Help Us Design Your Christian Coach Certification Training

If you are a past, current or future student of our Christian Coach Certification training at this academy, here's your special invitation to participate in our survey. I want you to have an opportunity to give your input about possible upgrades, updates and enhancements we are considering for the Certified Christian life coach training program.

The first 3 questions on our survey give you options to consider for what will make your training experience most enjoyable and enriching. Question #4 is optional. If you would like to speak with us about your own goals and to learn whether this program could be a fit for you, you'll be able to send us your information so that we can have a complimentary 20 minute discovery call. 

The survey management system tells us this survey will take 1 (one) minute to complete, but realistically it could take a couple minutes. We value your time and your feedback is important in this process.

Won't you help by completing the survey?  Just click the TAKE SURVEY NOW button below. I look forward to reading your opinions.

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