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Do you know someone who has any of these symptoms?

Any persistent or intermittent combination of the above can be a sign of


"Stress can ruin people’s lives much more than they may think. According to the research conducted at Duke University (USA), chronic stress damages the DNA, which in its turn can cause a whole bunch of diseases, including cancer. Stress is known to cause the release of the hormone adrenaline, which influences a body, affecting everything possible, from the neural responses to the level of metabolism.

...Stress suppresses the immune system, resulting in disability to cope with the environmental hazards such as viruses, infections, atypical cells, etc. According to many scientists it is chronic stress that causes such diseases as high blood pressure, constipation, digestive disorders, coronary thrombosis, asthma, migraine, hay fever and other allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, menstrual complications, hyperthyroidism, diabetes and skin diseases." ... excerpt from an article in

Stress sufferers need help and they need it now!

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Stress Relief Comment from Facebook Jan 2017

Stress course covers and CDs 1216

"A life-saving program" ...

says Kathleen Brooks, MCLC (as well as Certified Stress Relief Coach), Westlake, CA. (near Los Angeles)

Below, watch what Kathleen Brooks, a certified Master Christian Life Coach, Joy Restoration and Christian Grief Coach, PCCCA Specialty Trainer and Women's Personal Retreat Coach, had to say about this training program. Kathleen participated in the inaugural, (beta) on-site training offering of the Stress Relief Coach Program at the Barefoot Mastermind, held in St. Petersburg, FL.

"I had always heard stress was a killer but did not know the root causes ... I can now transfer this information to myself and others."

Dr. Florine Toussant Milligan of Forrest City, AR near Memphis, TN.

Dr. Milligan is a veteran Master Christian Life Coach, Director of coach training at PCCCA as well as a very accomplished professional education administrator. She is a graduate of every coaching program this academy offers. (CCLC, MCLC, Joy Restoration and Christian Grief Coach as well as a Certified Stress Relief Coach) Within her current post in the State of Arkansas, she provides oversight for her state's 13 universities as well as serving her congregation as a full time pastor.

Online Training Format - 10 Weeks Training Leads to Certification

You will begin training by learning to first identify symptoms and help yourself. In Stress Relief Coach Training, you will:

- Learn to control your thoughts.
- Define or ... re-define your relationships.
- Learn simple and easy relaxation techniques.
- Discover the costs to remain stressed, including emotional, financial, relational and spiritual.
- Learn how mental and emotional habits have pre-programmed us for stress and what to do about it.
- Remedy distortional thought patterns.
- Address frustration factors.
- Learn which foods to eat in order to reduce stress.
- Uncover the truth about cortisol and other stress hormones.
- Learn how to avoid feeling offended.
- Learn to become assertive, so that you can stop others from running your day, week (and life!)
- The "POWER OF ATTITUDE" - use it to relieve stress!
- Take steps to build "Margin" into your life.
- Discover nutrients and natural, holistic solutions to help your body cope with and relieve stress with NO harmful
- Learn the how, why and what of stress-relieving exercises.
- Cultivate Happiness and Joy as your personal lifestyle choice!
- Rest in "the PEACE that passes understanding".
- Begin to use Scriptural Affirmations and Positive Affirmations (Learn why you must do this!)

Stress course covers and CDs 1216

Here are the Stress Relief Coach training modules:

Orientation audio and video: Introduction to stress and worksheets
Bonus: 44 Tips for Dealing with Overwhelm

Video training and worksheets
Mechanisms God built in you, to help you stay alive
stages of stress, formation of emotional habits, emotional memory, perceptions and distortion, action step
Bonus: seven ways to use communication skills to kill stress at work

Video training (2) and worksheets
Becoming offended and related stressors, distortional thinking, thought processes that produce frustration, consequences of frustration, action step
External, internal and other stressors
Coaching best practices
One to One coaching basics

Training videos (3) and worksheets
Full and partial forgiveness, why are worry and anxiety unhealthy, catastrophizing, action step
Coaching groups training
Powerful coaching questions
Bible quotes that bring comfort

Video training and worksheets
How to practice contentment, gratitude survey, assertiveness training, learn to say no, values, goals and deadlines, action step. Additionally, setting up a corporate stress management program, workaholic issues and de-stress exercises.

