Should You Also Become a Christian Counselor?

It might interest you to know that a high percentage of those who become Christian life coaches, also become  Christian Counselors. Have you considered adding these skills? Would you like to become a Christian counselor? It's wise to remember that great counselors don't just happen by accident. You'll require training. But before you dive in, let's take a look at whether this could be the right profession or ministry for you.

Below are 8 top qualities you need to become an excellent Christian counselor. If you possess the traits that we’ll talk about in this article, they will enable you to work with a wide range of clients and help them solve their problems.

If you are considering adding Christian counseling to your existing coaching practice as most
Christian life coaches eventually do or … if you would like to become a Christian counselor, here are 8 questions you will want to answer before taking the next step:

1.  Do you feel that God has gifted you and called you to this profession?

Do you sincerely care about others and their souls? Having empathy for others and the mercy gift is necessary. It’s very important that you understand the need to show compassion for your clients’ emotional pain. If you easily get frustrated with other people's problems, Christian counseling might not be for you. You will need lots of patience.

2.  Are you able to keep secrets?

Confidentiality is of primary importance in the counselor-client relationship. In fact, ethics demand it. The only time you could share what is divulged to you, is if it is mandated by law. The counselor may discuss a client's needs with their supervisor but should never talk with others about a client or gossip.

3.  Are you a perceptive listener?

Do you pay close attention when others are speaking? Are you keenly aware of their body language and facial expressions that may support or contradict their words? Your clients will have a variety of forms of expressing themselves and communicating their concerns. You need to be patient with this process so that your counseling sessions can be productive.

4.  Are you inquisitive and analytical?

As a Christian counselor, you will need to be able to guide client sessions with questions. Not only do you need to be a good listener as explained above, you also need to be able to connect-the-dots, so to speak, to help your clients with self-discovery. You need to be able to analyze when things do and do not make sense.

5.  Do you love people … all kinds of people?

This is important because your clients may come from all different types of backgrounds. You will need to be at ease with all of them and be able to carry on conversations with each type of personality. This is necessary to inspire trust from your clients so they can grow and solve their problems.

6.  Are you a tolerant, yet Christ-centered individual?

During your client sessions, they may talk about some fairly dark topics and express their fears and experiences. A Christian counselor must refrain from passing judgment and when there is a conflict in values, point their client toward the truth found in the word of God. The counselor’s opinion doesn’t matter but God’s does. That’s what I have told those I counseled.

7.  Are you levelheaded and stable?

Even though you are not expected to be perfect, it is important that you have dealt with your own baggage before you try to address the needs of others. This way you can focus on your clients' situations and not draw parallels with and examples from your own.

8.  Are you able to understand how scripture applies to modern-day life and share these stories as examples?

Although you do not need to be a theologian, you do need to have a basic understanding of Scripture and application of God's word to modern-day life and problems. Most situations are addressed in the Bible and you need to have a commitment to the learning truth presented there as well as an ability to share the stories and discuss their relevance to your client’s situation.

Do you possess these traits?  If yes, read on ...

If you find that you possess the personality traits and qualities above, as well as a heart-desire to help others, Christian counseling may be your calling. It’s OK if you do not feel quite prepared. This is what proper training will do. You will need to understand the variety of issues that may face your clients as well as professional and ethical conduct.

I recently posted a new video that expressed the need for qualified Christian counselors at  It’s only 3-4 minutes long but it lays out the importance of your calling and how you can meet this challenge with excellence.

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