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You can be the help and hope for 95.5 million people!

Become a Certified Mosaic Family Coach

95.5 million Americans are step-parents or step-children and are now the norm.
Today's family is vastly different than the previous generation.

The Mosaic(c) Family Coach Training Program will prepare you for a rewarding career
working with families and any step-relationships within them.  
People need your help and your own unique, trained approach.

You may be interested to know that more than 95.5 million people are living in step-relationships,
and the number is expected to increase.  This is the new normal for our family units.  There has never been a greater need for qualified coaches to help families navigate the complexities of life.

That’s why the Mosaic Family Coach Training Program was created.  Now you truly can be
the help and hope that today's families need.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Why step-families need to be coached differently than first-families
  • The 12 things every step-dad needs to know
  • 10 myths about step-families
  • How most step-children really feel
  • Lies step-parents tell themselves
  • But most importantly, how to effectively, powerfully help those with step-family-related challenges with a complete, branded system and support at your fingertips!

In your training, you will receive:

  • Practical strategies to use with all your clients
  • Ready to use handouts for your clients
  • Easy to learn assessment tools
  • Customizable Mosaic Family Coaching business templates
  • Professional camaraderie and support as a member of the exclusive Mosaic Family Coach Training Facebook group

​Stop trying to sell coaching ... and start offering your solutions!

If you love families and have struggled with explaining what you do as a coach, this program is for you. It will give you a much needed specialty or niche, doing something you love. 

Upon successful completion and certification, you will be affiliated with the Mosaic Family Coaching brand. As recognition of the brand grows, so will your credibility and business.  Plus, as a charter member of the Mosaic Family Coaching Network, you will be part of building something special.  With guidance from the Holy Spirit, we will implement this ministry together.

Look around you.  Likely your family life has been impacted by step-relationships in one way or another. This is also true for nearly everyone you coach.  Because of the sheer numbers, all coaches can be fairly certain that whomever they are coaching, these clients may be impacted by family issues, including step-relationships.

The ability to be more sensitive to these issues makes ​every coach more effective.  Even if you don't plan to specialize specifically in working with step-family issues, you will be coaching people affected by them. It is your duty to prepare yourself for these unique challenges.  Your ability to help them overcome these often emotionally-charged situations will provide your clients greater satisfaction with your services and you greater fulfillment and rewards, when your clients achieve their best life.

What You Get When You Enroll:

  • 12 modules, each with a downloadable PDF training guide and an audio file so you can listen anytime
  • Exclusive membership in the private Mosaic Family Coach Training Program Facebook group for support so that you can share your wins and challenges
  • Access to support directly from the curriculum author through email
  • Mosaic Family Coaching 100% Happiness Guarantee*
  • First year complimentary membership in the Mosaic Family Coaching Network upon certification to get you started on the right track!

Meet the COURSE Author, Debbie Lee Stankovich, MCLC

Debbie Stankovich MCLC - Author of Mosaic Family Coaching

Debbie Stankovich is a Master Christian Life Coach, Senior Christian Coach Trainer at PCCCA and curriculum creator.

As a certified Master ​Christian Life Coach, Debbie is a strong believer in continuing education, which has led her to complete several of the PCCCA courses.  It was during her Christian Counselor training, that she discovered how her own life experiences would provide the canvas upon which she would create a step / blended-family coach training and the Mosaic Family Coach training was born.  

12 Course Modules

(1)  The Case for Mosaic Family Coaching

95.5 million adults are step-parents, step-siblings, or step-children and need expertise and guidance from well-trained professionals to help them live in the fullness of forgiveness.

(2)  Loss and Grief in Mosaic Family Coaching

All Mosaic families are created because of loss. Unresolved grief undermines relationships, oftentimes affecting the family’s ability to experience healthy dynamics.

(3)  From Pain to Purpose in Mosaic Family Coaching

Helping people living with emotional scars through four steps toward purposeful living is the at the heart of this module.

