How To Make Sure Your Ideas Outlive You

One of the greatest motivating factors for coaches and counselors to do the work they do, is to leave a legacy. I have interviewed hundreds of people-helping professionals and each one feels their greatest gift to the world is the ripple effect of lives changed for the better.

While this is certainly true, there is an even better way to make sure that the work you do and the ideas you have live on to eternity. And that is to write a book.

I recently listened to a dynamic audio created by my friend, the late Myles Munroe. He outlined powerfully, just why your ideas should live beyond your generation.

When you write your book you create an opportunity to multiply and expand your influence. Now more than ever it is critically important that good people exercise their influence.

If you have already written your book, I will share some important ways for you to get your message out better and faster within this post.

If you have yet to write a book, some of the primary topics that coaches and counselors write about are motivational, inspirational, educational and transformational concepts and principles.

Perhaps you think that everything has already been written. In fact there may be no new ideas but there are new ways of sharing them and combining them in your personal flavor. The world needs your unique message and delivery.

Our soul's purpose is to improve lives and that is at the heart of our passion. Always write from your passion. If you don't, it will be incredibly difficult for you to finish your transcript.

The best way to change lives on a global scale, if you are unable to personally visit every home in every country, is to give others the opportunity to read your ideas. You do this with a book or ebook. Even God, who could have used any method to share His word, chose a book to preserve His ideas and divine knowledge for humanity.

Here are five of the ways mentioned by Myles to share your passion in written form:

1. Write about your experiences. These are events that deeply moved you.

2. Write your testimony. Share what has tested you in your life and how you overcame it.

3. Write about your revelations. A revelation is something that suddenly occurs to you and then explore it in the content of your book.

4. Write about your obligation. This one may need a little more explanation. Your application is the theme or concept that you feel obligated to leave to the world. You may sense an urgency and responsibility to get it onto paper.

5. Write from your convictions. What are you 100% convinced about? This conviction should be clearly evident in every line you write.

While many of us who write a book, hope that a publishing house accepts our manuscript and publishes our work, that is not reality for most writers. Today, fortunately, there are other options.

One of the best vehicles today to get your book in front of millions of potential readers is Amazon. And while it is relatively simple to publish with Amazon's Create Space system, promotion and distribution leaves many writers weary and disillusioned.  Unfortunately, you can't change lives if no one reads your ideas.  So you must find a way to get in front of those who need your message!

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If you already have a book or are in the process of writing it now, this is a must-have resource.

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