8 ways to increase
coaching results

It's an exciting day. You've just been hired because your client believes in their dream and in you to help them do a lot more than they could on their own. They're convinced there will be a substantial return on their time and/or financial investment for working with you and now it is time for you to deliver those results. To help you, here are 8 ways you can increase coaching results.

Hopefully you are a trained and certified coach so that you're prepared with powerful questions, strategies and more.  Our PCCCA certified CCLC/CPLC and Master Coach graduates are qualified and prepared to coach clients in a variety of situations and endless specialties.  Now is the time for you to dig deep into your client's goals, motivation, vision and related areas I mention below so that you can deliver on the highest level.

In your heart and mind, you see your client's vision and you are as committed or even more committed than your client to achieving those goals. You are willing to give your client your all so that they can realize their dreams… But since it's up to your client to take the actions needed, as their coach you must ensure that they are mentally prepared to deliver what it will take.

Below I will give you 8 questi8ons you can ask about the client and the process. Then I'll give you answers to help you 10x their potential results!

8 ways to increase coaching results for your clients:

1. Is your client prepared to do what is needed, even if the reward seems distant?

Help the client measure how far away their payoff may be. If you see your client begin to question their goal when they don't see results, you will need to help your client create some quick milestones as a way for them to measure their progress and continue to feel a sense of progress and accomplishment.

2. Has your client mentally stepped into their future role, one where they see themselves in the long term?

"If you want something you've never had, you'll have to do
something you've never done and begin thinking in a way

you have never thought." ~ Leelo Bush, PhD

If your client cannot yet see themselves operating in their new role at a higher level, statistically it is unlikely that they will take all of the actions needed. Why is this? Most likely because your client is not actually convinced that achieving this goal is possible for them. 

You see, people don't give 100% unless they are relatively certain they can win. If you see this as a problem for your client, do some confidence-building exercises until you witness your client becoming the person who believes they will achieve their goal.

3. Is your client so deeply passionate about this goal or activity, that they would do it regardless of the time required, financial reward, or recognition?

If you are not able to discover a deep, personal connection between your client and their goal, discuss this with your client. Look for an alternative agenda or different type of motivation that your client may have or be able to connect to.

4. Has your client counted the cost?

When pursuing any new opportunity, there will be costs including time, effort, resources, mental energy and willpower. Has your client counted the cost and are they willing to make the sacrifice needed?  If you discover that some required actions are either delayed or not taken, look for clues that the sacrifice may be too high. Discuss this openly with your client if necessary, so that this matter can be overcome or the goal can be modified.

5. Does your client believe that achieving this goal will provide them some sort of tangible life payoff?

By this I mean, does the client see they will get something beneficial in life out of completing this goal?  Benefits could include new skills, money, God's approval, improved relationships, internal fulfillment, knowledge, etc.  It is helpful to discuss with the client at periodic intervals, what benefit(s) they are receiving.

6. What sort of external support systems are available to your client?  

Are there colleagues, friends or family members who will encourage the client to keep going if they get discouraged?  Is there a deep-rooted faith that will sustain them?  If these do not yet exist, help your client brainstorm and develop external support systems to help sustain them in difficult times.  

7. Does the client believe it is ultimately God's will for them to achieve this goal?

Encourage your client to pray and connect with God daily for renewed strength, inspiration and revelation.  First thing in the morning is best to help start the day in the right frame of mind.

I also give you a great exercise to help you get clear about everything God wants done in the day ahead and accomplish it without stress! Students rave over the results produced by this exercise in the CCLC certification course.

8.  Is your client a good manager of their time?

We all have exactly the same amount of time each day and we get to choose how we use it.  If you keep hearing that time escapes your client, it's time to do some coaching on their time management skills, starting with a values assessment and prioritization. PCCCA's foundational (CCLC/ CPLC) coach certification course have an excellent values exercise for you to use.

Dr. Leelo Bush

What are other ways you have discovered that will increase coaching results? Have any questions about this topic?

Our readers and I would love to hear from you if you've identified other creative ways to increase coaching results, or if you have any questions about this article. Please let us know in the comments below!

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