How To Think Like A Winner

Have you ever wondered why some people move forward boldly and take steps toward achieving their dreams while others seem mired in quicksand? In today's post, I am going to discuss, in practical terms, how to think like a winner.

Maybe you have already refined your thought process and understand the steps to taking every thought captive when going after a goal.  But, if you have been challenged by your thoughts, you may find this article helpful or at least insightful.

"Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the
knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;"
2 Corinthians 10:5

I don't think the movers and shakers are necessarily any smarter or more capable than others but they do have a particular mindset that enables them to move quickly and achieve many things.

Often the doers are people whose back is against the wall, so to speak. They know that if they don't act, nothing happens. And if nothing happens, bills won't get paid and they won't eat. Sometimes it is as simple as that. Those who have a Plan B may have a tougher time getting and staying motivated.

It can be really difficult for someone to move forward, when they don't have to. “Kind of” and “sort of” wanting it, is usually not sufficient to get the results you want.

Usually there has to be a big WHY to get big results. What I mean by big WHY is, an extremely compelling reason.

I have seen cases where even a compelling reason has not been enough. Without the correct mindset, you are working with a handicap. Maybe you will win, but the odds are not in your favor. So how can we turn all this around?

Being a person of action myself I found this an opportunity to think deeply on the way that I process opportunities in hopes that you find it helpful. The word “impossible” is not in my vocabulary, nor do I even think about failure or negative outcomes when I come upon an idea that sounds reasonable to me. I am not afraid of failure. I know it happens on the way to success … it’s all just part of it. No big deal.

This makes my husband, Evan, a little crazed because he thinks I should weigh the positives and negatives carefully but I'm just not wired that way. That’s what I have him for, right?  In Evan’s defense, I will admit that he is the author of a great many good and profitable ideas. I wonder if my response to his ideas sometimes gives him the same balancing affect. I will have to ask him that.

I have found that winners have a particular winning mindset. Those who possess this mindset have what I call hustle and grit. They also have a brain that is pre-wired with the Mindset #1 default setting.


"This is a great idea. Thank you God! (Enthusiasm)
"I can figure this out." (Confidence)
"If there is no road map, I will make my own." (Sense of Adventure)
"What steps need to be taken?" (Curiosity)
"What is my first step?" (Ability to Prioritize)
"Let's go!" (Initiative / Drive)
"Ok, this didn't work so well. Let’s try it another way." (Persistence)
"That didn't work either. Try again." (Grit)
"Try again." (Dogged determination. Even if you despair, work on in despair.)
"Wow... This works! Let’s do it!" (Hustle)

Now compare the above thought process with Mindset #2.


“This is an interesting idea. Maybe it's God's plan for me and one day ... I will do it if I can.”
“I don't know if this is it, so maybe I shouldn't waste too much time or money on it.”
“Maybe it will work for someone but what if I'm not good enough to do it?”
“What if I missed God and this is not His plan after all?”
“It will probably take a long time. It's noon already and I haven't started yet so I guess I will do it tomorrow.”
“And besides, I don't know how to _______.”
“It looks hard. If I marry someone who does this, then I can do it too.”
“How on earth did I ever think I could do this!?”
“What will my friends, family, colleagues, ______ think?”
“I’m really too old / young / inexperienced.”
“I messed up in the past so I'm probably not good enough to do this.”
“I don't feel like doing it today. I'll do it tomorrow.”
“I would like to help others but I don't know everything I need to know and it costs too much to learn and ... it might not work anyway.”
“Hey wow ... That is a gorgeous pair of shoes. They would look AWESOME on me. God made me to wear those shoes! I must have them. Yes, I will get them and when I have some money again, I'll think about learning to help others.”
“It's really ok. I probably didn't hear God right anyway.”
“It was probably my own idea. Never mind.”

What do you see that is different about the two mindsets? Which one can you best relate to?

Do you notice that Mindset #1 looks neither to the right or left … only forward? Our focus after all, determines our trajectory!

“Do not turn aside from any of the commands I give you today,
to the right or to the left, following other gods and serving them.”
~ Deut. 28:14

If we lose focus and look to other distractions, we are creating false idols of our own desires and whims. If you don’t look away, you can only go forward. It is a matter of focusing so well, you have blinders on to other options.

Success is the only option.

If you want to do more with your life or coach others to do more, then practice Mindset #1 until you own it. Keep it in front of you. Read it every chance you get so that this flow of thinking becomes natural for you.

If you have studied the human brain and understand something about neuro-plasticity, then you know that our brain can be re-wired to think the way you choose.  This will happen anyway so you might as well control how you think.  Repetition is required to reinforce the neurons to become your new default setting.

Even if you know all about setting SMART goals, you still need to control your mindset. Adopt a winner’s mindset to avoid unnecessary frustration and obstacles!

Please leave your thoughts and comments below. I would love to hear your ideas on mindsets that have worked for you and how you have overcome challenges.  And feel free to respond to any of the replies with your own thoughts on the topic.

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