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"Learn our TRIED AND TRUE approaches for developing healthy communication skills that you can use in personal relationships and professional environments — without sacrificing who you are, your self-esteem or personal space / power — so that you can create lasting relationships that are satisfying and productive as well as
adding a specialty to your coaching, counseling or people-helping work."

"Become a Relationship Communication Specialist, then teach individuals and groups!"

Here is a Sample from each of the Modules...

Your relationships with others impact almost every aspect of your life. The foundation of every relationship is communication and yet, even among those who care about or love each other, misunderstandings can happen and feelings can get hurt. Sometimes we can feel the other person either doesn't care about our feelings or maybe doesn't even hear us. One of the worst feelings is to be with someone and feel utterly alone. Ineffective communication skills can adversely affect all your relationships both personally and with your career. This can cause needless stress for one or both parties. It can also affect performance and your overall self-confidence.

Left unaddressed, these additional stressers can lead to rejection, heartache even affect your well-being. Fortunately, it is never too late to learn communication skills that help you communicate more effectively, both verbally and non-verbally to help others feel more comfortable and increase productivity as well as be more effective in everyday situations where specific skills and increased awareness can make all the difference in the outcome.

How would your life be different if you were to gain these skills?
Imagine ... if you could:
~ learn to diffuse confrontation easily assert your boundaries without resorting to aggression
~ develop skills to make requests without being manipulative or overbearing
~ present your thoughts and feelings with ease, without fear of rejection
~ learn to interpret verbal and non-verbal signals from others
~ identify and communicate with the primary love language of those you care about
~ learn to be a really good listener
~ and more

RCS course covers and CDs 1216

You CAN learn to be a great communicator!
In this program you will learn about obstacles to good communication and how to overcome them. You will learn to develop interpersonal communication skills within this training. It is our goal for the skills you learn to become second nature for you so that you can not only use them yourself, but also teach time to individuals and groups.

There is a good likely hood that you are aware of some of these skills or can identify some challenges in your own life. This course will teach you not only how to become a great communicator but also how to train others to do the same. The modules will give you homework so that you can practice what you learn.

What will you learn?

In the Relationship Communication Specialist program you will learn:

How to establish C-L-E-A-R Communication

What Part Motives Play in Communication?

How to Encourage the Flow Of Communication.

5 Ways to Communicate love including:

     Words of Affirmation
     Quality Time
     Receiving / Giving Gifts
     Acts of Service
     Physical Touch

Examples Of Improved Communication Skills.

How Timing Plays A Role In Communication.

Differences between male and female communication

How to Overcome Obstacles to good communication including:

    Misused Humor
    Personal / Covert Agendas
    Confrontation / Interrogation

Discover Strategies and Methods to Create Good Communication.

Learn to become an encourager

Add a dose of confidence to make you a better communicator.

Decipher non-verbal communication

Cross-cultural communication - Interesting differences among various cultures.

Understanding Love as "the Great Communicator"

     Learning to Love the Unlovely
     Children and love languages

Learn to love others more as you rediscover how to strengthen your Love for God.

Improve your skills in relating to others through Biblical Love Principles.

Learn how to Love and Forgive yourself now.

Discern why words alone are not the only factor in communication and relationships.

Learn how to establish a caring environment

Improve your receptivity to Love even in the midst of feeling lonely.


Since our audience is mostly coaches, counselors and other people helpers, we will teach you how to run groups and earn an income using the exciting new skills you will learn, including:

     Leadership, Group Coaching and getting organized

     Overcome Nervousness When Speaking in front of groups

     How to handle difficult people within the group

     What To Do If You Don’t Know The Answer

And This Program Would Not Be Complete Without ...

Resources and Forms to coach in this specialty!

What is the format? ... or ... How is the training presented?

The training format is fun and easy. Modules become available each 7 days. There will be an exam at the end for certification.

When you register, your first module will be waiting for you. Then at each 7 day interval, we will add one module for a total of 5 modules and a final Q&A call module. Your modules take the form of a video and downloadable worksheets. You will also have a textbook (see below) to read during the program weeks. You can anticipate approximately 1-2 hours of homework each week to reinforce the learning. If you have questions, you will have email support from Jenny Morris, MCLC, your Relationship Communication Specialist trainer!

