"I learned so much! GOD BLESS PCCCA. I counseled Christian men and teenage boys for over 30 years and did not realize how much more I needed to know. I'm very thankful the Holy Spirit has put this course in my life." 
~ Mark C. Johanning, Kissimmee, FL (Certified Graduate, Dec. 2017)

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"Where there is no guidance the people fall, but in abundance of counselors there is victory." Proverbs 11:14 NASB

Become a Certified Christian Counselor

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How Can Your Use the Christian Counselor Certification?

The most important part by far about your certification is that you increased your skills and knowledge to help people. The certification, also important, is a by-product of your new abilities.

Evidence Of Your Skills - Accepted Word-Wide

This prestigious certificate you receive on graduation is accepted world-wide. It is evidence to others that you understand all of the counseling topics presented. This is critical to your practice. You learn counseling skills, a variety of common issues and the business/practice/client management part.

Your certificate is evidence to anyone you counsel or work with, that you understand and have mastered the issues addressed in the course. It gives others confidence in working with you and if you counsel for a fee, may increase your income as a result.

If you want to provide Christian counseling at a church or ministry, it is evidence to them you are qualified to work with their clients. If you provide counseling by referral from churches or ministries to your private practice, you may gain more churches or ministries that will refer you to help their people.

Your Certification Will Aid You In Getting Your Ministry Ordination / Board Commission / Ministry/Pastoral License

In most areas you may open a Christian counseling practice and get paid for your services as long as you have training / certification and ministry oversight/supervision.  That does not mean that a ministry will tell you what to do, but simply that you have a relationship and they acknowledge and support you in your practice. Sometimes this relationship is referred to as ordination.  If you don’t have a local church that can ordain you (as an ordained counselor if appropriate), then you can find countless Christian organizations online that will ordain you either for a small fee or without any charge/free. Just show them your certification and many organizations do not require any additional training.

Confidence In Your Ability - Improved Client Results

Lastly, the certification will give you confidence when working with others. It is a reminder to you that you understand and are capable of managing your counseling office and client relationships. This will greatly improve your clients' experience and results.

Please CONTACT US if you have specific questions about your own situation.

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List of Training Modules ( 1-12 )




4. MAJOR ISSUES PART 1 - Depression, Guilt, Forgiveness, Trust 

5. MAJOR ISSUES PART 2 - Stress, Anger and Anxiety





10. SINGLE ADULT ISSUES, Divorce Recovery, Loneliness, Choosing a Spouse

11. SPECIAL COUNSELING AREAS - Financial, Career, Health, Crisis

12. INTEGRATING COUNSELING WITH COACHING with Introduction to Christian Life Coaching (With the emergence of coaching, every counselor now needs this important component to their practice!)

Who Is This Training Designed For?

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*  Those who wish to become a Certified Christian Counselor.

* Professional counselors who want a better Biblical foundation for the work they do.

* Pastors, pastors' wives and others in lay or leadership positions in churches and ministries.

* Those who are chaplains in various capacities and want the biblical foundation and tools to help the people they provide services for.

* Christian coaches who want to offer a greater range of services to their clients and community.

* Individuals who want to learn Christian counseling skills to help those around them.

* Those who intend to use counseling in their community, provided their state regulations allow working for remuneration as an ordained member of clergy or as a pastoral counselor.


#1 Prayer and listening to God's direction.

#2 We offered prospective students the opportunity to help us design this program for you by responding to a survey where hundreds of you told us what you want and need in a Christian counseling program. We included factors such as training methods, program features, value / benefits options, and an opportunity to tell us which topics will be most helpful to you.

The result is the program that many of you helped to design so that you could provide counseling excellence for those who seek your assistance. It is our constant prayer that you achieve everything God has for you to do and it is our honor to support you with training to make your dreams and visions possible.

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Christian counselor training and certification course

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* Exams for Certification

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*All payment plans are automated to reduce your tuition.  Payments that are declined may be assessed a fee to restore your course access and account. Certification grading and processing is paid separately at the end of your program. As of January 1, 2010, the Christian counselor certification processing fee is $200 US and is subject to change without notice. Please inquire about the certification fee prior to enrollment.

**  Payment plan enrollments qualify the student for access to the first module. In order to receive full course access, you must select the single-payment, tuition-in-full payment option.


Gain freedom as a Christian counseling provider - work for pay


This is not a licensing course and PCCCA is not a counselor licensing provider.  ONLY a governmental body can license counselors to practice in a state or geographic area.

If becoming licensed is your interest, please seek information from your local professional regulation agency.

