Best Ways to Get Clients and Fill Your Practice

Quick note before we get into the topic today: I just want to remind you that if you plan to enroll this summer, you need to do so by this Friday, July 20. As I told you in last week's post, we will be closed in August and open again after Labor Day. Find your course(s) here.

It may be summer but most of us need year-round income even if clients have "vacation-brain". Today I'm going to share some of the best ways to get clients and fill your practice that are working right now.

If you are like many coaches and counselors, you may see your client census drop during certain times of the year. There are peaks and valleys in any business and as such, we need to know what to implement now, to keep our client roster full.

1. Learn To Use Video To Engage Prospective Clients

Your video doesn't have to be elaborate. But be authentic. Our society is enamored by our computer / mobile screens and when you appear in a video, it gives you credibility and demonstrates you can genuinely help your ideal client.  The best type of video will show your target client how they'll benefit from your coaching solutions.  Remember, sell the solution, not the coaching! You'll connect with those who want what you offer. 

2. Be The Type Of Coach or Counselor You'd Hire

Close your eyes, and imagine the type of professional you, personally would hire. What qualities does that person possess?  The best way to get the attention of your ideal client is to live the kind of life that commands respect. Practice what you preach and live in a way that is congruent with the values you represent. Demonstrate caring, honesty and integrity. You will stand out from among others when they see that you authentically possess these qualities that by the way, are much too rare these days. 

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3. Demonstrate your Expertise within Relevant Social Media Groups

Groups are great. They are like targeted pools of prospects. The best kinds of groups are large and have ongoing conversation pretty much 24 hours a day.

These folks are sharing their problems and asking for resources. It's the perfect opportunity for you to humbly share your answers to show them your expertise. 

Your results may be fast or slow but nevertheless over time, as you develop relationships with group members and they see you as a leader, you'll become the go-to person in your specialty.

Want more ... much more step-by step help to get clients and fill your practice?

If you need to know EXACTLY HOW TO gain more clients to fill your practice, I have created a special report especially for Christian coaches, counselors, consultants and other people-helpers that will tell you:

1. How to get Insurance Company Referrals – how it works but why it might not be your best solution. (at least not at first)

2. How to get private employers to refer you to their employees – exactly where to go and why companies will want to refer you (even if you are a faith-based provider).

3. How to get clients by advertising (free and paid) with select services you can use so that you can easily and affordably list your services on the web.

4. My secret for getting doctors’ offices to refer your services, including how I get face-to-face meetings with the doctor to explain my services!

5. Specifics on how to get clients from the top social media platforms and which ones are preferred for this purpose.

And FINALLY, a few keys that will make you “the” credible, go-to service provider in YOUR community.

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$39.97 USD - Download Report

I won't waste your time, taking you through tens of pages of illustrative prose just to make this report seem longer.

My goal is to show you step-by-step, efficiently and effectively, how to quickly fill your practice.

Although some of the ideas presented may be completely new to you, they are "battle-tested" and proven to work.

The steps are simple and you can read and grasp these concepts easily in 30-45 minutes. Then pick your favorite and begin to implement it today.

Doesn't it make sense for us, as your coaching school, to get you right to the nuts and bolts of what will work for you? If you are ready to shave time and money off your path to a full practice, just click on the image of the report or the gold button above to get your copy now.

Reading this report is the fun, fast and easy part. Implementing these tactics will take time and you need to be patient with results, as with any business endeavor.  Implement 3 or more to get maximum benefits.

Please note: Your results depend entirely on you and your situation. I'm telling you what has worked for me and others. This is not a promise or prediction you will make a lot of money or in fact any money, because I have no idea what your skills, abilities, dedication, persistence and work ethics are. Nor do I know your specialty. After reading this report, you may combine some of the ideas presented or come up with your own hybrid plan to get clients. I will be praying for your success in helping as many people as God has called you to help.


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