EPISODE 7 – Interview with Karen Federighi, featured on NBC and Upcoming Movie

Thank you for joining me for an extraordinary interview episode today. I recently had an opportunity to do an in-person interview with my guest, Karen Federighi, in Naples, Florida. Karen was featured in an NBC news report and will be in an upcoming full-length documentary movie. She has an incredible story you won’t want to miss. […]

UPDATE 2018: After a harrowing escape from Florida to California, financed by a philanthropist, and recurring defeats in the legal system, Karen was finally given her independence and has returned to Naples, Florida to seek justice from the court system that she alleges falsely and without any evidence “imprisoned” her as a ward of the state.

The latest on her story from FOX news … or follow this link: https://www.fox4now.com/news/local-news/naples-woman-says-she-was-imprisoned-in-guardianship-case


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