Biblical Basis for Certification & Accreditation:  
"If I alone testify about myself, my testimony is not valid."  
~ John 5:31

PCCCA offers professional online training and certification for those who desire to increase their skills to become certified as a Christian Life Coach, Christian Counselor, Christian Grief Coach , Joy Restoration Coach, Stress Relief Coach or Group Coaching Facilitator.

Dr. Leelo Bush is our curriculum creator and is recognized as the #1 authority on Spirit-led, Christian Life Coaching, having trained 10's of thousands around the globe since 2003. Likewise our academy was founded in 2003 and now has graduates on every continent.
When you learn to help others at PCCCA you also receive your own life transformation as part of the training. This has resulted in thousands of our students sending positive ripples through their communities across the globe to improve lives and bring all who know them, closer to Jesus Christ. This is our goal for them and for you.  If you don't know exactly how God will use your newly acquired skills, you're like many of our students. And we promise that you will discover your path during the program or shortly thereafter as you seek the leading of the Holy Spirit in your work and/or ministry. The greater your skills, the higher God can promote you!
Our training is scripturally sound and includes evidence-based practical strategies for improving everyday life. 


The Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy, also known as PCCCA, was founded in 2003. Then in 2011, PCCCA underwent a transformation to become part of the primary education provider for Beautiful Life International, LLC  This became necessary as the training we offer expanded in its breadth and subject matter to include more specialty programs.

In 2012 and early 2013, our online learning platform underwent testing and enhancements with the Christian Counselor program with others soon following.  We have now added more courses into this system with a few others in progress, regularly receiving 5-star, rave reviews from our students.  

In 2018, PCCCA / Beautiful Life International, LLC joined Anew University in order to offer an even wider scope of education, degree programs and added credibility for our credentials. 

As veteran training developers and trainers, we celebrated our 17 year anniversary (in 2020) of offering Dr. Bush's proprietary coaching and counseling curriculum, having trained 31,700(+) students world-wide.

It is our particular pleasure to offer our exclusive online learning platform at https://myclasslogin.com in addition to our personalized, cutting-edge, 1-to-1 training.

PCCCA is proud to be accredited by ICEC. Learn more about accreditation, certification and regulation HERE.

... one of the best decisions that I've ever made in my life ...



Leelo-Dianne Bush, PhD, CMLC

PCCCA Founder, CEO and Director of Training

Dr. Leelo Bush, also a Certified Master Life Coach is recognized as the #1 authority on Christian Life Coaching. She is the go-to training expert on professional, Spirit-Led Life Coaching and business success. After all, she wrote the book!

"If you want to be ALL God has called you to be and experience unlimited growth, success and opportunities, prepare yourself by learning ALL you can, every day of your life!  Never, ever stop learning. 

Dr. Leelo Bush, CMLC

Knowledge is empowerment. Trust in God and invest in yourself. Only then will you have true security, no matter what type of economic challenges you may face. You will always be able to re-invent yourself."  ~ Leelo Bush, PhD

Dr. Bush is the founder of this academy, dating back to 2003. Although her background and post-graduate degrees are in Christian Counseling, she soon learned that counseling was not the only answer for many, healthy, functioning individuals.

Often those who seek counseling are served far better by Christian Coaching. She began her search for more training and was disappointed at the courses with "Christian" in their title, yet based on psychology with a few scriptures added, likely designed to make believers comfortable.

As a result Dr. Bush developed our foundational coaching program and in 2010 published our textbook, Comprehensive Christian Coach Handbook: Essential Guide to Spirit-Led Coaching and Business Success.

In 2017, she published the second edition of this book, that quickly became the #2 Best Seller in Amazon.com Hot New Releases in its category!  You can also get a direct link to purchase this foundational textbook in our academy bookstore

In this book, she challenged previous thought leaders' reliance on secular humanism and psychology, as she brought the truth of God's Word to create Christian Coaching 2.0, and completely re-created the profession for followers of Christ.

Over the years, many if not most Christian coaching schools and their trainers have studied under or learned from Dr. Bush's work. She is responsible for creating training programs on every continent, with (as of 2018) over 20,400 students trained and over 6700 certified graduates world-wide.

