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PCCCA Passport to Coaching

Low-Cost, Authentic, Christian Life Coaching
4-Session Package / $199 (or 49.75 per 50 minute session. )

If you would like to experience authentic Christian, Spirit-Led life coaching, why not apply for PCCCA's Low Cost Authentic Spirit-Led Christian Life Coaching Program?

For a nominal fee, you will benefit from 4 weekly sessions with a Master Christian Life Coach candidate as part of their practicum assignment or Certified Christian Life Coach. Sessions with Master candidates are limited and subject to availability. Your application must indicate the topic you would like coaching on so that we can assign the coach who is most experienced in that area. PCCCA reserves the option to assign a Certified Christian Life Coach if they more appropriately serve your desired area of expertise.

* TERMS: Please be advised that all services must be pre-paid. In order for coaching to be of maximum benefit to you, you need to take the actions you agree to take and you need to attend all of your sessions. If you fail to attend or call for your session, your fees will not be refunded since your coach was there to meet with you and needs to be paid for the session. This offer may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice. Questions? Call our office at 800-280-4662, M-F 9-5 EDT.

Submit your application today! (see below)

INSTRUCTIONS: Please answer every question on this application form below so that we can assign the apopropriate coach for you. If for some reason, the academy is not able to meet your coaching needs, your payment will be refunded in full. Once the form is complete and you have verified that ALL questions have been answerd, please click "Submit" once. Thank you.

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