What’s Luck Got To Do With It?

I posted an image to Facebook this week that asked, “Does your plan exhilarate or exhaust you? The best plans succeed on energy produced by passion.” One of the responses to this post added, “and some luck”. Since I have not considered “luck” a factor for a VERY long time, it really made me stop […]

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Are You Called To Teach Or Train Others?

Do you feel you have reached a certain level of competency in your specific area and now you have some significant information and experience to share with others? If you answered yes to this question, this post may be of special interest to you. You see, I believe that the highest purpose for gathering information […]

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How To Make Sure Your Ideas Outlive You

One of the greatest motivating factors for coaches and counselors to do the work they do, is to leave a legacy. I have interviewed hundreds of people-helping professionals and each one feels their greatest gift to the world is the ripple effect of lives changed for the better.While this is certainly true, there is an […]

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How To Get Anything Done

You may have noticed the variety of professional courses, books and digital materials that we offer at this academy. Creating courses and writing books, is something that I have become quite good at in the last decade. But it wasn’t always this way.It wasn’t until circumstances held my feet to the fire, that I learned […]

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Evidence of God Working Behind the Scenes

​ Something happened this past Friday that we had never before encountered here at the academy. Our major website was hacked and became unavailable for visitors. I received notice of this issue and we raced into action. One of the benefits of a lean, small company like ours is its resilience to pivot and go. […]

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Want God To Promote You? Here’s How!

I recently spoke with someone who told me they are highly interested in one of our courses, but said sadly, that they could not afford it.   Now, there are times that God impresses on me to help the person, but this was not one of those times. (Lesson:  be discerning.) Deep inside, those words did not […]

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How to Increase Your Faith

The topic of faith comes up often in Christian Coaching.  When clients take their next step, it is usually because they believe that it will lead to a desired result.  And often, this thing called “faith” occurs when we believe something despite all earthly evidence pointing to the contrary. Believing what we see is not […]

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