Want God To Promote You? Here’s How!

I recently spoke with someone who told me they are highly interested in one of our courses, but said sadly, that they could not afford it.   Now, there are times that God impresses on me to help the person, but this was not one of those times. (Lesson:  be discerning.) Deep inside, those words did not […]

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How to Increase Your Faith

The topic of faith comes up often in Christian Coaching.  When clients take their next step, it is usually because they believe that it will lead to a desired result.  And often, this thing called “faith” occurs when we believe something despite all earthly evidence pointing to the contrary. Believing what we see is not […]

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Top 5 Coaching Questions to Get Your Client Unstuck

​ I believe many life coaches would agree that the single most difficult task is getting your client motivated to act.  This is no different for Christian life coaches. This could be seen as strange since a client hires a coach because they want change and coaches are change agents. There are many reasons clients […]

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Unless the Lord Builds Your Coaching Practice

“Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it.” Psalm 127:1 (NASB) Do you feel God has called you to Christian life coaching? Are you excited about the potential success of your coaching practice or business? Have you thought that if you just affiliate with certain others, that your success is […]

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Success Predictor QUIZ – Free

While we are waiting for the PCCCA website to be formally re-launched, we have a great FREE quiz for you, our Success Predictor QUIZ created by Leelo Bush, PhD  If you visit the welcome page at https://pccca.org/welcome/ you will be able to get your quiz.This is an interactive, fun way to do the quiz.  Make […]

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Re-Launch of PCCCA Academy website

We are anticipating the launch of our new academy website on Monday, January 12, 2015 if everything goes on schedule.  Much of the content has been moved and we have some exciting additions in store for you.You will find that the website will now feature a blog page (entitled “news”) so that you can stay […]

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