Dr. Bush works in partnership with her husband, Rev. Evan A. Bush, Master Coach and President of this academy. Together they enjoy their Southwest Florida lifestyle of boating, fishing, dining, theater, gardening and bicycling as well as caring for our academy mascots, David and Gigi, an adorable pair of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. 

GiGi (left) and David are a pair of (Blenheim) Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, mascots of PCCCA


Certified Master Life Coach
Certified as Master Mindset Coach
Certified Professional Life Coach
Certified Confidence Life Coach
Certified Forgiveness Coach
Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach

Certified Business and Entrepreneur Coach
Certified CBT Practitioner Coach
Certified CBT Cognitive Behavior Coach
Certified Life Purpose Coach
Certified Total Life Coach
Certified Wellness / Christian Wellness Coach
Certified Goal Setting for Success Coach
Certified Happiness Coach
Certified in Neuroplasticity 
(Stress and Anxiety focus)
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Clinical Aromatherapy Certificate
Aromatherapy Acupressure for Emotional Healing
Aromatherapy Acupressure for Pain Relief
Diploma in Addiction Counseling
Certified in Personality Development & DISC
IBM Sales Training Certified


Certified by Harvard Medical School
(Focus: Building Personal Resilience: Managing Anxiety & Mental Health)

June, 2024

Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Counseling
(Dissertation topic: Christian Life Coaching)
Newburgh Theological Seminary / Bible College,
Distance Education, Newburgh, Indiana, June, 2006

Master of Christian Counseling Degree
Summa Cum Laude
UHBI, Distance Education, Indianapolis, Indiana, April, 2004

 Bachelor of Arts
Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Rev. Evan Bush, MCLC, CMLC

Academy President, US Military Veteran with 3 Honorable Discharges

"My personal belief and that of PCCCA, is to put God first according to the Matthew 6:33 scripture that teaches us to seek first God's kingdom and His righteousness and everything else will be added unto us.

We teach and promote the uncompromised Word of God in our training. We also may include empirically provable scientific facts. We believe if we can see the evidence, this also qualifies as God ordained and factual. 

Because of this, PCCCA has declined offers to participate in secular or new age accrediting programs. When God raised up PCCCA, He did not ask for a non-Christian society's approval, so neither shall we.

As the president of PCCCA, it is my goal to stay informed about the progress of every student. It is important that all students of this academy are truly led by the Lord to participate in PCCCA programs.

The courses offered at PCCCA, are created and designed by Leelo-Dianne Bush, PhD., also known as "America's Doctor of Joy", who has an uncompromising desire to teach coaching and counseling from a scriptural foundation.

I want to assure you that we are here for you before, during and after your training. We take your success personally.

May God bless you as you seek His leading and will for your life."

Rev. Evan


Certified Master Life Coach
Certified as Master Mindset Coach
Certified Master Christian Life Coach
Certified Christian Life Coach

Certified Professional Life Coach
Certified Stress Relief Coach
Certified Relationship Communication Specialist
Certified Relationship Facilitator
Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach
Certified CBT Cognitive Behavior Coach
Certified Mosaic Family Coach
Certified Wellness / Christian Wellness Coach
Certified Joy Restoration Coach

Certified Christian Grief Coach
Certified Happiness Coach


University of Vermont 

Bachelor of Science
UHBI, Distance Education, Indianapolis, Indiana, September, 2004

Trained, Christian, Specialty  Coaches and Counselors are
in high demand NOW!

TRUE: Christian coaches work from their faith worldview in any number of specialties or niches, depending on their training and experience, just as secular coaches work in specialties and operate from their own belief systems. For example, either could be a business coach, but one seeks wisdom from and gives credit for their success to their maker and the other ... usually to their client or themselves.

FALSE: Christian coaching itself is a niche. (It is not, rather it is a worldview.)

The descriptive "Christian" applies to the coach's worldview / beliefs, rather than to who their client is or their chosen area of expertise.

Here at PCCCA / Beautiful Life, you will ...

~ Learn the most powerful skills available to help others live a much better life.
~ Experience transformation in your own life.
~ Help others find their God-given vision so they can fulfill their mission.
~ Come along side others to help them find God's plan for their best solutions and healing.
~ Learn to apply the relevant truth of God's Word to current, everyday life situations.
~ Grow closer to your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
~ Establish a profitable, sustainable, Christian coaching or counseling practice or ministry if this is your goal.
~ Learn life coaching and/or counseling from a distinctly Biblical worldview with no secular or new age integration.
~ PLUS, gain confidence and credibility by virtue of your certification.

