

As you work through the 4 modules and implement the lessons in your own practice, you will experience both personal and professional growth at a comfortable pace.

Secure Access & Support

Login to your private course page to complete the modules at your own pace.  Ask any questions
and receive 5-star support by email.  

Power Hour 1-to-1 phone sessions with Dr. Bush and VIP days also available for additional fee.

Limited Time: 3-payment plan

When you enroll during the launch period, you will receive an opportunity to select 3 monthly payments and thereby gain more time to pay off your course.

"Clearly one of the leading experts in the coaching industry ...

”Leelo is clearly one of the leading experts in the coaching industry. Her enthusiasm combined with her expertise and experience is powerful especially because she allows herself to be enlightened by the leading of the Holy Spirit. She is a gift to all coaches ready to expand their businesses.”

- Debbie Stankovich, Master Christian Life Coach with multiple PCCCA certifications

"I am blessed to have been able to train with her ..."

“Dr. Bush has a heart for loving others and sharing her vast knowledge instead of keeping the benefits to herself. Her broad experience in marketing and life allow her to train others to be people of excellence. I am blessed to have been able to train with her and extend the hand of Jesus just a little bit further.”

- Wendy Mueller, MCLC candidate, Certified Christian Life Coach with multiple PCCCA certifications
Tony Hawkins, Joy Restoration coach in Princeton, KY. Trained by PCCCA

"... Awesome ..."

“... Your program is AWESOME! Can't thank you enough.”

- Tony Hawkins, Certified Joy Restoration Coach

"I have benefited a great deal ..."

“... You do a wonderful job explaining and incorporating the Bible and Christian principles into the explanations and teaching. Thank you, I have benefited a great deal and will use all the nuggets you have provided to successfully be "about my Father's business".”

- Abby Parsons, PhD, Certified Joy Restoration Coach

Our 100% "Make You Happy" Guarantee

Our goal is for you to be 100% Satisfied with your Advanced Professional Life Coach course and if you aren't completely satisfied with this training, we want to make sure you end up happy. If you notify our team in writing within 48 hours of your first module becoming available, we'll give you an equivalent TUITION CREDIT to use toward any active, BLI proprietary course in the Beautiful Life Training Center.
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Advanced Professional Life Coach
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