Featured Student Success Stories

We are often asked about what our past students / graduates are now doing. We did a little research ... and below is a sample. We have trained and certified multiple thousands of students with graduates on every continent. Each person's story and calling are unique as is yours. Some of our grads have gone on to become Master Christian Life Coaches and a few even have their own coaching schools. Some became coaches / counselors at major ministries or on the corporate level. Many started their own coaching practice or used their training within their current job. The training will make you more effective, wherever you serve. What will you do with your training?

NOTE: If you are a PCCCA or Beautiful Life student or graduate and would like to be seen on this page ... please email your name, photo, website and up to 100 words to admin@pccca.org telling us that you would like to be on our Success Story page!

Beth Jones Schall - Fortune 500 Speaker and Trainer / Business Coach

Beth is a Certified Christian Life Coach, Certified Stress Relief Coach, trained at PCCCA. She is a teacher and trainer for business professionals, direct selling professionals and Christian women. Beth travels to and serves companies across the US and Canada from her Pittsburgh, PA location.

Founder of Spirit Of Success, Beth is a popular trainer with direct sales companies such as Pampered Chef, Princess House, Tupperware, Carol Anderson by Invitation, At Home America, Tastefully Simple, Lia Sophia, Silpada and many others.

Beth’s corporate clients include many fortune 500 companies such as Verizon, Ryder Truck and Westinghouse.

READ BETH'S TESTIMONIAL: "Thank you to my coach (trainer), Debbie Stankovich, for this blessed, rich experience. I was moved by every chapter we studied and especially impacted by the commitment to excellence. The impact to my current training business has been immediate. There is no other honest way to coach but from God's perspective, guided by His Holy Spirit."

Yannik McKie, CCLC, Philanthropist, Author and Motivational Speaker

Philanthropist, author and motivational speaker, in that order, describes our graduate, Yannik McKie!

"I researched many different schools before deciding to attend PCCCA and get my Christian life coaching certification & I do not regret that decision," wrote Yannik in May, 2013.

"Dr. Bush and her staff have been exceptional. I have learned alot from their ministry & I truly believe that God led me to PCCCA. Since gaining my certification from PCCCA, I have authored a book, traveling around the U.S. speaking and founded my own non-profit organization. The training I received from them helped me to tailor my vision and achieve my God-given destiny. I thank God for their ministry and I pray that they continue to help God's people prosper."

Yannik McKie's riviting book, Living in the Shadows; Adversity Creates Purpose (amazon.com) is a memoir of his early life tragedies and how they have inspired Yannik to overcome personally as well as challenge others to greatness now. Yannik completed his CCLC work in June, 2010.

Andrea Kuhn Boeshaar, CCLC

Andrea Boeshaar, a PCCCA Certified Christian Life Coach from the mid-2000s, is a 20-year veteran author and has sold in excess of one million copies of her historical and contemporary romance novels and devotionals. (Pictured are only a few of her more recent works.)

"I obtained my certification in Christian coaching via PCCCA and I'm happy to tell you that I've decided to pursue my idea to become a Writing Coach, using the skills PCCCA taught me.

As you may remember, I'm a published author in the Christian market. I know writers can get discouraged and they are hungry for feedback on their work and to speak with someone who is knowledgeable in the industry. God has told me, "you are that one" who can do this job. 🙂

I realize there are plenty of other writing coaches out there, but I think I can bring an added dimension to clients. I currently have a contract to write a Historical Christian romance for Summerside/Guideposts. I've written nonfiction (devotionals) with 3 other authors, and the book was picked up by Hallmark for its nationwide stores. YAY! All this to say THANK YOU, Dr. Bush. God bless you."

Ernie Becker, V

Ernie Becker graduated with a CCLC and MCLC from PCCCA and now heads an inspirational coaching group in Las Vegas, NV.
He is the author of several coaching books and programs. His E5 organization offers personal and group programs.


"My experience with PCCCA has been life changing. Although I have been discovering and changing myself over the last 9 years, it has solidified what I had learned over the years aned added some additional tools to my tool chest. I would encourage anyone who wants to improve their life and in addition, help impact others to change their's to take the step and sign up."

Kathleen Brooks, Personal Retreat Coach for Women and Christian Coach Trainer

Kathleen Brooks holds many coaching credentials from PCCCA / Beautiful Life including Certified Christian Life Coach, Master Christian Life Coach, Certified Joy Restoration Coach, Certified Christian Grief Coach and Certified Stress Relief Coach. She is a professional educator who has transitioned into coaching women of all ages.

Kathleen has a special heart to work with those who have suffered loss in their lives. Kathleen is also a speaker, author and Christian Coach trainer. She presents personal retreats and retreat days and events for women in Southern California.

Tarsha L. Campbell, Speaker, Designer, Christian Life Coach

"I'm so grateful for my coach training at PCCCA. Not only did it equip me to launch my coaching practice, but more importantly, it helped me clarify my God-given life purpose and calling. It gave me the wings to fly and to impact women around the globe for God's glory." wrote Tarsha L. Campbell in April, 2013.

Tarsha Campbell became a Certified Christian life coach in 2007 at PCCCA. This visionary woman has since that time built the Revealed International, Women's Empowerment Network, Inc. community to empower women.

She has a "Lifetime Mission to help 100,000 Women Unveil Their Life Purpose". Tarsha is also a published author of multiple books including "5 Qualities of a Woman of Destiny".

Greg Tutwiler, Christian Counselor / Life Coach for Men, Prolific Author & Publisher

Greg is a Certified Christian Life coach trained at PCCCA. He is a prolific author and publisher of books, newsletters and magazine for men.

