avatar"Because of what I learned, my life has done a total change."

Marvel Jenkins, CCLC graduate
avatar"My coach training benefited me as a consultant, workshop facilitator and keynote speaker. I am so grateful! PCCCA is a blessing from God."

Dr. AudreyAnn Moses, CCLC graduate
"I have used this valuable coach training to grow personally in my involvement with Toastmasters International; where I have been able to successfully compete in Area and Regional Speech Competitions and also earn my Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Award which is the highest achievement you can earn. I now use the Coaching techniques and strategies that I learned from PCCCA to mentor other fellow Toastmasters to help them grow into more effective communicators and leaders. Very comprehensive and practical."

Brian Richards
avatarThe Joy Restoration coaching course has greatly enhanced my professional coaching skills to help those struggling with life issues to move from painful to joyful living, and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to help others overcome their grief and live a happier life.

Renato Amato
Brescia, Italy
avatar"I was blessed and privileged to learn skills to help others make changes in their lives."

Nina Franklin
Dorset, UK
avatar"All praise to our God for the Counseling classes! I have learned so much and my certification has opened new doors for me.  The Lord revealed Truth to the first couple I counseled and divorce was prevented as they chose to go their separate ways based on the Truth revealed. I credit, first, The Lord God Almighty and then PCCCA with the insight I had received through the counseling course. I recommend this course for any self-starter. It is thorough and truly Biblically-based.

Audrey Griffith
avatar"I am so grateful that I chose the Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy to provide me with a quality life coaching program in which I earned certifications as both a Christian Life Coach and a Professional Life Coach. It is important to me to have training that is rooted in Christian spirituality. The program is a great value, too!

After earning those certifications, I went on to study for and earn certifications in PCCCA's Joy Restoration, Christian Grief Coaching, and Stress Relief Coaching. I always integrate the principles of those programs into my life coaching.

I have benefited so much from Dr. Bush's teachings and well-researched and presented curriculum. I took advantage of a rare opportunity to work with Dr. Bush in a live class that provided me the tools to become better at marketing my practice and converting potential clients into clients.

I think the biggest benefit I received (and there are so many!) is remembering I must live above reproach. Dr. Bush reminds students of this, and this type of living extends into our marketing, personal social media pages, and anywhere else we leave our footprints."

Amy Walton, Certified Graduate of multiple PCCCA courses
avatar"Thanks to the training I received through PCCCA I am now a certified. Since obtaining my certification, I have embarked on this journey to change lives and help people heal from grief.  I am also a newly published author thanks to PCCCA. I will start my coaching business full time in the spring of 2017 after retiring from the military. I am super excited. The training I received is the cornerstone for my new business. I could not be happier and more thankful. The training has really changed my life. Thank you Dr Bush. To God be the Glory."

Vernessa Blackwell, Certified Graduate
avatar"When I decided to acquire coaching certification, I was adamant about enrolling in a purely Christian training program. I wanted no part of any New Age nuances that sometimes parade around as Christian values. I researched several programs before deciding on Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy (PCCCA). The training was academically rigorous and the certification requirements let you know that you have earned your certification. I got my money's worth and I am proud to display my PCCCA certification on my website. Thank you, Dr. Bush, for the hard work you clearly poured into this program. Thank you for strong accountability and thank you for invaluable lifetime lessons that go far beyond certification."

Linda F. Williams, MSW, Certified Graduate
avatarThe training was "laid out in an easy-to-follow, sure-win way. I say sure-win because since doing this course, I've used some of the tips and techniques with my clients and they are seeing great success which means I am now even more successful. I would recommend this training to anyone who is interested in being a coach. I look forward to even greater wins as I apply even more of what I have learned with Dr. Bush to my business."

Tricianna Morris