Christian Coaching School Podcast: EPISODE 00 – Introduction

Welcome to the Christian Coaching School Podcast.  I have
wanted to do this podcast for quite some time but it had to be the
right time.

If you are in my inner circle, you may be aware I have been busy
writing the 2nd edition of my book, the Comprehensive
Christian Coaching Handbook, Essential Guide to Spirit-Led Coaching
and Business Success
.  whew … long name …

The first edition was actually published back in 2009 and at
that time it was a manifesto of sorts.  Prior to my book,
Christian coaching had been taught almost the same as secular
coaching, but scripture was added for the Christian audience.

And … you and I both know what happens when you add random
scripture to validate your secular point.  It becomes far LESS
about what God wants and MORE about what a person wants.

Because of this I had known for a very long time that I would
eventually write a textbook as the foundation for an actual
scripturally-based Christian Life Coach training program. The book
we had used was no longer in print and the truth is, I
could not begin then, to offer compromised training to our

When I published the book and thereby pulled back the curtain on
what had come before, there were a few unhappy coach trainers out
there because the truth had been revealed.  But I believe we
have to do what we feel is right in this world and that takes
courage a lot of the time because the enemy is never happy when
God’s truth is revealed. So despite that, God prevailed and His
word was laid as the true foundation.

The Christian life coach training that we offer at the
Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy aka PCCCA,
at is based on my
book, so you can be sure that the content of the training is

As I say in my book, I wrote it because God inspired it, every
step of the way. I am just telling you this because I think it’s
important for you to know who you are listening
to. And I promise to keep you updated when I get close to
publishing the 2nd edition.

So … what else can I tell you about me and what we do here …

Since 2003 we have trained thousands and thousands of Christian
life coaches worldwide at PCCCA and we have graduates on every
continent. I have also trained many if not most, of the current
Christian coach trainers. Most of them are even now on my email
list.  And if that’s you … I know you are out there

And hey, it’s all good. I hope what we create here continues to
bless you and those you teach. We all serve the same Lord after
all. Right?

We also hosted the first annual Christian Coaching Week this
year which was a great success with participants from all over the
world. To join in the event next year, just visit the website at and
ask us to send you updates for registration.

I look forward to getting to know you during our time together
on this podcast. There will be lots of opportunities for you to
communicate back to me with your thoughts and what you would like
to hear more about.

Finally, I want to introduce you to some of the topics you can
expect to learn more about on this podcast.  Now these are in
no particular order and the list is certainly not complete as I
will add topics based on listener request as well.

Ok …

I will be talking about …

The importance of the Lord building your coaching practice

The top Coaching Questions to help you Get your Clients

How You Can position yourself for God to promote you

How to Make Sure Your ideas Outlive you – creating a legacy

I will also give previews into our current and new courses and
how I think they will help you.

We’ll discuss Time management matters and accountability

How to Write your Coach Bio – quickly, correctly and

How to Easily Attract Clients to your Coaching practice

How You TOO can become an Agent of Change

We’ll talk about why coaching friends and family might not work
so well

I will teach you about Coaching styles and how to know if you
are using them correctly

I will have at least one episode about Sabotage, Success Traps
and how to avoid them

I’ll give you LOTS of power questions to improve your clients’

You’ll hear Professional Image Tips

I will teach on how to talk to non-believers in a way they will
receive your message – this is critical in our personal and
professional walk

And I may also bring on a special guest now and then.

And SO much more.

I can’t wait to begin this journey with you, so go ahead click
on the next episode and if you like this podcast, I will be honored
if you share it with your colleagues and leave a review.

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