“Accelerate Your List” – Thrive Leads Contest

Case Study Reveals Optins Increased by 159%

First, thank you for the opportunity to share our experiences and for hosting this contest.  Thank you also for considering my entry.

I rarely enter contests, but our results have been, in our view, so phenomenal that there was no question that I would want to applaud your work and share the success you have allowed us to achieve with the Thrive Leads plugin.  

We have been marketing online since 2003 and over the years, we have tried many ways to capture visitor information.  A few have not worked at all, most have worked to some degree ... but none as well as Thrive Leads.

The case study I am presenting to you today, is a comparison between optin statistics from the most recent 2 months when we have been using Thrive Leads (February 12 through April 13) with the 2 months immediately preceding (December 12, 2014 to February 11, 2015)​.


In the earlier 2 month period (December to February) we received 129 optins, which is a slightly higher than normal because it is the end of one year and beginning of the next, which is the peak season for our coach training / personal development business, which is 12 years old now.

In the 2 month period after installing the Thrive Leads plugin, optins have increased 159% to 334 optins.​  

I am including conversion statistics and images of the two major campaigns we have run below.  Both use the lightbox version of ads. You will notice a peak in our optins earlier this month.  We did a brief promotion during that time for our Counseling course and the results were even more dramatic, as you can see on the graph below.​

The total of the optins resulting from Thrive Leads in the case study is 284, leaving the balance of 50 optins during this time, resulting from our other contact capture methods.​

Below the images I am also including a Jing screenshot video showing pages of optins with dates.  I use ​1ShoppingCart so there is no way I am aware of to get statistics from their system.  But I did want to prove to you, that these results are absolutely true.  


​Conversion Report and Statistics

Sample Ads for the two major campaigns we are running

Video showing screen shot of all optins and dates as proof

Thank you

Thank you for the opportunity to enter your contest.  I hope you are as impressed with the results as we are.

Warm regards,

Leelo Bush, PhD
Director of Training at PCCCA / Beautiful Life International LLC
email:  admin@pccca.org