Preferred by many GriefShare & Hospice workers, life coaches and counselors.

Recommended for helping professions such as Medical, Legal, Financial, Ministry and Social Agencies.

Perfect for anyone who wants to learn to help others and even overcome your own grief.

"... You will grieve, but your grief will turn to joy." ~ John 16:20

9-week Joy Restoration Coach© Training / Certification - CCGC

At PCCCA / Beautiful Life Int'l, this course is also known as

Christian Grief Coach© Training / Certification - CJRC

Joy Restoration course includes all this!


According to SHRM, "COVID-19 grief is different than other types of grief, warn mental health and grief experts ... 'COVID grief is disenfranchised grief,' said psychiatrist Joshua Morganstein, chair of the American Psychiatric Association committee that issued special guidance for its members caring for patients affected by COVID-19 grief. 'They are living with grief they are unable to express through normal outlets.'"

Nearly everyone has experienced or is currently experiencing Covid-related grief over a related loss, be it a loved one, a job, relationships, security, health, etc.

Previously, 72% experienced grief in the past 3 years. (This was before Covid-19.)
WebMD’s survey, “Grief: Beyond the 5 Stages,” sought to discover how people grieve after different life events and how they got through them. It was taken May 16 to May 19, 2019, by 1,084 U.S. respondents. Of those, 780 said they had grieved over a life event in the past 3 years.

Time magazine reported not long ago that 50 million people in the U.S. alone are suffering from some sort of loss or grief. Now you can meet the needs of countless individuals worldwide, who are suffering.

Grief coaching (we call it Joy Restoration coaching) from a biblical worldview is the most empowering coaching available to help others move from the depths of their loss-related sorrow to a new-found life of daily joy.

This course has been deemed safe for sensitive students

Where do we struggle with loss, sorrow or grief?

  • Death of a spouse, child, loved one
  • Natural disaster (i.e. Jan., 2010 earthquake in Haiti)
  • Divorce and loss of a marriage
  • Loss of social interaction & other grief with Covid-19 - SPECIAL TRAINING ADDED
  • Forced changes or shutdowns causing loss of purpose
  • Loss of health
  • Incarceration
  • Loss of a home to foreclosure
  • Forced separation / distance from a loved one
  • Loss of a beloved family pet
  • Addiction / separation of a loved one
  • Loss of a job / income
  • Financial loss due to unscrupulous dealings
  • Loss of a relationship
  • Complicated grief from more than one event

  • There are many types of losses we are forced to cope with and above are just a few. They are different one from another, yet each one can cause devastating pain and keep us from focusing, working effectively and relating properly. The pain of loss can cause us to react in unproductive and unhealthy ways, unless we deliberately choose a more productive path.

    You may be thinking to yourself that you don't coach or work in a grief-related area nor do you expect to. Please understand that every one of us will be affected directly or indirectly with losses during our lifetime. The question remains: Will we be prepared? And will we stand ready to help those we work with, when a tragedy happens to them? Our world sadly, has not become a more comforting place. Now is the time to get trained.

    "In this program, you will learn to help someone reduce suffering 5-8 years, often down to a matter of months!"

    Abby Parsons, PhD

    I am near completion of our Joy Restoration course. It's really great! I've been counseling/coaching for many years but wanted new ideas and certification -- it's perfect. Dr. Bush, your voice is wonderful on the recordings and you emit a pure and compassionate tone and a calming feeling that lingers.

    You do a wonderful job explaining and incorporating the Bible and Christian principles into the explanations and teaching. Thank you, I have benefited a great deal and will use all the nuggets you have provided to successfully be "about my Father's business".

