How To Get Clients and Fill Your Practice

Here are the newest, best, how-to methods to get clients in today’s business environment ... 

The number one, most critical issue facing a new counselor or coach who is just setting up their practice is how to get clients. Even professionals who have been in the people-helping industry for a long time, sometimes see  their client census decline and feel the need to take action to bring in more clients.

If you are sincere about earning an income as a coaching or counseling service provider, I have listed the top ways to get more clients today and how to find out exactly how you can do it.  They are all pretty easy but you just need to be disciplined with your approach and make this part of your week (every week).

It is far better to worry about having too many on your a waiting list than it is to struggle with where your next client will come from, right?

I can distinctly remember a phone call I received from a young man several years ago, who asked whether our PCCCA courses include “client retention” training. H was looking for information on how to hold on to the same clients longer, to make sure his practice stays full.

To be clear, we don't teach this. Why? Our job is to get our clients results so they can move on.  We then build word of mouth referrals from super happy clients.

Plus, I don’t think it is ethical to deliberately keep a client from progressing. While it is fine, if the client and you agree to expand the scope of your work together to include a new topic, intentionally sabotaging their progress to keep them as your client, is wrong, unethical and ultimately does not serve you.

If you happen to be a counselor, your job is to help your client and then release them to a stronger, healthier future.  Holding on for your personal reasons is WRONG, for them and you.  If the client wants to maintain relationship with you after working with you, your job is to redirect them to healthy relationships in their life. Do not permit clients to create a co-dependent relationship with you.​  It's not right, not healthy and certainly not ethical.

Your most important asset in your private practice is your reputation. There are many potential clients who will benefit from working you and you need to position yourself so that they hear about the quality services you offer and solutions you can provide. Word of mouth referrals are best. Secondly, once they hear of you, having testimonials when possible is ideal.


Due to confidentiality, always have your clients sign a release that they permit you to use their testimonial in your advertising or on your website.

Due to the often sensitive, internally-focused nature of counseling sessions, you will need to use great caution with these. Keeping the wording general is best. Here is an example:

“I am so grateful to (counselor name) for helping us build healthier relationships in our family. She was always concerned, compassionate and available when needed. I am happy to recommend her services.”

See how general we kept it? No specifics about issues.

With coaching, you have a little more latitude with testimonials. Most coaching clients are proud to talk about having a coach and the progress they have made, but be sure to get their written permission before using their words. Additionally coaching deals with healthy, functioning individuals so their focus will be future-focused, usually external, dealing with their progress, success or discoveries and revelations.

Here’s another tip: Often clients will be happy with you but neither have the time or skills to write their own testimonial. There is no reason at all you shouldn’t ask if you can make it easier for them by putting their thoughts into words. Then ask them to check the statement for accuracy and approve it prior to posting.

If you have discovered innovative ways to get clients, please post about your methods in the comments below so we can talk about it or ...​

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