Advanced Master Christian Life Coach Course

MASTER CHRISTAIN LIFE COACH Training & Certification Course

The MCLC experience started right here, at PCCCA, back in 2005.  This is the FIRST Master level course ever created for Christian life coaches. Much has changed since those early days and our training has progressed to meet the most current requirements for Spirit-led coaching and business success in 2021 and beyond.

PCCCA offers the upgraded original, prestigious, 6-month Master Christian Life Coach Certification program, which is an advanced educational opportunity for Christian Life Coaches to further their coaching education and practice development with credentials that meet the needs of your goals within this growing profession.

During this course, which is personalized for you based on the coaching practice you wish to grow or establish, you will learn by training and experience, how to become a Master Christian Life Coach.

You will learn Dr. Bush's proven methods of creating your own signature programs so that you can use the systems you learn to create income for a secure, sustainable practice. All of the systems Dr. Bush will teach you can be replicated so you can use these methods over and over again to build as many offers as you desire. Your results are only limited by your own willingness, ability and dedication to apply what you are taught.

As a Master Christian Life Coach, you will avail yourself to previously unattainable opportunities and may apply for a position as a PCCCA coach trainer when openings arise, so that you may receive remuneration for training PCCCA Premier CCLC students.

Watch the video below to see a panel discussion among MCLC graduates
and hear first hand about their MCLC experiences!

Experience & Qualifications to enter the MCLC program

Applicants must meet all of the following requirements:

(  )  have completed the PCCCA Certified Coach Training Program, CCLC/CPLC successfully OR have completed an equivalent, foundational Christian life coach certification program at another school.  If your certification is not from PCCCA, a passing grade on PCCCA's CCLC exam is required.

(  )  have a minimum of one year combined leadership experience including any combination of coaching plus teaching, public speaking, leadership, ministry or counseling may be used to fulfill this requirement at the discretion of the academy.

(  )  be age 21 or older.

(  )  possess excellent communication skills.

(  )  be willing to dedicate the time needed to master the skills and implement them in your practice.

(  )  sense a calling to coach, teach or train others to excellence as a Master Christian Life Coach.

What will your MCLC course experience include?

The MCLC course is taught one-to-one by phone or Zoom meeting by Dr. Leelo Bush for a period of 6 months and will also include monthly reading assignments and papers, practicum, and project. You will be evaluated based on your work, session attendance and coaching skills.

Within the coaching practicum, the candidate is required to coach a minimum of 10 individuals for a minimum of 4 sessions each. Of those sessions, master program participants will need to record and submit 2 coaching sessions of at least 30 minutes length each.

You'll enjoy reading the Master Certification assigned books geared to your specific goals and write a 5+ page paper about what you learned and can apply from each.

In the advanced practice development portion of the program, you will complete one major project which will be a marketable product or service, designed to produce ongoing income for you.

You will refine your coaching skills, business skills, marketing skills, networking skills, teaching skills so that you will serve as a role model for your clients and students as you personify PCCCA's high standards for excellence.


$3800 in full (save $148 - $296) or 4 *payments of $987/month or 8 monthly *payments of $512.
Custom payment arrangements are also available.  Please inquire at

Textbooks cost should not exceed $150 US and you will be advised of the books you will need. They can be ordered at reduced cost from the PCCCA discounted links to the bookstore.

How to Enroll
Request an interview in STEP 1.  Once you have completed the interview, proceed to STEP 2 to submit an online enrollment form with tuition. You will be contacted soon to arrange your session schedule at a time that is mutually convenient to you and Dr. Bush.



Click the button above to begin the enrollment process.

Note:  Be advised that acceptance into this program is not a guarantee of certification. The candidate must satisfactorily complete all assignments, comply with student policies and fulfill all financial obligations to the academy prior to the Master certification being issued.

*  All payment plans are automated to reduce your tuition. Payments that fail may be assessed a fee to restore your course access and account 
as well as jeopardize your potential to become professionally certified.