How To Stand Out

You were never created to fit in, but to stand out. God has created you with skills and talents and a unique mission and voice to change the world. But the practical side of this is that you need to be able to finance your mission in a sustainable way. If not, you can’t make […]

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Professional Image Tips for Coaches

If you are a coach, you may be working largely from home but when it comes time to present a professional image, it is important to get your image right because it will affect your bottom line…. How you present yourself has a major impact on your ability to enroll clients. When you enter a […]

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Ideas To Promote Your Practice

The ultimate success or failure of your practice depends on your ability to reach as many of those who need you, as possible.  How are you doing at this task?… Please don’t confuse this with bragging about your abilities.  Rather, it is critical that those who need you, are able to find and engage with […]

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Who Is God?

When your spirit needs a lift and you need a reminder of not only who you are but more importantly WHOSE you are, here is the script from a soliloquy that says it all.  I pray this blesses you like it blesses me every time I read or hear this.  (And if you happen to […]

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Get Ready for God to Increase Your Territory

One of my greatest joys in life is seeing our graduates become world-class change agents. Whether you are a life coach, counselor or aspiring specialty professional, you need to know how to position yourself to receive new opportunities and expand your territory. God created you for such a time as this and you have a […]

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How Important Is Happiness?

Do you live in search of happiness?  If yes, you are not alone.  Many of us don’t even realize we are obsessed with the pursuit of happiness, at almost any cost.  Happiness means different things to different people. To some it is found in celebrating a holiday with family; to others it’s the attainment of […]

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Help for Secondhand Stress

 * Do you have someone in your life who is going through major drama?  * Is there someone in your office who is a perfectionist to the degree they are even borderline hysterical? * Do you have a client who seems to live chaos to chaos? * Do you find yourself getting impatient, agitated or frustrated after spending […]

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Receive Free CPLC Certification – How To Qualify

​Please tell me why anyone would pay $2995, $3800 or more for a certification if they know they can obtain it for free.  PCCCA currently gives you the Certified Professional Life Coach certification as a BONUS when you successfully complete the CCLC (Certified Christian Life Coach) training …​You see, we are not looking for a […]

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