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FREE Chaos & Fear Survival Guide
for  COVID-19 and other fear invoking events

by Leelo Bush, PhD

I believe in a proactive, early response to the needs of our community and beyond. To this end, I have created the Chaos and Fear Survival Guide (free digital download) to help you and those you care about, manage your thoughts, emotions and your mental health when you have circumstances that cause you fear and anxiety.

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” ~ John 14:27

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Christian Coach Handbook

Second Edition of Comprehensive Christian Coach Handbook by Leelo Bush, PhD to be released Easter 2017.

by Leelo Bush, PhD, known to many as the
mother of Spirit-led, Christian Life Coaching

284-page Comprehensive Christian Coach Handbook every Christian life coach (and counselor) needs. Includes information for personal and professional growth, values, vision and mission, overcoming obstacles, solid Biblical foundation, the 10 Christian Coaching Proficiencies©, marketing, niches, coaching session plans, how to set up your coaching practice, best practices, pricing your services, accountability and ethics.  
Plus links to resources and free training!

Amazon review for Dr. Bush's 2nd Edition

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Guide to Product Creation
with Workbook (BUNDLE)

Nearly Every Respected Leader, Speaker, Life and Business Coach, Counselor and Consultant offers their own products!  
John C. Maxwell, Dave Ramsey, Joyce Meyer, Beth Jones and others use 
this business / ministry model.

You simply must have your own products!

Why?  You can only work so many hours each day so you need a new way to create income for yourself and serve more people.  The more people you help, the more stable your income becomes!

Dorrie Clark at says, "Information products can be a lucrative way to add value to customers’ lives and earn recurring revenue."

Why Should You Offer Your Own Info Products?

1. You will be able to reach and serve a larger client base than you’d otherwise help on a one to one basis.

2. Once you create your product(s), you can sell them again and again. This will add a passive income stream to your bottom line.

3. The product can be used as part of your customer funnel so they can experience your lower tier offers and then feel confident about higher priced products or services.

4. Having revenue-producing info products can leverage your time so that you are not entirely reliant on one to one clients.

5. It allows you to transition from the traditional ‘time for dollars’ model that depends on growing your business by using time and your team. This system will show you how to earn 7 figures with very little staff support once the product is complete and on sale online.

6. All successful leaders have information products as part of their funnel. Take Dave Ramsey for example. He first offers a free radio show. He then offers a free info product. Then he offers a paid info product, his Financial Peace University materials ... etc.

Debbie Stankovich, MCLC

President & Founder, light my path ministries

It was my passion for coaching that led me to establish my practice in 2007. But I quickly learned that generating income strictly from one-to-one coaching was difficult. I knew that offering products related to my specialty was an option, but I didn’t really know where to start.

Dr. Bush’s Guide to Product Creation was exactly what I needed.  It opened my eyes to so many possibilities and gave me incentive to finish some things I’d started long ago. 

The Guide to Product Creation is far more than a quick overview to the topic. The book is loaded with specific guidance on what to create and how to do it.

I highly recommend this guide to anyone new to this aspect of business." 

Nearly all respected leaders, ministers, teachers, coaches, counselors
and others have their own product(s). This is their MAIN income stream!  
NOW, it can be yours too!

Guide to Product Creation PLUS Workbook is only $97.00 US
Finally, enjoy a stable income!


Business Success Planning Guide

Business Success Planning Guide for coaches and counselors - get it at

Yes! Now is your time.

This guide meets you exactly where you are, even IF you are just starting out.

Based on the Continuous Improvement Model, the updated Business Success Planning Guide is a 21-page (immediately downloadable) workbook that helps you start, grow or fine tune your practice or business. It will also help you discover new areas for improvement.

Business Success Planning Guide is ideal for:

(1)  Those just starting out - Practices / Businesses

(2)  Businesses that are primed and ready for growth. You have taken your practice as far as you know how and you need a fresh, new perspective.

(3)  Entrepreneurs who want to expand their thinking and business in order to elevate their enterprise to a NEW level of excellence and success.

(4)  Those owners and managers who understand the continuous improvement model and want structure to implement growth strategies.