NOTE:  You may find a random school or organization that states they "license" Christian Counselors but any such promise and those "licensed" are at risk of being investigated due to the deliberate confusion it causes for the counseling profession and prospective clients.

Below are examples of state
exemption / exclusion clauses that allow
faith-based counselors to operate.  
Your state will have this also.


* ATTENTION: TEXAS (US) Christian Counseling Students & Grads

Here is a link to the statutes in the Texas state code that permits you to practice. Because this has been difficult to find, we are posting it here for your convenience, to make sure you are in compliance.

Excluded from State Licensing in Texas 

Sec. 503.054. COUNSELING BY OTHER LICENSED OR CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL OR BY RELIGIOUS PRACTITIONER. This chapter does not apply to an activity or service of any of the following persons performing counseling consistent with the law of this state, the person's training, and any code of ethics of the person's profession if the person does not represent the person by any title or description as described by the definition of "licensed professional counselor" in Section 503.002: (1) a member of another profession licensed or certified by this state, including: … (2) a recognized religious practitioner, including a Christian Science practitioner recognized by the Church of Christ Scientist as registered and published in the Christian Science Journal. (Acts 1999, 76th Leg., ch. 388, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1999.)

If the link above does not work in your browser, you can also copy and paste this link into your browser: http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/Docs/OC/htm/OC.503.htm


* ATTENTION: FLORIDA  (US) Christian Counseling Students & Grads

491.014 Exemptions

(3) No provision of this chapter shall be construed to limit the performance of activities of a rabbi, priest, minister, or member of the clergy of any religious denomination or sect, or use of the terms “Christian counselor” or “Christian clinical counselor” when the activities are within the scope of the performance of his or her regular or specialized ministerial duties and no compensation is received by him or her, or when such activities are performed, with or without compensation, by a person for or under the auspices or sponsorship, individually or in conjunction with others, of an established and legally cognizable church, denomination, or sect, and when the person rendering service remains accountable to the established authority thereof.

View entire Florida Statute exemptions section at: http://www.leg.state.fl.us/Statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&URL=0400-0499/0491/0491.html


* ATTENTION: MISSISSIPPI  (US) Christian Counseling Students & Grads


Among other professions, Mississippi exempts:

G. Duly ordained ministers or clergy while functioning in their ministerial capacity and duly accredited Christian Science practitioners;

In MIssissippi, as in most other US states, you need ordination, ministerial license or other ministerial credential to demonstrate "faith oversight" that you are acting as clergy in your counseling practice.  This serves in lieu of state licensing and oversight.

This regulation can be found in the Rules and Regulations Mississippi State Board of Examiners for Licensed Professional Counselors, Chapter 7, Section 2, G on page 39 of the document.

You may download the Rules and Regulations for Mississippi HERE.

Or, view entire Mississippi Rules and Regulations at:  https://sos.ms.gov/ACProposed/00015718b.pdf


* ATTENTION: GEORGIA  (US) Christian Counseling Students & Grads

Here is a link to the statutes in the Georgia state code that permit you to practice. Because this has for years been so difficult to find, we are posting it here for your convenience, to make sure you are in compliance. See the listed exclusions pertaining to faith: #9, #10 and #11. If the link does not work in your browser, you can also copy and paste this link to that page: http://statutes.laws.com/georgia/title-43/chapter-10a/43-10a-7


* ATTENTION: OHIO  (US) Christian Counseling Students & Grads

Here is a link to the Ohio Revised Code 4757.41(4) pertaining to faith-based practice of ministerial or pastoral counseling. Exemption statutes in the Ohio state code that permit you to practice while "under the authority of your church, denomination, sect or integrated auxiliary".

Because this section has been so difficult to locate, we are posting it here for your convenience, to make sure you are in compliance. See the entire listed exclusion pertaining to faith: (4). If the link does not work in your browser, you can also copy and paste this link to that page:  http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/4757


* ATTENTION: WASHINGTON STATE  (US) Christian Counseling Students & Grads

Washington State Christian Counselors Licensing Exemptions

RCW 18.19.040 (6) http://app.leg.wa.gov/RCW/default.aspx?cite=18.19.040

Excluded from state licensing is:

(6) The practice of counseling by a person under the auspices of a religious denomination, church, or organization, or the practice of religion itself;

Most state codes are easy to find. To research your state's statutes regarding faith-based counseling services, visit your favorite search engine (ie. Google, Yahoo, Ask.com, etc.) and use keywords: your state name, the word counselor and make sure you use the either the word exclusion or exception.