    Here are topics Christian Grief Coach training will cover:

    Reality vs myths about heartbreak, grief and loss
    Identifying stages of grief
    Situations where loss happens
    Overcoming faulty thinking
    Criteria for successful coaching
    Characteristics of coachability and un-coachability
    How to survive early stages of bereavement
    Best and Worst things to say to someone experiencing loss
    Healing power of words (with scripture references)
    How to eliminate toxic thoughts
    2000 year-old scripture now proven by science, that prophesied our ability to transform our minds and thoughts
    Effects of stress and how to reduce stress in your life
    Benefits of forgiveness and how to forgive
    In-depth study of Joy and Happiness
    Keys to Happiness
    How to expand comfort zones
    Emotional risk taking
    Routines and Habits - understanding and modifying
    Learn my 7-Step Happiness by Choice Method©
    Establish a healthy lifestyle - nutrition & exercise
    Designing a new lifestyle using "V-O-G"
    Marketing your practice (business or ministry)
    Top client referral sources for a 6-figure practice
    Best practices, business forms and Success Strategies (includes done-for-you forms!)
    Create a "personal firewall" to protect your thought life!

    More Testimonials:

    The first one below is from Facebook. You'll find program graduate, GiGi Ringness' testimonial in
    the comments of this post.

    "The most important "aha" moment for me was discovering that I was sabotaging myself with toxic thoughts. Now, I understand the origin of those thoughts, how to renew my mind and the important role Scripture plays.

    I would recommend this program to others not only because of the course material and exercises but because the business related assignments are a step by step guide in helping you set up your business."

    Leslie Rivers Brito


    "Thank you for the opportunity to become a better life coach by such excellent course offerings."

    "This course came available at just the right time and I jumped on the opportunity. I was looking forward to the class each week, and it turned out to be a blessing."

    "Erien W. Fryer


    "I feel more in control of my mind, my health and my daily routine. One of the sessions even helped me to have peace in a very upsetting situation!!

    I most certainly would recommend this program to anyone who is ready to begin coming out of the dark and live the life God has planned for them to live.

    This program has been done in excellence and is very easy to follow. The projects are exciting and I don't want to put them down until I am finished.

    I have cried as I listened to several of the sessions because I know there is a great change coming for me, one that will bless many people. I thank GOD for this JOY RESTORATION!!"

    Margaret Rowlett

    This Program Is Ideal For:

    -Those in grief-related work such as Grief Share, Hospice, funeral homes, counselors, life coaches, accountants, legal professionals, medical professionals and others.

    -A new coach seeking Christian Grief Coach training and certification.
    -An experienced Christian coach seeking credentials in this specialty.
    -A Christian coach at any level who wants grief coach training using a practical, yet Biblical foundation.
    -A pastor, ministry or lay worker whose position will be enhanced by solid, Biblical grief coach training.
    -Someone seeking personal growth, challenge and training to help others in their family, circle of friends or community overcome grief and the pain of loss.

    Why grief coaching instead of counseling?

    While counseling can be very helpful with deep-seated emotional issues or in cases where clinical issues have developed, Joy Restoration coaching is designed to help the client overcome more quickly by leaning on faith principles to help them make those changes in their life that the Word of God tells us, will enable us to live a full, joyful and yes, abundant life!

    Grief follows a fairly predictable pattern in one's life. We may not be able to avoid matters that cause grief, but we can learn how to deal with grief when it happens, in a healthy, productive way, to minimize its duration and help us resume a fully functioning, productive life.

    The CCGC is presented as an online, 9-WEEK program with specialized Joy Restoration© or Christian Grief Coach© Training, proprietary 7-Step Happiness by Choice Method© Licensing and Business/Marketing Excellence. The CCGC is a comprehensive program that will equip the graduate with all necessary skills to effectively and profitably operate a grief coaching practice and excel as a Certified Christian Grief coach, whether it be as a sole practitioner, coaching professional hired by the private or public sector, ministry worker or within the scope of their personal life.

    Tony Hawkins

    Dr. Bush, Just had to share some excitement and blessing with you.  A local ministry that serves our community contacted me to provide some coaching seeing I had my Christian Life Coaching certification and was working on my Joy Restoration certificate.

    I will be working with community members on a variety of levels to help them find direction for their lives once again. They've offered me an opportunity to begin training, too, to work with those with life-controlling issues as well, and have offered to pay for that training once I've completed this training certification.

    I'll be able to charge a fee for my grief coaching services upon completion of my training. Very excited here in Kentucky and even for the future with what PCCCA / Beautiful Life International, L.L.C. is going to bring positively into my life. I will actually get to work hand-in-hand with two other Christian Life Coaches who established the ministry I mentioned earlier.

