Create A Great Coaching or Counseling Business Card To Attract Your Ideal Client

One of your best marketing tools is your business card. It’s truly one of the most effective and affordable ways to get your services known in your community and at networking events world-wide.  

Unfortunately too many of us either don't have a business card yet, have an out-dated card or worse yet, have business card shame. (Cringe!) But don't worry, we will take care of all that in today's post, and I'll also include some great biz tips and resources for you as well. 

Here I'm going to share how to create a GREAT business card with a compelling message, rather than just a good one.  Then you'll get to put your imagination to work creating your own memorable, highly attractive business card.

components your business card should have:

Name - Along with your name, you’ll include your certification of (C.C.L.C. (i.e. Certified Christian Life Coach), C.P.L.C., C.S.R.C., C.J.R.C., etc. after your name, for example, Alan R. Collins, C.C.L.C., once you graduate from your PCCCA course.

Specialty/niche Perhaps you are a Certified Stress Relief© Coach or a Certified Christian Grief Coach, etc. Put this under your name.

Location - Always have an address on your card to add credibility. Never use your home address. We live in a crazy world so for security, use a shipping service address.  An example is the UPS Store. They offer postal boxes and you get to use their street address. Avoid using a post office P.O. Box.  Why? They’re not very professional because they typically lack a street address.

Sample google map street level image

Pro tip:  Pick a nice location for your address. Google the street level, satellite image for the address you want to use. See what comes up and make sure it looks up to your standards. People will Google your address if they are curious about you.

Website URL (www.yourname.com) – As a serious coach or counselor, you’ll have a web presence.  If you are brand new, trust me, you’ll need a website.  An affordable option is to get your domain name, hosting and email address from our trusted Heavenly-Hosting.com. If you don’t have a website yet, just skip this until you get one.

Phone number – There are a lot of options now for phone numbers.  The old school way was to use your own number and answer it yourself.  Professional coaches don’t have the time to sit by their phone waiting for it to ring.  Instead, search Google for “virtual pbx” or “virtual answering service”. An example of this type of company is Grasshopper.com. You don’t need to get a phone number from the phone company any longer. Just use one of these services… Quality services with lots of features start around $25/month and go up.

Email addressUse your company email that has the same URL as your website, i.e. alan@alanrcollins.com As soon as you purchase your domain name (under $20), you’ll be able to use the domain name for your email address, even before you build your website.

Slogan A slogan or tag line is a short statement that sums up what you do in a powerful and memorable way. As I was researching slogans on line, I came upon a Tagline Creator online, located at https://getsocio.com/tools/slogan-generator and I had to laugh at some of the results. You’ll add your keyword(s) and click the green button to generate slogans.

The key, I discovered, is to make your keywords solution focused and positive. If not, you’ll certainly get a few grins and giggles but won’t come up with a great slogan.

Call to action - What do you want the holder of your card to do? Tell them! Here's the idea ... Offer the cardholder a gotta-have-it freebie!  Create a report, white paper, ebook, quiz or something else with a high perceived value that you can give away to entice the card holder to give you their email address in exchange ... so that you can continue to connect with them each time you send out your newsletter.  It has to be something that answers a burning need for your prospective client.

No email list yet?  Building one needs to be a priority because that's your business. Wouldn't it be nice to send out an email and within hours see notices of sales arriving in your email inbox?  That's not a fantasy.  It can happen for you just like it happens for me if you build a list and communicate regularly with them.  That communication increases your know-like-trust factor so when they are ready to buy, you'll be top of mind for them to purchase from you.

Statistics tell us it takes an average of 7 contacts before a prospect will convert into a paying client. Haven't got a newsletter yet?  That's a topic for another day ... Keep reading my blog ... I will cover it in a future post.

Use the back of the card for an important message and leave space to write on it so you or your prospect can make a note about your connection or schedule their appointment.

When you have gathered all your details for your business card, go to www.Vistaprint.com, select your paper quality and a couple other options … then design your own card! If you have a knack for graphic design, you can upload your entire design at Vistaprint for no additional charge.

Image of a woman handing out her business card.

There are other online card printers, but we have used Vistaprint for years. I won't earn a penny if you hire them, but I'm sharing this resource because they have proven to be a reputable company that stands behind their product. They have recently come out with some premium options and unique card stock and sizes. Nothing but the best for you, my friend. 😀

(NOTE: Vistaprint specializes in anything printed … for digital / web products, buy from a web hosting company who does that 24-7. It’s just too important of a detail because of design elements, search engine optimization, etc.)

OK, now that you have your cards, you probably can’t wait to hand them out.  Here’s a list of 30 places to leave your business card.

Save this blog post for the next time you need to create a business card and be sure to share it with any colleagues who need to create or up-level their own business card.

I'm excited for you and I hope you are too!  With the right business card in hand, you can continue on your journey of attracting more and more of your ideal clients.

My readers and I greatly value your thoughts and comments. Please tell us about your own ideas and hacks with this topic and any aha's down below in the comments section!

Love and blessings,

Leelo Bush, Ph.D.
CEO & Director of Training
PCCCA / Beautiful Life International, LLC

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