create a beneficial partnership to support your strengths

Today I’m going to talk about the benefits of creating a partnership with someone who compliments who you are in order to help those you serve.

Over the past 17 years of training Christian life coaches, counselors and specialty coaches, I continue to be amazed at the varying gifts, talents and skills of those who enter the coaching and counseling professions. Every graduate is so different.  

In addition to differences in their gifts, talents and skills, each person also has their own unique goals.  Sometimes these goals are easily realized by their own work. Yet more typically each person can benefit from working with one or more other professionals with complimentary skills so they each can benefit in greater ways. This is an example of synergy.

Synergy: the interaction or cooperation of two or more people, organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

This is true because most coaches and counselors tend to possess very specific strengths and weaknesses.

It's not unusual for coaches and counselors to end up wasting precious time and resources in attempting to correct their weaknesses instead of focusing on what they're truly good at and enjoy.

The benefits of collaboration within a partnership can be immeasurable.

Of course, with sufficient resources, it's certainly possible to outsource those tasks. Sometimes it's neither possible nor advisable.  That said, savvy coaches and counselors have discovered there's an easier way to build and grow.

…create a partnership with someone who is able to fill the gaps

These gaps might be a lack of marketing expertise, products to sell, resources, list of leads... or any number of factors that are holding you back.

Creating a partnership or joint venture can give your coaching or counseling practice / business a great boost but if you have not yet harnessed the benefits of partnering, it could be that you need some guidance to get started.

So here is my question for you. Would you like me to create a short, concise course to give you a fast start to partnerships and joint ventures?

Helpful Ideas For Course Content:

In the program I think you'd benefit from learning about several types of partnerships.  These could include creating an affiliate program where someone else sells for you. It might involve creating a brand new business that employs each person’s unique talents and gifts to benefit each.  Or it might involve combining two businesses to offer what each alone could not.

There are some basic steps to identify which process is best for your situation. You’ll also get suggestions for finding the right partners and how to communicate your partnership idea(s) to them.

I would like to include a basic outline of the partnership proposal and additional tips to create your partnership agreement. Bear in mind, I am not an attorney so don’t think of this as legal advice. I only want to help you understand additional considerations to give you a smoother transition and working environment. Less worry means greater productivity, right?

So now it is your turn. I want to hear from you about your situation. Would you be interested in a course such as this?

In case you are wondering about the tuition, I am looking at probable tuition of under $200 USD. If you'd like greater personalization, such as a way to connect with other like-minded, Christian coaches or counselors who are interested in partnering, that would take more ongoing support, manpower and resources, hence would incur higher fees.

With all the distractions in the world right now, God has given us a unique time-out opportunity to birth new ideas and create new ventures.

It's time to focus on how we can best serve the world with our unique gifts, talents and skills. I also understand a partnership is not for everyone. Yet many of us would greatly benefit from working with someone who compliments us and can fill the gaps.  And if this is not for you, maybe you know someone to share this with, who'd be interested.  

TAKE THE 4 MINUTE SURVEY:  What are your thoughts? 

Do you have some additional ideas for topics to include in a partnership course?  I have created a short survey to record your answers. Just click HERE to access it and share your views. 

Thank you for your time in helping me understand how to better help you.

Love and blessings,

Leelo Bush, PhD
CEO, Founder and Director of Training
Professional Christian Coaching & Counseling Academy – since 2003
Matthew 6:33

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