Want God To Promote You? Here’s How!

I recently spoke with someone who told me they are highly interested in one of our courses, but said sadly, that they could not afford it.   Now, there are times that God impresses on me to help the person, but this was not one of those times.

(Lesson:  be discerning.)

Deep inside, those words did not ring true at all.  I will never know what exactly was going on, but I could guess that either the person was accustomed to denying themselves and had learned to habitually rationalize that they couldn’t afford it.  Or, maybe they thought if they told me that, I would offer it for free.  Or, maybe, they just weren’t convinced of the value.  I guess I will never know for sure.

But this is what I do know.

  • Denying ourselves the education to do what God wants us to do, is not so much about denying ourselves. Far more than that, it is denying God.  He has a great plan for us and we are getting in the way of that plan when we refuse to get ready.  When we aren’t ready to serve, God can’t use us.  Maybe we are putting it off until everything in our life is perfect.  But guess what?  Things will never be perfect.  The enemy will make sure of that.  So how do you respond?
  • There is nothing wrong with acknowledging the financial obstacle, but don’t give it power over you. Instead of saying, “I can’t afford it,” ask: “How can I afford it?”  If God wants you to do something, He already has a plan to pay for it.  Your job is to ask.  Keep asking until you get the results you need. Scripture tells us we have not because we ask not.  You need to acquire a breakthrough mentality!  Refuse to settle, even in the smallest of things. God will honor your diligence.
  • Let’s talk about value. Here in the western world, particularly in America, we can afford just about anything we want.  If we are not willing to pay for something, it is usually because we are not convinced of the value it has to us.  How many of us “afford” to purchase a pack of cigarettes each day?  What about that Starbucks café mocha we get on our way to work? How about that 3rd pair of black shoes in our closet?  (You know the ones, the peep-toe, sling-backs!)  It’s crazy the things we want and buy.  Yet, when God has a mission for us and needs us to prepare, we say we can’t afford it.

Perhaps you don’t struggle with any of these choices, but many of us do.

It’s really all about priorities.  We have learned to lie to ourselves about why we spend on some things and not on others.  I know this because I have done it myself.

There is only one investment today, which is guaranteed to reward you. That is to invest in yourself by increasing your knowledge and skills.  No one can increase your skills but you. Knowledge is power and it is one thing no one can ever take away from you.  Knowledge will increase YOUR value and you will earn more money … to bless others!

My family came to the United States from Estonia, a former Soviet block country.  My ancestors were slaves. But the way they rose from those circumstances and our tiny, little culture still survives, and now has gained freedom, is because Estonians valued their education most highly.  They knew what I just said above, that knowledge is power and it is the tool they used to become free!  You too, can become free with increased knowledge!

The more skill and knowledge you have, the more God can use you.  Prepare yourself for promotion.


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