(4)  Mosaic Dads: Heroes by Choice

Highlighting the unique challenges for men involved in Mosaic families is the focus of this role-specific module. Helping men modify their expectations will result in healthier relationships in the long run.

(5)  Mosaic Moms: Who are they? Really.

The needs of step-moms is radically different from the needs of step-dads. This module offers insight and suggestions for helping these women move from merely surviving their circumstances to thriving in them.

(6)  Mosaic Grandparents: By Chance or By Choice

Becoming a step-grandparent happens in a variety of ways – some are easier adjustments than others. In this module, the pain, complications, and pleasures of step-grandparenting is explored.

(7)  Nurturing Marriage in the Mosaic Family

Whether it is someone’s first or fifth marriage, God expects couples to lead godly lives, and submit to His will. Learn ways to help couples develop spiritual intimacy along with other marriage nurturing techniques.

(8)  Stages of Mosaic Family Development

The stages of Mosaic family development are hope, truth, knowledge, expression, negotiation, connection, and hope renewed. Gain valuable insight into your client by becoming acquainted with each of these stages.

(9)  A Seasonal Look at Mosaic Families

The seasonal aspect to healthy step family development is highly compatible with the God-created life cycle. Each season is necessary. Learning what to do and not to do in each of these seasons is at the core of this module.

(10)  Other Forms of Mosaic Families

This module is intended to raise awareness of non-step-family Mosaic families such as foster families, adoption into families with biological children, grand-families, and reunited families separated by adoption.

(11)  Coaching Fundamentals in Mosaic Families

This refresher for some and introduction for others to coaching fundamentals encourages students to integrate their new perspectives into coaching clients.

(12)  Establishing a Mosaic Family Coaching Practice

By introducing the student to the five “P”s of marketing, and the newly developed five “P”s for Christian entrepreneurs, you will obtain a clear direction to move forward with the establishment of your practice.


Why get certified?  Certification allows you to promote yourself as an Authorized Mosaic Family Coaching Specialist.  Upon successful completion of the course exam, you will receive a signed, sealed certificate suitable for framing.  Additionally, certified graduates are able to order the Mosaic Family Coaching branded business supplies such as business cards, letterhead / stationary templates, logos, etc.

We understand that some students may take this course for personal reasons and do not intend to become certified.  Because we want to be fair to everyone, only certification candidates who wish to take the exam are charged for this optional process.  There is a one-time, non-refundable certification fee of $160 that includes your examination/grading and processing/creation/handling/shipping* of your certificate.
NOTE: As with any earned educational credential, course completion does not guarantee certification.

You can wait until Module 12 to decide if certification is for you!

  60% OFF only through Friday, July 14 or Sell-Out!  

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For more information, please email or phone TOLL FREE 800-280-4662 (US) and 239-471-2806 (INT'L). Office hours are Monday to Thursday, 9-5, and Friday, 9 am to noon, Eastern (New York) Time. Note:  Be advised that acceptance into this program is not a guarantee of certification. The candidate must satisfactorily complete all assignments, comply with student policies and fulfill all financial obligations to the academy prior to the certification being issued.

*MOSAIC FAMILY COACHING© GUARANTEE:  If for any reason the Mosaic Family Coaching© course doesn't meet your expectations, the academy wants to make sure you end up happy.  If you contact our admin support team within 14 days of your purchase about your situation, we'll give you (100%) CREDIT to use towards ANY course at a Beautiful Life International school. This must be redeemed within 6 months of original enrollment date or will be forfeited. This guarantee may only be redeemed once per program purchased and does not apply to the second or replacement program.

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent the Mosaic Family Coaching© program and its potential. Each individual student's or participant's success depends ultimately on his or her background, dedication, desire, ability, faith and motivation.  As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. Any testimonials and examples used have been posted to demonstrate exceptional results. These do not necessarily apply to the average student or product purchaser. These are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.