Greg hosts retreats for men and in addition to coaching and writing. He serves on the Board of Directors of ICE (International Christian Educational Credentialing).

The "Stand Your Ground" book is one of his many published works.

"I am confident that I now have an applicable understanding and am eager to begin putting to use the skills I've learned. Evan (my MCLC trainer) helped me understand asking vs. telling them what to do. Both of my practicum clients love leaning about themselves and both have recommended people to me. I look forward to a career as a professional Christian Life Coach."

Da-Nay Macklin - the Conquering Coach

Da-Nay is a 2008 Graduate of the CCLC program at PCCCA and actively pursuing a speaking career as well as creating coaching events. Her website describes her as "Da-Nay “The Conquering Coach”

Da-Nay Macklin is an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Certified Life Coach and Career Consultant.

She specializes in life purpose and transitional coaching providing her clients the luxury of being able to live life by design rather than default.

In 2013, she published her book, "Love After Adultery: The Breakthrough Journey of the Brokenhearted", available at Amazon.com.

Nicole (Fonovich) Cascio - Life Coach Specializing in Quarter-Lifers (20-30-somethings)

Nicole specializes in transformational coaching for 20 and 30-somethings in the Long Island, New York area at His Relentless Love.

Abong Ngranui-Fankam - Place of Hopes (International Ministry)

Abong had long had a dream to help her people in Camaroon. During her coach training with Dr. Bush in 2005, she realized the possibilities if she took action. After a lot of prayer, locating a partner, creating a non-profit, her ministry, A Place of Hopes was born.

A Place of Hope supports HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) by providing the foundation for receiving an education: funds to pay for school tuition, school uniforms, books, supplies and associated application and administrative fees; funds to cover teachers’ salaries; funds to build new school buildings.

Matthew LaGrange PhD - Executive Director & Founder of His-Story

Matt is a Certified Christian Life Coach, trained at PCCCA. He also holds a ministry capacity at Compass Christian Church in Dallas, Texas and serves as Chair of the Psychology Department at Dallas Christian College.

During his Master Christian coach studies with Dr. Bush, he developed what became His-Story Coaching & Counseling.

Jenny Grace Morris, Christian Coach Trainer, Program Developer, Women's Coach

Jenny Grace Morris, MCLC website screen shot 0716

Jenny Grace Morris is a Master Christian Life Coach, a curriculum creator and senior Christian Life Coach certification trainer at this academy.

Her specialties are speaking, performing and Biblical Storytelling as well as coaching women.

Jenny became certified as both a Certified Christian Life Coach and Master Christian Life Coach. She was awarded Christian Coach of the Year in 2008.

Jenny is also a certified Christian Counselor as well as a Certified Stress Relief Coach.

Most recently, she co-created and taught the Relationship Communication Specialist program with Dr. Bush at PCCCA / Beautiful Life International.

Jenny serves on the ICE Board of Directors (International Christian Educational Credentialing).

Yolanda Ramos, President of YVR Educational Institute, Radio Show Host

YVR is a comprehensive training, consulting and coaching organization. YVR Educational Institute offers training and educational opportunities primarily to the NY / NJ Spanish community.

Yolanda is an ordained minister and a Radio Show Host of "Mujer Corazon a Corazon Celebrando La Vida", on Spanish Christian Radio Station: Radio Vision Cristiana in the New York City market. The Christian University - Adjunct Professor, Certified Christian Life Coach, Certified Stress Relief Coach.

My trainer, (Rev. Bush) has been a tremendous help to me. He is very trustworthy, willing to listen, and extremely knowledgeable. Working with him has been very rewarding. He has kept me very focused. He is easy to work with and reliable. Rev. Bush's patience through coaching and mentoring, and his compassion for people set him apart from other mentors and coaches.

This has been one of the most amazing journeys of self-discovery supported by one of the most sensitive and insightful people I have ever encountered. The journey was not always easy - having to confront, accept and learn to love all of my characteristics, good and bad, and acknowledge their place in my 'whole' was and is challenging!

I am grateful for what I have learned, the support I have received, and for the teaching tools created by Dr. Leelo Dianne Bush, which have been given to me to expand my thinking and continue my learning. I would thoroughly recommend PCCCA (aka Beautiful Life) to anyone who is willing to make the personal commitment required to bring about life enhancing change for others and to themselves from a Biblical perspective."

Diane Beinschroth - Klemmer Workshop Facilitator, Personal Mastery and Creator of "Quickening"

Diane Beinschroth achieved her Christian Life Coach Certification at PCCCA in 2010.
She is the creator of the "Quickening", K&A's unique leadership training designed especially for the Christian Church. She is an international speaker, and coach, facilitating leadership seminars for thousands around the world.
Most importantly, she is a committed Christian whose urgent desire is to see people experience their full potential and achieve the best for God in their lifetime.

" ... It has been a true honor and a blessing to work with you, Debbie (my MCLC trainer), and your staff. I found the certification program to be enlightening, challenging and comprehensive. I am excited about receiving my certification as a Certified Christian Life Coach and am looking forward to building a business that will impact and empower many for the glory of God. May you and all your staff at PCCCA be truly blessed for the difference you make in so many lives."

Kimberly Zink - President & CEO, Klemmer & Associates - leadership training organization

Kimberly Zink achieved her Christian Life Coach Certification at PCCCA.

Kimberly is a confidant, trusting, peaceful, and joyful woman who is  committed to leading and helping others create their greatness.

As the lead  facilitator and now the president / CEO, she has been with thousands of people all over the world in three languages. Kimberly is a compassionate wife and an involved mother and she is committed to loving the world with an open heart.

More to come ... please stop back!