The revised Business Success Planning Guide truly meets you where you are and takes you to your next level of growth.

Business Success Planning Guide is only $49.97

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Decision Making Guide - PRO Version

Highly Successful People Have Mastered the Art of Decision-Making!

Decision Making Guide Cover PRO Version by Leelo Bush at

This is the PRO Version and includes the Decision Making Template as well as Complex Decision Making Guide!

Do you have an important decision to make but your thinking is clouded or you are overwhelmed?  Maybe this is your client's issue.

Statistics show we are usually only right 80% of the time. Dr. Bush also shares why overconfidence can hurt our ability to make the best decisions.

Dr. Leelo Bush has studied the world's top leaders and coaches worldwide and has created the Decision Making Guide from what she has gleaned from these experts. She includes specific decision-making formulas and strategies to support you and your clients. 

She even added a process to make complex decisions or decide between two seemingly equal options or opportunities.

Those leaders you respect have discovered how to make great decisions even when difficult choices needed to be made. This can be learned. Here is the formula.

Decision Making Guide by Leelo Bush PhD is only $59.97

Confidently make the right decisions

Best Ways to Get Clients and Fill Your Practice Today!

If you need more information on EXACTLY HOW TO gain more clients to fill your practice, I have created a special report especially for Christian coaches, counselors, consultants and other people-helpers that will tell you:

1. How to get Insurance Company Referrals – how it works but why it might not be your best solution. (at least not at first)

2. How to get private employers to refer you to their employees – exactly where to go and why companies will want to refer you (even if you are a faith-based provider).

3. How to get clients by advertising (free and paid) with select services you can use so that you can easily and affordably list your services on the web.

4. My secret for getting doctors’ offices to refer you, including how I get face to face audience with the doctor to explain my services!

5. Specifics on how to get clients from the top social media platforms and which ones are preferred for this purpose.

6. FINALLY, a few keys that will make you “the” credible, go-to service provider in YOUR community.


Dr. Bush won't waste your time, taking you through tens of pages of illustrative prose just to make this report seem longer.  Her goal is to efficiently and effectively, quickly fill your practice. Although some of the ideas presented may be completely new to you, they are proven to work. The steps are simple and you can read and grasp these concepts easily in 30-45 minutes.  As a coaching school doesn't it make sense for us to get you right to the nuts and bolts of what will work for you?

Best Ways to Get Clients is only $39.97

How To Discuss Money With Clients  - Includes Scripts 

MONEY!  Why is it so hard to talk about?

If you're uncomfortable discussing your fees or dealing with other money matters, it's really not your fault.  Most of us have never been taught how to think and talk about MONEY.  

But the truth is that it's part of having a coaching or counseling practice or business but it can be SO hard to talk about!

If being asked these questions make you uncomfortable, you are certainly not alone. In fact most coaches have felt this way at one time or another.

Download this training complete with set of business scripts to use when clients ask uncomfortable money questions.

You may be wondering why you should listen to Dr. Bush.  She has earned millions in the coaching industry since the early 2000's. But she tells how she didn't always have a great relationship with money. In fact, her early relationship with money could have driven her straight to becoming homeless, had she not been determined to change her life. Now, fast forward to today … Leelo Bush knows this information can change your life as it has hers.

As a believer, you are entitled to earn a great income, just as other Christian professionals such as physicians and attorneys do.  Jesus talks about money more than any other topic because he knew that was such a challenge for us back then as it is today.

The enemy wants to keep us poor, distracted, and hopeless. It's time to fight back.

How To Discuss Money With Clients

Unlock the Secrets to Divine Increase

Unlock the Secrets to Divine Increase - single copy

What is holding you back from receiving everything God has for you? 

Read this report to discover and unlock the secrets to divine increase in your own life!
Dr. Bush explains the issue, what to do and how to get the best results!

She explains the prayer and confessions that transformed her life from less-than-enough to abundance in every area. This will work for you too because God is no respecter of persons. What He will do for one person, He will do for another.

