Summer 2018 Enrollment and Vacation Schedule

So that you can plan your summer enrollment, study and certification goals, I wanted to give you advance notice about our enrollment and vacation schedule.  Enrollment for all our courses is open now. To receive full support for any enrollment and course access matters, please complete your enrollment by Friday, July 20, 2018.   Even though the […]

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8 Quick Coaching Success Tips

A coach certification program may take a few months to complete. However, to truly master coaching can take years. That doesn’t mean that your coaching isn’t valuable in the meantime. Rather that you must commit to lifelong learning if you truly want to master coaching. When you first begin, you only need to be a step […]

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5 Tips To Get Started With Anything

Can anyone change their life?  Yes! It is absolutely possible for anyone to improve their life but the main challenge is with the difficulty to get started. Some of us look at the challenge ahead and we become exhausted before we even start out.  Anyone can start over. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a […]

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Four Major Announcements for May 8, 2018

I am excited to share these four, major announcements with you as a student, graduate or friend of this academy. Here they are in random order. #1 PCCCA is now part of Anew University in Naples, Florida. Our courses are laying the foundation for the Behavioral Studies Department. You will see a gradual re-branding of some aspects […]

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3 Accountability Tips for Creating Lasting Change

Today I’ll give you 3 accountability tips to help you create more consistent, sustainable change in your client’s life.  As a life coach our ultimate goal when we work with clients, is to make a positive impact on their life. And doesn’t it seem that the faster our results arrive, the more skilled we believe […]

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Common Coaching Challenges With Tips For Coaches

If you are excited about coaching others to a better life, then you are much like me and many others at this Academy. Unfortunately not everyone you meet is ready to reap the benefits of coaching.  As a professional, it’s your job to recognize the common coaching challenges and be prepared to deal with them.Here […]

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Promise of Hope Helps Your Clients Thrive

​ The first, usually unspoken reason a coach or counselor is hired, is to support the client in restoring hope about their situation. It’s this simple promise of hope that grounds your clients and gives them confidence in themselves and the two of you as a team. ​What is hope?  The Free Dictionary defines hope as “The […]

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New Certification: Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioner

Today I am announcing a new certification, a new profession, the Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioner and a brand new academy … Essential Oil Academy, now part of our Beautiful Life International companies. The Essential Oil Academy was actually founded in 2014, when we were developing the course. It just made sense. Because this certification leads […]

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How Christian Counselors Work and Get Paid

A recent email asking how Christian Counselors work inspired this post. It’s been a long time since I wrote on a topic directed at becoming a Christian Counselor so this was a great opportunity to address an important topic. Have you considered becoming a Christian Counselor but need information on how you can work for […]

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