Christian Coach certification  training, Christian Counselor and Specialty Training leading to Globally-Recognized, Professional CHRISTIAN COACHING & COUNSELING Board Certifications and License with business / ministry training to put you on your path to success!  Guided online and 1-to-1, personalized courses.

When I was doing my "homework" searching for a Christian Life Coach Program, I was seriously considering one particular program, but I felt the Holy Spirit guiding me instead to PCCCA. Now I know why. PCCCA is completely in line with my Christian values and my belief that the Word of God is sufficient. Thank you PCCCA, for not compromising to align with the world's view.

Linda Noel, Student Pennsylvania, USA

Christian Coach Certification Training, Christian Counselor & Specialty Courses and Certifications

Online Guided Christian Life Coach Course 

Christian life coach training and certification course PCCCA -112916

One Foundational Life Coach Course - earn BOTH of these certifications


If you are a Christian and deeply desire to learn coaching God's way, this program does not integrate with secular or new age philosophies. It is based purely on Biblical truth and practical strategies for today's world.  This is a fully comprehensive program based on scripture and practical strategies, highly relevant and applicable to our world today.

Private, Personalized, 1-to-1 Christian Coach Course

One Foundational Life Coach Course - Earn BOTH of these certifications


Christian life coach training and certification course PCCCA -112916

This is the Premier, gold standard for Christian coach certification training, facilitated one to one with a Master Christian Life Coach as your trainer.
In addition to the curriculum, you will experience 12 one-to-one phone sessions with your own Master Christian Life Coach Trainer who will personalize the course for you based on your calling.  You will receive personal coaching in Part 1, learn the in-depth 10 Christian Coaching Proficiencies© developed by Dr. Leelo Bush in Part 2 and come to understand the business and marketing of your new skill-set in Part 3. This is a fully comprehensive program based on scripture and practical strategies, highly relevant and applicable to our world today.

Private 1-to-1 Personalized Training with Dr. Leelo Bush


Learn the exact professional systems that will enable you to create an unlimited number of your own products. You will learn to create unlimited streams of income to pay you in years to come.

This is advanced Christian coach certification training on the Master level.

You are trained personally by Dr. Leelo Bush, the author and industry expert so that you too, can become an industry leader and build a sustainable business or ministry to the level that God leads ... no matter how great your vision!


Guided Online Training 

Foundational Counseling Course

"Where there is no guidance the people fall, but in abundance of counselors there is victory."
Proverbs 11:14 NASB

Do you have a heart to help others heal from life situations?  Do others seek you out for your listening gift?You may not be aware that there are two paths to practice for remuneration. One path is state license and the other is faith oversight.
PCCCA offers the training you need so that you qualify for faith oversight / board commission or ordination in order to practice in your area.

PLUS License to offer Dr. Bush's Happiness by Choice Method

Specialty Life Coach Course includes BOTH certifications + ONE license

Guided Online Training 

Time magazine reported not long ago that 50 million people in the US alone are suffering from some sort of loss or grief.
Our training can help you reduce grief in a matter of months rather than years so your client can again be living joyfully and productively!
You may be thinking to yourself that you don't coach or work in a grief-related area nor do you expect to. While this may be true, EVERY one of us will be affected directly or indirectly with losses during our lifetime.

The question remains: Will we be prepared?
And will we stand ready to help those we work with, when a tragedy strikes?  Our world sadly, has not become a more comforting place. Now is the time to get trained.
This is not just another grief course.  
This course is preferred by Grief Share, Hospice and other brands of grief support organizations because it offers never-before-available strategies to powerfully help the client overcome grief.


Specialty Life Coach Course

Guided Online Training

Stress course covers and CDs 1216

By the time you complete this 5-STAR training, you will become a stress relief expert, with everything in place to start and run a sustainable stress coaching practice / business or use your training in ministry.

You will learn individual and group coaching as well as how to help corporations setup stress management programs internally.

The fulfilling work you will do with individuals, groups and companies in relieving stress will literally help save lives.
This course Includes strategies, forms, evaluations and more!


Specialty Life Coach Course

Guided Online Training

RCS course covers and CDs 1216

Learn our TRIED AND TRUE approaches for developing healthy communication skills that you can use in personal relationships and professional environments — without sacrificing who you are, your self-esteem or personal space/power.

This will help you can create lasting relationships that are satisfying and productive as well as adding this specialty to your coaching, counseling or people-helping work.

This course can be taken individually or to enhance your Christian coach certification training.

Business and Marketing Courses



Business / Marketing Course

Guided Online Training

Designed for coaches, counselors, speakers, consultants and other Christian solo-preneurs or small business owners who are tired of feeling confused and frustrated building their business or ministry and believe that God has the ideal success formula.

This will enhance your Christian coach certification training, Christian counselor or specialty certifications with the best business and marketing training in our industry. 


Business / Marketing Course

Guided Online Training

Learn In-Depth Product Creation How-To & Marketing
for Text, Audio and Video Products ...                                                 Increase Your Income with Your Own Products


Business / Marketing Course

Guided Online Training

Step-by-step marketing blueprint that will teach you how to boost your book to bestseller status.  

This is a video course that lets you watch over the trainer's shoulder to ensure that you are able to successfully and effectively understand how to market your
book on Amazon.
Many  Christian coaches wish to become successful authors. This course will also enhance our proprietary Christian coach certification training.

Free Coaching Classes

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Our students enjoy highly rated Christian coach certification training, support and customer
service at PCCCA /
Beautiful Life International!


No Tuition Payments and No Interest for 6 months. Select CREDIT option at checkout.


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Christian Life Coaching 5 Minute Success Predictor QUIZ

Popular Blog Posts


USA Today states:
"Life Coaching is all the rage!"Read the article HERE.

Huffington Post states the #1 reason to hire a life coach and it makes perfect sense, is help with relationships.  

This is why the Relationship Communication Specialist course is popular.

Why Choose PCCCA?

As a student at PCCCA, you will:

· Learn the true Biblical foundation for helping others God's way with practical solutions
fitting for today's world. This is authentic Christian coach certification training
that you will not find elsewhere, because Dr. Bush created this proprietary content.

· Learn to confidently deliver measurable results.

· Feel successful and happy.

· Discover the vision you were hard-wired by God to achieve.

· Finally overcome anything that has held you back personally.

· Develop trust and confidence in yourself.

· Become recognized as a top leader in your niche.

· Continue to grow personally, spiritually and professionally.

· Transition easily and elegantly into the coaching or personal development profession.

· Expand your comfort zone, confidence and influence.

· Reach professional heights you never dreamed was possible.

· Make subtle mindset shifts that allow you to earn what you were worth.

· Develop strategies to map out an ongoing success plan.

· Increase your value to yourself, clients, employers or community.

As a result of the above, you will attract God-ordered abundance into your life as you become more attuned to His plan, increasingly more self-aware and highly skilled at delivering your unique message to the world.

The above are just some thr results you will achieve with professional PCCCA Christian coach certification training courses and programs.

Your Future Is Here (video)

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