Video training and worksheets
Self-talk and stress, categories of stress-inducing words, affirmations and reaffirmations, Proverbs, building margin into your life, personality types, 12 ways to control stress with proper time management, action step
"How to de-stress your life" video and worksheet (part 1)

Video training and worksheets
Work schedules and bedtime habits: how they affect your stress levels, five reasons we need sleep, factors to aid sleep, what to do instead of taking a sleeping aid, identifying your stress hormone, nine ways to reduce stress by changing your diet, action step
"How to de-stress your life" video and worksheet (part 2)

Video training (3) and worksheets
Nutrients and vitamins to help the body cope with stress, macro minerals, cortisol, stress relief vitamins, exercises that lower stress levels, action step, second hand stress and specific strategies
Bonus: How stress affects the body (handout)3. Video training (2) and worksheets
Becoming offended and related stressors, distortional thinking, thought processes that produce frustration, consequences of frustration, action step
External, internal and other stressors
Coaching best practices
One to One coaching basics

Video training (2) and worksheets
Cultivating happiness and joy as a lifestyle, learn how to relax, three categories of positive emotions, God's design for us to be happy, benefits of happiness, how changing your physiology will make you feel better, some surprising, little-known strategies and other relaxation techniques, action step
Client information and agreement form, variety of evaluations / questionnaire, self-testing, stress and personality types

Videos (2) Addressing adrenal fatigue and burnout, how to attain a peaceful life, business and marketing for stress coaching, marketing your practice/ministry, one final stress-buster

Proceed to online (open book) exam containing 34 true-false questions.
Your certificate will be available online immediately upon passing. You may print it immediately or save it to your computer.

Deluxe Option: Additionally, you may order a frame-ready, signed certificate along with certified stress relief coach lapel pen at this time.

Stress Relief MANUAL Cover 3D

What is it like to participate in this program?

Dr. Leelo Bush has been developing curriculum for training and certifying coaches and counselors since 2003.  With over 17 years of coaching and counseling curriculum development, having trained over 23,500 students world-wide, this academy has fine-tuned a very effective learning system. All students will gain access to an online, password-protected online training center. Each week there will be a new module added to your account, that may include video and/or audio training with downloadable module study guides, forms, evaluations and more. You will also have one easy-to-comprehend, in-depth textbook to read during this time.

How do you participate?  You do not have to be online at a designated time to participate. Just login each week, at a time convenient for you and complete your weekly assignment. After you have completed all 10 modules, you will have the opportunity to take an online quiz to validate your learning and receive your certification!

By the time you complete your training, you will become a stress relief expert, with everything in place to start and run a sustainable stress coaching practice / business or use your training in ministry. The fulfilling work you will do in relieving stress will literally help save lives.

You will learn to customize solutions for each person you coach.

(Customization is the mark of a true professional!)

> You will be able to resolve your own stress issues as well as assist in the development of corporate programs.

> You will have a great foundation and credential for the Stress Relief / Management topic to create powerful speaking presentations.

> You will learn to use Dr. Bush's proprietary Stress Coaching Circle COACHING MODEL to help your clients begin the evaluation and assessment process, to give both of you deeper insight into the causes of their stress so you can be directed to the client's priorities for solutions.

> You will understand where the topic of Stress and coaching intersect, to be able to present powerful coaching questions to your client to accelerate their progress.

> You will learn 1 to 1 Coaching, Group Coaching and Corporate Coaching strategies.

> You will learn critical health information to understand how stress affects a person internally.

> The training will cover stress hormones, adrenal fatigue and auto-immune disorders.

> You will learn to use a client profile and agreement as well as other forms and evaluations to help your clients as you work with professional-level tools.

> Dr. Bush will teach you how to create and market your Stress Coaching practice.

"Tremendous opportunity ... to build up our businesses ... synergize ... move forward to have an impact on lives ..."

Lou McPherson, Certified Stress Relief Coach from Baltimore, Maryland.

Lou is a business leader, husband and father. His goal was to learn new skills to provide greater value and impact to the lives of others he coached as well as learn more business skills and receive tangible take-aways that he could immediately begin to implement after the event.

"I am so grateful God has directed me to this program."

Cathy Anne Credendino, R.N. (Registered Nurse, Certified Joy Restoration Coach, Certified Grief Coach and Certified Stress Relief Coach) from the White Plains, NY area.

As a registered nurse, Cathy Anne felt she lived stress-free because she was well educated about healthcare and familiar with a lot of information about health and stress. Cathy Anne, a multi-course graduate here, shares about having learned a lot from this course. She admits there are changes she can and will make in her life to show others they can take certain steps to improve their own life.

Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!) about the Certified Stress Relief Coach Training Program

Below you will find Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. Please check here first. If you do not find the answer to your question here, then feel free to contact our friendly support team!

Is Stress Coaching a niche?
Yes, Stress Coaching is a very lucrative niche because it can be implemented 1 to 1, with groups and in the corporate environment and it is desperately needed by millions.

How many CEU (credit hours) is this program? (Continuing Education Units)
30 credit hours (3 hours / week x 10 weeks)

Do I have to travel for training?
No travel is needed. Just login via computer to your password-protected, participant page for training from the convenience of your home or office. This removes all geographic barriers to participating in this training program.

Are there any other expenses in addition to the course tuition?
You will be required to purchase one textbook and this can be done online at with two-day delivery. Here you will find it at a discount price. Paperback and Kindle editions are currently available ranging between $9.68 and $11.00 USD. Also available at Barnes & Noble in paperback and for Nook with prices ranging between $10.00 and $12.15.

