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7 Tips For More Ease In Your Life

Who else needs a breath of fresh air in their day? One of our greatest challenges today is managing our emotions. If we could just learn to do that, we could actually live with ease.

Today’s post will contain mindset strategies for peace and practical tips to implement so you enjoy greater ease in your life.

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Church, Now Is Your Time

This may be the most unusual period of our lives but it’s not a surprise to God. He has positioned you to fulfill His calling in your life right now.

Regardless of whether the scope of your ministry or church is big, small or medium size, one thing is the same today. Your people need …

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How to Thrive in Today’s World

If we want to thrive in today’s world, we need to become resilient. God’s word often talks about the importance of managing our mind. It tells us we can be transformed by the renewing of our mind. More than ever before, science is proving how such a thing is possible.

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