How To Feel Better

Would you like to feel better?  Most days I would answer, "yes" if you asked me. Who doesn't want to feel better?  As a Christian life coach or counselor, we need to be prepared to show our clients how to feel better through difficult times, all the while maintaining our own life balance as well.

This is sometimes easier said than done, right?  So today I am including some tips to help you and your clients feel better.

Many have been left feeling powerless or helpless as the media is capitalizing on dramatic or heart-breaking events.

It's not unusual for stories and images that seem larger than life to trigger, fear, anxiety, hopelessness, despair, anger, and depression. For the sake of our mental health and that or others, we must turn that around.

Below are 18 actionable tips to help you and those you work with feel better. Several of these are adapted from my Stress Relief Coach and my Joy Restoration Coach certification courses.

COMING SOON ... New Training on how to control your thoughts so they create manageable emotions, better behaviors / actions and amazing results.

The process: A situation occurs. We have a thought about it based on the filter created by our personal values. This creates an emotion, which causes a behavior.

How To Feel Better - 18 Tips

(1)  Manage the amount of negative information you receive.
Some of us are stronger and less sensitive than others. If you’ve been so overwhelmed with recent events that you find yourself triggered with the least bit of negative news, find someone in your life who can filter the news and share it with you only on a need-to-know basis.

(2)  Give yourself permission to have feelings.
Rather than judging your emotions, be gentle with yourself and accept them. If you feel I need to cry, then cry. There is no right or wrong way to experience your feelings. Rather than fighting them, take a slow, deep breath and give your feelings permission just to be until they fade away. Some emotions feel good and others are uncomfortable. As a human, we will experience both in our lifetime. Either way, your emotions can't hurt you as they are only sensations in your body.

(3)  This season will pass.
Remind yourself that we are only in a season. It may be challenging but you are capable. Make up your mind that you will bring your A-game and remain patient, resourceful and flexible.

(4)  Stay hydrated.
Drink water throughout the day because it boost your energy, increase his brain function and enhance his physical performance.

(5)  Start or maintain a morning routine.
Make your bed and put away any clothes or clutter from the surfaces in your bedroom. That will give you instant peace when you look around and see everything neat and tidy. Put another way, chaos in your environment leads to chaos in your mind.

(6)  Make sleep a priority.
Create a routine to go to bed at the same time each night and get at least eight hours of sleep. Emotional exhaustion requires more sleep.

(7)  Move to lift your spirits.
Put on your favorite music and have a 10-minute dance party with yourself, your family or pets! This is a great little cardio exercise to lift your spirits.

(8)  Include a daily devotional.
Pick up a daily devotional and start your day with it. Ask God for His peace, wisdom, favor and protection to guide you through the day.

(9)  Prayer / Meditation
Pray and meditate each day for any amount of time that suits your schedule. (prayer is when we talk to God and meditation is when we listen and get in tune with His answers.)

(10)  Laugh!
Seek out enjoyable humor that makes you laugh. These might include wholesome movies, comedy, cartoons, or Memes.

(11)  Journal
Begin or continue journaling every day. This will help you to organize and process your feelings, vent about anything that is upsetting you and eventually have a keepsake from a tough time when you survived.

(12)  Question your thoughts.
Just because a thought occurred in your brain does not mean it's true or worthy of your time or energy.  Consider if the thought is helpful. Would you recommend a loved one thinking this way? Is it supportive? If not, make a list of more positive alternatives. Then practice thinking a better thought.

(13)  Get outdoors.
Take a walk and truly connect with the nature around you.

(14)  Encourage someone else.
Write an encouraging letter to a friend or family member.

(15)  Enjoy music.
Put on some headsets and listen to music that you love.

(16)  Increase your skills.
Enroll in a class to learn something that interests and benefits you.

(17)  Refrain from comparing yourself to others.
Tell yourself, "I'm doing my best," or, "I'm contributing as much as I can."

(18)  Use your physiology to feel better.
Stand or sit straight with good posture and refrain from slumping over. Smile deliberately whenever it occurs to you. Your brain will not know why you are taking these actions and presume you feel good. When this happens, your brain will release endorphins that actually do make you feel better. This is a powerful and effective tip that we included the Joy Restoration Coach / Christian Grief Coach certification course.

What makes you feel better?
Please share your own tips or favorite activities in the comments near the bottom of this page.
I'd love to read your thoughts.

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