If the above benefits are important to you, then you have arrived at the right place. PCCCA offers scripturally-sound, Spirit-led, comprehensive training courses and programs leading to prestigious Christian coach and counselor certifications and license, along with the most up-to-date business, tech and marketing education in our industry, to establish a professional practice, business or ministry. Low-Cost Professional Liability and Health Insurance are now available for our students and graduates!

One of the best coach training academies ...


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What's it like to be a Christian Life Coach or Counselor?

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PCCCA's coaching programs are life transforming, both professionally and personally ... If you would like to help others to get more out of their life, as well as significantly improve your own life in all areas, Christian life coaching may be for you.

Life coaching is a fulfilling profession with great pay and you can work as much or as little as you want. You don't have to put your current job, family or ministry duties on hold while you train. We suggest you begin in your spare time, get trained and certified, then launch your practice part time.  You will know when the time is right to expand your practice, as God expands your territory.

As a life coach, you help your clients find their purpose and God-given vision, then partner with them to achieve their goals. As a result, they feel great and you feel fulfilled by living your calling to help others. Very little could be more rewarding to you personally.

Usually your clients are smart, talented individuals, who perhaps lack self-awareness, focus or motivation to live an optimized life. They may not have the support they need to get to the next level. You will provide that support.

Often, your clients know what they want but just need you to confirm or validate their goals, so they feel secure in going after it. Even change for the better is scary to a lot of people. With you to encourage, exhort and validate their quest, you become their partner in success.

Time management issues and stress are other issues faced by our clients. They need the skills and strategies you will be able to offer as a trained Christian Life Coach, to help them to achieve balance and improve their lives.

And so, armed with your bible-based strategies and skills, you will inspire them to change their lives for the better. You will witness God's grace at work each day as your clients share their progress with you.

PCCCA training will make you a "complete" Christian Life Coach.
In the process of learning to help others, you will begin to maximize your own potential. It is our belief that before you can effectively help others, you need to be living what you learn. You will be so excited about the changes in your life that you'll feel confident and excited about presenting your skills to others, so they too can benefit. Your client list will grow and grow!

Here we define complete coaches as those who are living an excellent life and are prepared to help others do the same. This is what will happen for you when you graduate from this program.

Our courses train you to work with Christians and non-Christians. Perhaps your goal is a coaching ministry, church work or private coaching practice or business. Even if you decide not to work at life coaching as a career, you will improve your own life in countless ways. There simply is no way to quantify the value of improvement in one's quality of life... it is priceless!

Differences between Christian / Biblical Coaching Programs and Secular
There are many differences but primary is the underlying foundation. Secular coaching is humanistic and relies on the client's self-imposed goals. Christian coaching is Christ-centered.

Within Christian coaching, there is a three-way relationship between client, coach and Holy Spirit. Secular coaching involves a two-way relationship between coach and client.

Many Christian coaches have found it frustrating to work with secular programs and secularly-accredited Christian programs because of the high infiltration of secular humanism and / or new age philosophies.

You won't find that here. The Bible distinctly tells us to seek only the counsel of other Christians. It is important to note though, that while PCCCA offers Christian Coach training and certification, the techniques learned are also applicable with secular clients.

That said, the training you choose should be about who you are rather than who your clients may one day be. You can't forsee where God will send you or who He will send to you. Seek Him first and God will lead those to you, who need what you have to offer. (Matt 6:33 )

Our courses are comprehensive.
You will learn everything about Christian Life Coaching beginning with what God expects of you personally to in-depth Bible-based coaching, to the business of establishing your own practice or ministry, along with strategies and Bible-truths you can implement with your clients and in your own life.

We teach you about marketing, branding and the uncompromising truth about coaching niches. You will learn how to attract your ideal clients in a simple and non-threatening way. The steps are easy so you can quickly implement what you learn. 

If time and budget are a concern, you will find our online courses very convenient and affordable.

If you prefer one to one training with Dr. Bush or one of our certified Master Coach Trainers, select the PREMIER training where the course is personalized for you. When you meet with your Master Certified trainer by phone 1-to-1, you don't have to share your instructor with others during your weekly training sessions.

