CCLC/CPLC Coaching Program Custom Tuition Enrollment
Prudence Konlani

Hi Prudence,
Per our phone conversation, your custom tuition is $542 down plus 2 consecutive monthly payments of $542, adjusted to 2 consecutive monthly payments of 742.00 due to transfer to CCLC/CPLC Certified Christian Professional Life Coach program. You will receive access to 4 modules after each of the three tuition payments.  Carefully read STEP 1 and STEP 2 below before

(STEP 1) Complete your CCLC/CPLC Coaching Program enrollment form.

(STEP 2)  Respond to an email fromme at approving the updated payments for month 2 to $742 per month.Just respond with

"I approve the two $742 payments for month two and three." and type/sign your name.

NOTE: Once you've completed the enrollment form the system will redirect you to the payment page. Disregard and close the window since you have already paid.

After the office has received the above items, we will email your login credentials to you. If you have any questions, please phone us at (800) 280-4662, ext. 1 or email