Receive Free CPLC Certification – How To Qualify

Please tell me why anyone would pay $2995, $3800 or more for a certification if they know they can obtain it for free.  PCCCA currently gives you the Certified Professional Life Coach certification as a BONUS when you successfully complete the CCLC (Certified Christian Life Coach) training ...

You see, we are not looking for a way to charge you more for one of the most prestigious credentials in the coaching industry, (that we know you already qualify for anyway).  

Our goal is to train as many Kingdom coaches as possible and give you the credentials you need to work in EVERY environment, regardless of whether it is a government position, corporate, executive coaching, private enterprise or ministry / church and others.  Here we believe you DESERVE it! 

Because of your loyalty to honoring God with your training by selecting one of the Biblically-based CCLC (Certified Christian Life Coach) courses at this academy, we want you to have everything you need to create a successful, sustainable coaching practice regardless of the environment you choose to practice in.

Our CCLC courses are comprehensive so you qualify for the CPLC as an additional credential with no additional cost or training needed. Yes, one course, two certifications.  Period.

We do not integrate our training with secular, new age philosophy or psychology as some other schools do so you know what you are getting.  Our Christian Life Coach training is ICE board accredited as Biblically accurate and uncompromised.

One More Thing!  Just in case you have been told that you can only be successful if your coaching school is affiliated with a large, secular organization, allow me to set the record straight.  I know some people will not be happy when I pull back the curtain here, but you deserve the truth.

What you are hearing is proliferation of marketing newspeak designed to increase the enrollment for member schools.  It is unfortunate that fear is being used to fill classrooms of coaching schools, even Christian ones.

If you hear, "You can only be really successful if you join (blank) or go to a (blank) accredited school, understand this is evangelism of a different kind.  Although well-intended, it is nevertheless untrue.

So, what IS true?

Coaches who become successful are those who have the skills to genuinely help others as well as know how to get the word out about their services.  The truth is that your coaching clients won't care or even ask where you went to school.  I have been coaching since 2003 and I have been asked TWICE, both times by an evangelist for a large association.

The most important thing your prospective client wants to know is, can you help them?  People who ask (or raise an eyebrow) are only those who have bought into the success-by-secular-association hype.  And in my book, hype is not worth $3000, $4000 or any amount for that matter.

PCCCA coaches are successful because they have their Matt. 6:33 priorities in line, experience coaching during their training, gain in-depth professional skills including the 10 Christian Coaching Proficiencies© as well as learn how to create a sustainable practice in the business/marketing portion of their training.  It's as simple as that.  Let's not confuse or complicate matters.  

Advanced training, business/marketing courses and specialty / niche development programs are available for those seeking continuing education.

NOTE:  If you already have your CCLC from PCCCA (certified in 2010 or more recent), all you need to do is order your CPLC certificate from our Order Replacements / Add-Ons page.  

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