Do I have to attend the class during the day every week?
The lessons are posted once a week on a designated schedule that you will find on your participant, password-protected page. All you need to do is login each week and watch or listen to your training and download your module materials ... and read from your textbook. Schedule 2-3 hours each week to do your homework so you stay on track.

Stress Relief MANUAL Cover 3D

Will I learn about NATURAL HEALING STRATEGIES so that I can feel better, be more focused and relaxed?
YES - We are very excited to share these new and little-known health and wellness options. Very exciting discoveries confirming natural, safe, biblical solutions from ancient days.

Can the training be used in the business world or among non-believers?
YES - absolutely. Much of the program contains the latest health information and scientific findings that can now prove ancient prophesies and teachings dating back over 2000 years. Some of this information has been forgotten over time, yet contains powerful healing strategies!

Is this program scripturally sound?
YES - The Stress Relief Coach training program is Board Accredited by ICE, verifying by independent oversight that it either contains no information that contradicts the Bible or is based on scripture.

What kind of payment options are there?
At this time, a student can pay in full for the program or make 4 consecutive monthly payments.

Do you guarantee I will be successful if I take this program?
No one, not even Harvard University, can guarantee their students' success. This school has no control over your level of motivation, your skills, resources or abilities. HOWEVER ... we will give you all the tools needed for your success and it is up to you to use them. The academy has been here 10 years and will be here if you need more information or support.

Will you teach me how about corporate stress coaching programs?
Yes, you will learn how to implement stress coaching in a company or corporate environment.

All I want is help for my own stress. Will this course help me?
Yes, absolutely. When you learn where stress comes from and how to relieve it, your own level of stress can be drastically reduced.

I want to use Stress Coaching as a ministry. Is this the right course for me?
Yes, this is likely the BEST course for you because it contains biblical truth and solutions as its foundation. In order to have a sustainable ministry or business, there must be income of some sort. Your own situation will dictate whether you need to work for remuneration as well as minister. We can show you how to transition to stress coaching full time within the course.

What if I am just looking for a little part-time income? Will this training give me the tools to help others on a part time basis?
Yes. It is up to you how much you work at Stress Coaching. You will be able to schedule your own clients at times that are convenient to you.

Do I have to take a test?
There is no requirement to take a test. However, if you would like to become certified, there is an "open book", simple, 34-question, online quiz to validate your understanding of what you have learned. If you do the modules, it will be very easy for you. Our goal is always to give you a learning experience that will change your life as well as thoroughly equip you for the quiz as well as to coach others.

If I don't pass the online quiz the first time, can I take it again?
Yes, you must wait a week before re-testing.

How do I know this is a substantive, comprehensive course? Will I actually learn enough to be able to practice Stress Coaching?
Yes, you will receive everything you need to practice as a certified Stress Relief Coach or add this niche to your current profession.

Dr. Bush presented this program to a group of professional educators, master life coaches and beta participants at the Barefoot Mastermind in St. Petersburg, FL. Each person was asked to evaluate the program on many levels. This program received an unprecedented 5 out of 5 stars in every category, from every participant!

How can I hear from people who have taken this program?
There are video testimonials from a handful of Certified Stress Coaches on this page. These are professional educators and beta participants who have done this training and are now certified. Just click on each video to hear what they have to say.

How can I get started with this training? I am ready now.
Just select a tuition option below and click on the ENROLL NOW link to process your enrollment.  You will receive access to this online course in a matter of minutes!

"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble.
But take heart! I have overcome the world.” ~ Jesus (John 16:33)

"I learned we can help everybody in different areas of life ... through whatever is causing that stress."

Jenny Grace Morris, MCLC, Christian Counselor, and Certified Stress Relief Coach from St. Louis, MO.

Jenny Grace Morris, is a Master Christian Life coach, Academy CCLC and Relationship Communication Specialist creator / trainer as well as graduate of several academy certification programs. Combining her professional life with parenting has its own challenges that have multiplied recently when Jenny became a home-schooling parent. Jenny found the scriptural support her guarantee that she would have victory over stress with biblical principles.

"As a pastor's wife, I had talked myself into believing I was stress-free until ..."

Sukie Barker, Certified Stress Relief Coach, Atlanta, GA area.

Sukie Barker is a return-student at this academy, having taken several of our certification courses. She is a long-time pastor's wife and mother of grown kids and grand kids. Her story is like many of yours. You think you are doing fine until ... one day you start seeing undeniable symptoms. Listen as Sukie describes her situation with a bit of humor, as only Sukie can!

Are You Ready to Live Stress-Free and Help Others?

Your own life balance will quickly improve as you learn how to make a difference in the lives of thousands of others. Join Dr. Bush as you learn to help yourself and others in a personally and financially fulfilling profession. Or use what you learn to help yourself, your family, community or as a ministry.

Your skills as a Certified Stress Relief Coach are desperately needed by millions in the US and around the world!

Become a Certified Stress Relief Coach©.

Stress course covers and CDs 1216

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