    I am MOST excited about learning and sharing your "7-Step Happiness by Choice Method." Your program is AWESOME! Can't thank you enough.

    Upon Successful Completion You Will Receive Two Certifications.


    Certified Joy Restoration Coach© and Certified Christian Grief Coach© so that you can use your credential in any environment, be it Christian or secular.

    You will receive beautiful, ready-to-frame certificates with gold seals as evidence
    of successful completion of this professional training program.

    On graduation, you will become licensed to offer ...

    Financial Outlook

    Excellent. More than any other niche, a specialty that helps the client relieve or limit the pain of grief and resume a normal, happy life is one that those suffering from grief are willing to pay well for.

    Unlike other types of coaching, grief coaching has a limited scope and time duration. The coach can anticipate 3 to 6 months maximum length of time with each client. A Grief Coaching practice will grow by referrals from satisfied clients as well as professional recommendations and other promotional sources. Up-to-date marketing is included in training.

    Your 9-week training, certification and licensing program will include!

    Joy Restoration © Training - Presented in 9 Recorded Teleclasses by Dr. Bush

    With 9 Bonus* Corresponding Q&A / Discussion Call Recordings

    Private online discussion group, facilitated by specialty Joy Restoration Master Specialty Trainers.

    Worksheets and resources to accompany each teleclass with Dr. Bush

    Business start-up and growth training

    Cutting edge marketing and branding

    Top Strategies of highly successful people - this will blow you away!

    Email support during training and follow up support

    Online certification exam when modules are complete

    Forms, sample contract, templates and checklists to start your business

    Online promotion, website and automation resources.


    Ready to Live Joy-Filled and Grief-Free Life and Help Others?

    Your joy level will increase and your grief episodes subside as you learn how to first help yourself and then help others overcome the very normal symptoms related to grief and loss of all kinds.

    You will obtain two certifications: Certified Joy Restoration Coach and Certified Christian Grief Coach as well as license to offer Dr. Bush's "7 Step Happiness by Choice Method". If you select to receive signed, embossed/sealed, frame-ready certificates, you will also receive a beautiful Certified Joy Restoration Coach lapel pin.

    Your skills as a Joy Restoration / Christian Grief Coach are desperately needed by millions who need to overcome being stuck after a significant loss or grief. Sooner or later, everyone will need your skills.

    Joy Restoration course includes all this!

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    Become a Certified Joy Restoration Coach / Certified Christian Grief Coach.

    TUITION: $1697 USD in Full

    Or, select an Easy, Monthly *Payment Plan of

    $447 / month for 4 months or ...

    $267 / month for 7 months

    If you need assistance with setting up your tuition payment, please phone our Academy office TOLL FREE 800-280-4662, ext 1.
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    "In the day of trouble He will hide me in His shelter; in the secret place of His tent will He hide me; He will set me high upon a rock." Psalm 27:5 (AMP)

    "This is my comfort and consolation in my affliction: that Your word has revived me and given me life." Psalm 119:50 (AMP)

    "God's gracious favor is all I need. His power works best in my weakness." 2 Corinthians 12:9 (NLT)

    "I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me [I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who infuses inner strength into me: I am self-sufficient in Christ's sufficiency]."Philippians 4:13 (AMP)

    "When I am pressed on every side by troubles, I am not crushed or broken. When I am perplexed because I don't know why things happen as they do, I don't give up and quit."2 Corinthians 4:8 (TLB)

    "God comforts, encourages and consoles me in every trouble. He enables me to console others who need comfort."2 Corinthians 1:4 (AMP)

    For more information, please email or phone TOLL FREE 800-280-4662 (US) and 239-471-2806 (INT'L). Office hours are Monday to Thursday, 9-5, and Friday, 9 am to noon, Eastern (New York) Time.

    Note:  Be advised that acceptance into this program is not a guarantee of certification. The candidate must satisfactorily complete all assignments, comply with student policies and fulfill all financial obligations to the academy prior to the certification being issued.

    * Recorded group calls with trainers and previous course participants over a bridge line are added to enrich your training experience but are not considered to hold actual monetary value.
    ** All payment plans are automated to reduce your tuition. Payments that fail may be assessed a fee to restore your course access and account.