Scholarships and Reduced Tuition Programs

We are always looking for ways to help you receive training to equip you for what God is calling you to do.

NOTE:  PCCCA is a Christian, faith-based, professional institute and as such, governmental financial aide programs are not connected to us.  You can be confident that if God wants you to attend our school, He will provide the resources to do so. On this page you will find some programs, links and resources to help you!

Church Scholarships and Sponsorships:

This is the #1 way our students get funding for their Christian coach, counselor or other people-helper training.  Here is how to apply for these funds:

Gather all needed information including your selection of program, link to the course page on this website, a letter requesting assistance, and dollar amount of funding needed. Sponsors like it when you contribute as well, even if they pay the majority, because it demonstrates your commitment. Also include in the letter your offer to provide services at the church or ministry after graduation, in exchange for their assistance for a stated time period. Be sure also to include letters, notes or emails.

You might think this is only for large churches or ministries, but you are actually needed even more at small and mid-size churches and ministries. This is because those pastors and leaders are over-worked and need the help.  They may not be able to afford hiring a dedicated staff person, but if they can get a trained coach or counselor for a small amount of financial support, to serve their people, they are usually happy to contribute. Pastors of small and medium-size churches and ministries are more over-worked and stressed today than ever before.

Once you have gathered all the details, make an appointment to see your pastor, church administrator or designated person to present your case.  Usually it will take a little time to approve these but sometimes you can get immediate approval, particularly if your church already has designated funds for continuing education.

Request the tuition payment be made directly to this academy to further legitimize the payment in their financial records. They may contact this academy directly at our Toll Free Number, 800-280-4662, extension 1 to discuss options.

Spouse Discount:

We often hear from couples who have trained together, that it brings them closer than ever.  Sometimes they take the same course and sometimes one takes a coaching certification while the other takes the counseling certification program.  This not only helps your relationship, but if equips you powerfully to help others as a team.  This is truly the most fulfilling work a couple can do, when both are committed to the positive, God-inspired transformation in others.

When enrolling on the same day, the enrollee's spouse is eligible for 20% off their program. This discount must be requested by phone or email to prior to completion of enrollment / tuition payment. This discount can not be combined with any other offer.

US Military Scholarship:

This academy is US Veteran owned and we hold your service to our country in the highest regard.  For this reason, we dip into our own pockets to pay 10% of YOUR tuition. This is available to active, inactive, discharged and retired military members without whose noble service, none of our freedoms would exist!.

Your military scholarship coupon code is USA10 and requires a DD214 as proof of service.

We are NOT connected with any government scholarship or grant funds since we are not a "regionally accredited university or college". 

General Scholarship Policies:

Be advised that unless your enrollment form is accompanied by required tuition payment, you are not enrolled nor entitled to any benefits, discounts, offers or other value or access until payment is received. If your payment fails or can not be drafted, you may lose access to your training until your account is brought current. If your tuition arrives after a scholarship or discount offer has expired, any previously available tuition reduction will no longer be available. In order to receive the scholarship, discount, coupon code value or tuition reduction you must submit BOTH your enrollment form AND your applicable tuition at the same time.