Is It Time To Reinvent Yourself?

There is a saying that goes like this: "If it's not broken, don't fix it." But as most of us know, if you don't stay engaged, up-to-date or continue to grow, things will eventually become broken and stop working. This is true for our personal relationships and business lives. And if one part isn't working, it can affect everything else as well. Maybe it's time to reinvent yourself.

To remain relevant, we need to stay ahead of the curve. If you look at any singer, actor or artist who has remained popular for decades, their career has undergone several iterations.

This just means we need to stay on the lookout for changes and new opportunities to expand our territory.

One of the most popular times to consider making changes is during the holidays as we look forward to another new year. But since the holidays are super busy, I believe the best time is summer. During summer, we usually set aside time to get away and relax. I have found it the best time to reflect on where we are and where we hope to go.

For some of us it will be a very obvious that certain aspects of our life are simply no longer working. For others the clues may be more subtle.

As someone who has gone through many reinventions during my lifetime, I want to encourage you to have confidence in this process. God has a great plan for each of us but sometimes we need to let go of one thing so that we can move into our next, better version of ourselves or our business or ministry.

When we don't let go, I believe God allows the pressures of life to converge on us until we are forced to make the needed changes. But that is seldom fun. What's better is when we acknowledge the sign posts along the way and course correct as we go.

But this isn't always possible. Sometimes we are so busy running our practice that we don't even notice less and less traffic at our website ... resulting in less inquiries, ultimately resulting in less clients. One day we look at our monthly profit and loss statement and realize something is very, very wrong. What happened? And how can we fix it?

time to reinvent yourself

So then we circle the wagons and dive deep into discovery. Sometimes the answer is clear, but other times it isn't. What happens a lot is when income drops, we think we can fix it by just working harder. But when working harder doesn't solve the problem, there's a good possibility you need to look at reinventing.

Sometimes we go through major changes in our personal lives. Afterwords, things don't look or feel the same. We're not sure what our life should look like now, but we know that this isn't it.

If either of these scenarios sound familiar, it may be time to reinvent yourself.

With our lives and society as a whole going through so many changes over the past couple years, I have seen countless friends and colleagues undergo reinvention. And most of it was not enjoyable. But this doesn't have to happen to you.

I want to reassure you that some of the world's greatest and most beautiful transformations come out of reinvention. If you are feeling panic because things have gotten desperate, don't quit now. This is where you need to lean in toward the winds of change.

The first thing you want to do is create an audit of your strengths. Then, ask your friends, family, colleagues and others who know you for their feedback. List everything you have accomplished and all of the various types of work you have done. Here you will find clues that will lead you to your calibrated reinvention. When I am coaching you, we'll dive even deeper to connect the dots.

Next, you will want to revisit your core values. The values you held five years ago may not be the same as they are today. You may find that some of them no longer serve you. I have an exercise that I created and teach all of my coaching leaders ... that you and I will process through together. Some parts of the reinvention process work backwards and counter-intuitively. You need to do this process correctly or you might not be happy with the results of your reinvention. The life you create, may not be the one you really want. This is too important to take chances with getting it wrong.

If you know that now is your time to reinvent yourself, I 'd love to work with you.

I very seldom take on new coaching clients but I do have a few openings for VIP days in August.  Come meet me at our ocean-front villa in Key Largo, FL for your reinvention by the sea.  You can get more information and apply at:

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