Life-Transforming Report  $29.97

Christian Coaching Orientation - listen online / download

Contains Answers to 14 of the MOST pressing questions facing new Christian Coaches Today!

Download and listen to these audios to hear two Christian Life Coach Orientation teleclasses hosted by Dr. Leelo Bush, complete with input and commentary from Master Christian Life Coaches and sample coaching offered live during these recorded calls.

Every Christian Coach needs this information!

Christian Coach Orientation - 2 Recorded Audio Sessions  $39.97

How To Create A Business Plan
for Christian Coaching / Counseling by Leelo Bush, PhD

Don't leave your future to chance. This easy to follow guide and business plan sample template will help you quickly and easily map your year.

This is ideal for Christian coaches, consultants and counselors... as well as any Christian, small business. Most business plans are complex and cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. We don't need a complex plan so don't complicate this process for yourself.You will be relieved to know this easy to follow guide is only 7 pages but it contains everything you need to create your own.

How To Create A Business Plan - Instant Digital Download $49.99

Secrets to an Irresistibly Beautiful Life
by Leelo Bush, PhD and Ava-Laine Kinnett, CCLC

Secrets To An Irresistibly Beautiful Life contains over 100 pages of fun and effective Strategies PLUS Coaching!

Invest just minutes a day to learn and implement these transformational strategies to create your own version of a beautiful life!

Topics addressed are: Personal Style, Self Care Environment, Health and Nutrition, Inner Beauty

Begin your transformation today with this instantly downloadable eBook. 
Secrets To An Irresistibly Beautiful Life
- Instant Digital Download $39.97

Leadership Goldmine:  24K Nuggets for Lasting Success
by Leelo Bush, PhD, Founder of PCCCA, with Kathy Bateman, MCLC, Kathleen Brooks, MCLC, Evan Bush, MCLC,Todd Miller, MCLC, Jenny Grace Morris, MCLC and Debbie Stankovich, MCLC

A substantive, 51-page e-book with an assortment of leadership wisdom and strategies, covering a wide array of topics including:

  • What is leadership?
  • How do you become a great leader?
  • What is leadership worth following?
  • What to avoid in your quest for leadership greatness.
  • The roles of ethics, integrity, vision and excellence.
  • How to inspire confidence.
  • The greatest good you can do.
  • Overcome fear.
  • Eliminate stress.
  • Vision and mission made simple.
  • How to get results.
  • Common traits of the best leaders.
  • Leave a legacy.
  • Wise resource management including how to invest in your future, how to have an attitude of plenty ... and more

Leadership Goldmine - Instant Digital Download $19.99

How To Start A Christian Coaching Ministry:
Foundation and Practical Steps
Report by Leelo Bush, PhD 

Learn the Biblical foundation for Christian coaching and practical steps to introduce and run a Christian coaching ministry in your church or other organization.

How To Start A Christian Coaching Ministry ...
.................... Instant Digital Download $14.99

How To Start A Christian Coaching Practice:
eBook by Leelo Bush, PhD 

Dr. Bush says the steps are easy and likens starting a coaching practice more to a marathon than a sprint.

"If God has called you to this endeavor, He is not going to change His mind when it takes you more time than first expected. Stay with the process and God's plan will prevail.  

Much of what seems like delay to you is actually a testing time to ensure to God and your clients that you have what it takes to be in this profession in the long haul."

Here's what you will find inside:

*How To Know Whether The Christian Coaching Profession Is For You?
*Do You Have A Calling?
*What Coaching Is Not
*How To Get The Right Training
*What do Christian Life Coaches Do and How To Find Out
*Why Christian Coaching Is An Exploding Market
*How Are You Unique & Why Would Someone Pay You To Coach Them?
*Coaching Niches
*12 Common Characteristics of Successful Coaches
*3 Steps To Starting Your Business
*Where Do You Go From Here?

Leelo Bush has walked before you and learned from experience so that now you have an easy, step-by-step model to follow. You will benefit from her experience!

If you have a passion for growing your business and helping more people, also check out the Spirit Led Marketing program!

How To Start A Christian Coaching Practice ...
.................... Instant Digital Download $13.99

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