Your Christmas Present:
The Gift of Time

Do you need more time? I have yet to hear of anyone who doesn't.  As I was considering my gift to you this year, it occurred to me the best thing I could give you is the gift of time. Not my time, but even better ... your own time.

Time is a non-renewable resource and for that reason it is extremely valuable. More valuable than money in fact, because you can always find more money.

Yes, my gift to you is more of your own time. How is that possible?

I presume we have connected because you care deeply about helping others. Maybe you want to become a Christian life coach or counselor or learn to help others overcome stress or grief. Perhaps if you're already a coach or counselor, you may be a bit overwhelmed by pulling together all the resources you need to make the greatest impact. I want to help you with this.

How can I give you time?  By saving you hours upon hours of time that you would otherwise spend looking for quality resources. Not only will I save you time, but I will save you money too. Many of these resources are free or very affordable.

I just more than doubled the number of resources and added a great amount of additional value, so you won't want to miss all the extras.

Here’s just a sample of the types of resources I've included for you:

1 - Free 4-Part Introductory Christian Coaching Masterclass Series - videos NEW

2 - Free software to help you pick a name or website URL for your business or ministry.

3 - Free open source legal documents

4 - Free logo creator to give your business/ministry brand a boost

5 - Free email marketing and landing pages

6 - Free stock images for your website or print brochures / ads!

7 - Free photo and video editing software

And, there are lots more resources!

You can get all the resources right now by going to https://pccca.org/resources/

See you there!

Merry Christmas!

CEO - Director of Training
PCCCA / Anew University

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