Christian Coaching 3.0
& Year-End News

As the year draws to a close, it's a time we can look forward with excitement, particularly about Christian Coaching 3.0. There is other news as well. Some points are time-sensitive so please don't wait to become informed. Keep reading for what you need to know.

1 )  Tuition News

Due to the development costs related to powerful, new course content as well as increases with manpower and other resources, PCCCA must increase tuition before the end of this year. We have put this off as long as possible but as good stewards of this Academy, it can no longer be avoided.

This is a difficult decision but in order to ensure this academy remains fiscally sound into the future, we must be prudent with all facets of our operations.

When will the increase take place?

We have 37 seats left for all certification courses combined as of today's date. When this number is reached we will temporarily close enrollment, then return by January 1 with the new tuition rates.

PCCCA makes every effort to offer each student 5-star, personalized support within our training center system and it would not be fair to existing students to increase our census beyond where we can confidently serve you with our best.  Thank you for understanding.

2 ) Christian Coaching 3.0 - What is it and how can you learn more?

It’s time to unveil Christian Coaching 3.0, a new generation of Christian Coach training, unlike any training we have previously offered. This truly is the most powerful coaching available to mankind.

We have already begun updating the current CCLC/CPLC Christian Professional Life Coach Certification course and will continue until it is fully built out.

The Christian coach training portion is not changing because a true biblical foundation is timeless. However, we are adding phenomenal training on managing our mind, thoughts and emotions.

The Bible mentions the topics of our heart and mind as they relate to our behavior a combined total of 922 times!  Clearly this topic is extremely important to God. Understanding and implementing these truths can be absolutely life changing to each student and those they coach!

Great news! Everyone currently enrolled in the Christian Professional Life Coach Certification program and graduates will receive this new content at zero additional tuition. With consideration to the impending tuition increase, all who enroll before the increase will automatically receive the new content at the current tuition.

When we reopen with new tuition, the Christian Professional Life Coach Certification course tuition will have increased significantly to cover our increased expenses.

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I want you to learn all about Christian Coaching 3.0 and what makes our academy unique.  To this end I created a 4-part video series, entitled the Introductory Christian Coaching Masterclass Series and it’s available for you right now at: 

Let’s finish 2020 on an up note and make 2021 our best year yet! 

Love and blessings,

Leelo Bush, PhD
CEO, Director of Training

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