new SCHEDULE 2019

Each year we give you advance notice to help you plan for our vacation month. In this post I'll update you on our vacation and enrollment schedule, access to support and how to reach our team as well as certification during this time.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the vacation month this year has moved to September. Typically we leave in August, but this year it's September. This means we need to plan ahead.

Vacation and Enrollment - What You Need To Know

If you are planning on enrolling soon, please do so between now and August 23. We want to be there for you to give you full support as you begin your training. That way, if you have any questions at all, we can quickly address them and you can transition smoothly into your course. Issues are rare, but why risk delays or frustrations needlessly?

vacation and enrollment - woman on beach with computer

Online enrollment will remain open but our administrative offices and phone support are closed beginning Labor Day Weekend, (Friday, Aug 30, 2019) until Monday September 30, 2019. Our offices will reopen on Tuesday, October 1, 2019.

Beautiful Help Desk remains available to address any support concerns. Due to limited staff and operating hours, you may experience delays.

We look forward to returning on October 1 with full support.  Meanwhile our team will be on vacation, resting and traveling to spend time with loved ones. 

Training Resources and Books

Even though we won't be in the office formally, you can still get your hands on AWESOME training materials in our online BOOKSTORE.  Be sure to download your purchased products immediately because your download will expire in 24 hours.


Enrollment online will remain open. It's easy and automated. You may submit your enrollment form online at any time with your tuition for immediate course access. Online enrollment will remain open. You'll find the enrollment links near the bottom of each course description page.  

A list of current courses with open enrollment can be found at  

INSTANT ACCESS: You can enroll online any day you choose and receive access to the first module of your new course within minutes. This is an easy, automated process to keep training available for you 24-7-365. To ensure the system works best for you, use the Google Chrome browser and enroll from your desktop computer. Mobile enrollment works also but you may need assistance with course login if you use a secondary browser. This is not a huge issue as we will get you into your course, but there may be a short delay reaching support.

If you are enrolling in a deeply discounted course bundle, your program access is set up manually. Please allow 3 business days for access to your first course. Our goal is to respond faster than that, but we would rather under-promise and over-deliver. Thanks for understanding.


A limited support team remains here for you in September at Beautiful Help Desk.  There will be NO phone or "live chat" support during the vacation dates listed above.   Our team will check in a few times each week to address email support requests.  

Need support now? Complete the support request form at


Certification packages received after August 16 will NOT be processed until we return. Processing will resume in October.  If your course offers online examinations for certification, you can still complete those because they are automated.  Certification packages will be processed again after our return in October.

Got Questions?

Send us a support request from Beautiful Help Desk ( at Our team will check in a few times each week to provide you with information and assistance.

God bless you, have a beautiful summer and we look forward to seeing you in October for fall enrollment!

Evan Bush, President
Leelo Bush, CEO & Director of Training​