Just be sure to login to your password-protected learning portal and do your assignment each week to stay on track.
This is our most popular learning format because you can participate from wherever you are located in the world, regardless of time zone!

Just make sure you login each week to complete your module.

Your textbook for the class is "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman (2009)

While most of your course content is either proprietary or from multiple resources, we have added "The Five Love Languages" as a textbook to this program because of its broad application to the topic matter covered.

"The idea to use The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman came through inspiration. Dr. Bush is always listening to God for guidance on all her programs. We had already recorded all our modules when it became CLEAR that this book should be the text book for this program," said Jenny Morris, one of the authors of the Relationship
Communication Specialist program.

Learn to apply the right principles and learn the right language ... and soon you'll know the profound satisfaction and joy of being able to express your love - and feeling truly loved in return!

Order from or purchase from your local bookseller. (Amazon offers overnight and 2 day delivery!)
See reviews / praise from readers below!)

"This training provided exactly what I needed, when I needed it. My family was going through some difficult times and I was able to help because I had learned how to handle sensitive issues just that week! I am so grateful and just love this training. Jenny Morris and Dr. Bush are so easy and fun to listen to. They have a great flow in their sessions!" ... Phyllis H.(Wingate, NC)

"Before ... my husband would buy me presents all the time to show me he loves me, however, that wasn't what did it for me, him spending quality time with me showed me his love for me. Until we read this book we didn't realize what our own love languages were and that day we were able to identify them, talk about them, and start nurturing them. From that day on, my husband and I started really trying to "fill each others love tanks". ... Angela N Cavesina (San Diego, CA - US)

" ... really helped me to understand where I was going wrong in my relationships. I have turned things around significantly, due to this book." ... Erin Harrington (Florida, USA)

"Once you read the book, you'll start to see the similar pattern many of the married couples were going through because they weren't speaking their spouse's "love language." They weren't doing the things their spouse MOSTLY considers unmistakable expressions of love. There were at least two couples in this book who said that they had wished they had known this information (or read this book) 20+ years before so that they could've forgone the years of NOT feeling loved by their spouse. If that's not motivation enough for you to feed on this information Dr. Chapman offers, I don't know what to tell ya. I STRONGLY recommend this book to married couples, couples who plan on being married, and even single folks. There is so much eye-opening wisdom in here that you'd be doing yourself a disservice by ignoring it. It can restore years of hurt & misunderstanding. But positively, it can spur you and your loved one to newer heights of satisfaction and happiness in your relationship. Be blessed." ... Leland White (Atlanta, GA)

Program Creator Testimonials!

"Jenny and I have been developing the contents of this program for about two years now and have studied countless resources. My husband, Evan and I have a great relationship so I did not originally understand how my words had a different meaning to him. English is not my first language, so I would use any word I knew, that I thought would convey the accurate meaning. Evan told me recently that he sees my communication with him is so much more loving now because I deliberately consider not only the words I use but how and when I use them." Leelo Bush, PhD (Cape Coral, FL USA)

"The journey for writing this course came with many insights. It was rather ironic that when I began putting to paper what I had learned through experience about relationships and communication, that I was confronted with many challenges in these two areas. I had to remind myself consistently what way to respond to each situation in a manner that honored the quality of this program and bring integrity into it as well as my own life. There was one situation where a cherished friendship was saved by applying the techniques that I had discovered, proving the value and effectiveness of the methods in this course." Jenny Grace Morris, MCLC, CSRC (St. Louis, MO USA)

So, Are You Ready to Become a Relationship Communication Specialist?

If you're ready to dramatically improve your communication skills so that you can benefit personally and professionally as well as reclaim YOUR own relationships as you discover our secrets for improving your confidence as well as capacity to give and receive love, don't miss out on this special training offer! Allow us to coach and mentor you in this area by sharing this life-transforming knowledge. Claim your seat in the Relationship Communication Specialist program now by selecting your preferred tuition investment.

RCS course covers and CDs 1216

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