How To Get Anything Done

You may have noticed the variety of professional courses, books and digital materials that we offer at this academy. Creating courses and writing books, is something that I have become quite good at in the last decade. But it wasn't always this way.

It wasn't until circumstances held my feet to the fire, that I learned how to get these large projects completed and available online.  I would watch others write books and create products and wonder how they did it.

Any project of this magnitude requires a system to get it done. In this post I will share what I learned with you, in hopes that it helps you and your clients.

Our early projects could drag on for months if not years while we perfected them. It made sense to do the very best job we could. The only problem was that our projects were not getting completed and were not reaching market.  And this can be a enormous problem if God has called you or me to share your specific message.  It can take us from an enthusiastic start right into disobedience by failing to complete and launch it.

And this isn't the only problem. As projects linger on and on, the enthusiasm to complete them can wane as we lose sight of why we begin in the first place.

I learned fairly quickly that good intentions did not get my projects done. Life and other business kept getting in the way.

Many years ago at one of our Academy's annual conferences, I asked one of our Christian coaching industry leaders, whose name I know you would recognize, how he became such a prolific author.  I knew he had the answer.  Unfortunately, his advice to "just get it done" wasn't very helpful either.  But I was determined to find the answer.

I learned that it really doesn't matter what type of project we are working on, we need a system for completion.

As coaches, we have learned that when we have a goal, the way to reach it is to dissect the steps required. Then, the steps must be organized and prioritized. It may be necessary to further dissect large steps.  And then … we set out to implement … or do we?

Unfortunately, we usually don't. Or we may begin but soon life gets in the way.

Missing a couple critical steps can completely derail the project. I know because it has happened to me and others around me.

So what is missing?

In our enthusiasm and passion for the project, we mistakenly believed that was sufficient to drive it to completion but it wasn't.  We failed to put deadlines on each of our actions.

Deadlines can be dates or a particular time of day or both. I am now a stickler on setting deadlines for each of my projects because it gives me a fixed point in time by which to take specific action to accomplish a concrete step toward my goal.

This solution may come across as self evident but no matter how accomplished or competent we are, if we skip the basics, we will fail to achieve the results we want.

So ... here are five steps to get any project done:

1. Dissect the project into concrete action steps.
2. Prioritize the steps in the order they need to be done.
3. If two or more people are involved in the project, decide who is doing what.
4. Put a deadline for completion on each step.
5. Implement.

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:" Ecclesiastes 3:1

I hope you find this post helpful. Our readers and I would love to hear from you.
If you have experienced these challenges or found some great solutions, please COMMENT BELOW.

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