How to Increase Your Faith

The topic of faith comes up often in Christian Coaching.  When clients take their next step, it is usually because they believe that it will lead to a desired result.  And often, this thing called “faith” occurs when we believe something despite all earthly evidence pointing to the contrary. Believing what we see is not faith.

To increase faith (and results), speak, confess, claim your faith (what you believe for) and it will activate the possibilities God has for you. That is not terribly difficult for most of us to do, but … I think the temptation we all have is to go back and refute what we just confessed. STOP Never speak words that contradict your blessing, your abundance, your health and your loving relationships...

Again, your words will activate what you say, for good or for evil. Choose to speak love, power, abundance!

Even if you begin to doubt, NEVER speak words of doubt or you will cancel the power of your faith.

“Words kill, words give life; they're either poison or fruit—you choose.”

Proverbs 18:21 The Message (MSG)

Faith means believing BEFORE we see it. Most people say they will believe it when they see it. Missouri’s state slogan drives skepticism even further … They call it the “Show Me State”.

When people are not willing to speak what they claim to believe, I suspect they really don’t believe it much.

Let’s say you want something badly but you really don’t have the faith it will happen. What do you do?

You confess aloud over and over, that which you want to believe. And I mean, over and over, for days, weeks, months, years, whatever it takes. Your words will turn into faith inside you. Your subconscious will start looking for proof for what you claim to believe and … you will start seeing evidence to support your newly growing faith.

Let me give you an actual example of how this works.

Scenario: A woman wants her son to stop using drugs. Until now, she expresses her concern all the time over his drug use, calling him an addict. Despite her love and caring nothing much changes.

One day she decides to activate her faith because she is sick and tired of the way things are. What does she do differently? She decides, whenever she speaks about her son, to tell how proud she is of him. She says she is lucky that he makes wise choices. She says that he never has a desire to use drugs or any other substance. The more she says these things, the more she begins to believe it herself. Soon others around her start believing what she is saying. In time, as she speaks sobriety over her son, he begins to change. He knows he can’t continue on his destructive path and begins looking for help. His mother’s confidence in his abilities further encourages him to do what is necessary and gives him the faith to stay in a sober lifestyle.

The above is a true story. I have also seen similar scenarios work out in my own life, over and over again. Imagine all the other areas of your life that speaking what you (want to) believe could work. This is not some strange magic. This is the way things work in God’s economy. We must believe in order to receive.

Why else is faith important? Hebrews 11:6 tells us, “And without faith it is impossible to please God.”

If we want to please God, taking steps to grow our faith is imperative.

What we receive is only limited by what we are willing to believe for. From the beginning of time, God spoke the world and every part of it into existence. You were created in His image and His promises belong to you. Yes, you!

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