God has a greater plan for you than you can even imagine.  We will help you discover and fulfill it.

Please Read Our Mission Statement.

PCCCA was just what I needed and wanted ...

Beverly V Thomas

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Niche development
PCCCA training will teach you how to develop a profitable niche. The days of the generalist coach are gone. Clients today are willing to pay for specific solutions to their challenges. Feel free to coach anyone about anything but market your services to a specific niche where you can demonstrate that you are an expert. We show you how to do that. For unparalleled marketing training specific to Christian helping professions, consider the Spirit-Led Marketing© program.

Who enrolls to take our courses?
Thousands of people from all walks of life, on every continent have taken this course.

    Some are nurses, some are counselors, therapists or chiropractors.

    Some work in ministry at their church or other helping professions.

   Some students are stay-at-home moms and dads.

   Some are professionals such as attorneys, physicians, CEOs and denominational leaders.

   Some are single parents looking for a fulfilling supplemental income.

   Still others are in administrative support positions or office/clerical and even technical trades

   Student ages range from 18 into their 90s and include both men and women who have a heart to help others live better lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PCCCA an accredited Christian coach and counselor training provider? YES, learn more HERE.

Is the program non-denominational and appropriate for all Bible-believing Christians? YES

Can I take this course if I have no previous experience? YES

Are there degree or educational requirements? NO

Do you offer payment plans, online and phone payment options? YES

If I have questions, will I have support? YES

Will I learn how to start making money from coaching even before I graduate? YES

Is my instructor a professional, practicing coach? YES

Can I enroll anytime? YES  We have open enrollment. Enroll when you want to begin.

Do I need to be over 18 years old to enroll? YES

Will I work with my instructor one-on-one?  YES, if you select the Premier Version of the Christian life coaching course.

Is it OK to turn in hand-written assignments? YES

Will you teach me to use the internet to get clients? YES

Will you give me on-going support once I graduate? YES

Will my own life improve as I take this course? YES

Is the course easy to take and enjoyable? YES

Do I get to practice what I learn? YES

Now part of Anew University 2018

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God
may be thoroughly equipped for every good work."

2 Timothy 3:16-17 NIV

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Our Global Vision, Mission 
& Core Beliefs

Our Affiliations

PCCCA has trained over 20,400 students as of July 29, 2018, from every continent including principals and members of major ministries and organizations you no doubt would immediately recognize.

Because this academy has also trained many if not most of other schools' leaders and trainers in our industry since 2003, we regretfully do not accept or post affiliations. Thank you for understanding.

PCCCA's reputation and long-standing history of quality, professional training stands on its own merit.

PCCCA is one of just a few schools with the ICE seal of approval for our biblically-based courses that do NOT integrate humanism, secularism or new age thinking.  
(ICEC is International Christian Educational Credentialing that oversees behavioral studies; ie. coaching and counseling.)

Dr. Leelo Bush serves on the 2016 Management Awards Categories Judging Committee of International Business Awards, part of the distinguished Stevie Awards.

Certifications Accepted Worldwide

Our certifications are accepted in every US state and country around
the world.

The certification credentials you receive, now granted by Anew University, have been recognized in Christian / ministry and private / business / government / other settings. 

No school can predict exactly who
will accept their training. Thus we recommend that you share the course description page with its curriculum details with the company or  organization, so they can evaluate if the contents meet their criteria.

Many of our courses now offer dual certifications so that our graduates may confidently display their credentials in any environment, Christian or other.

The Certified Christian Life Coach (CCLC) program now offers a bonus certification as a
Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC) included in your tuition.
One Course = Two Certifications


"Be strong (confident) and of good courage, for you shall cause this people to inherit the land which I swore to their fathers to give them." Joshua 1:6 (AMP)

PCCCA is a Beautiful Life Int'l LLC school and is Board Accredited as a training provider by ICEC.

US Graduates Located In:

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island
South Carolina
West Virginia

International Graduates:



(Alberta, British Columbia,
Manitoba. New Brunswick,
Quebec, Saskatchewan)
Dubai / United Arab Emirates


New Zealand


Puerto Rico
South Africa
United Kingdom

NOTE:  If you are certified by this academy and do not see your state or country above, please notify support
 so we can update this information.

If you reside outside the 
United States, 
we make training easy 
and accessible for you. 
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