Secret Sauce

If you have struggled to build an awesome website, or any website at all ... or if you have website shame, you have arrived on the right page.

However, please note that I don't share this information with just anyone.  Perhaps you are a high level contact of mine or a student of the academy ... in that case you have my permission to explore further.

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I have been developing websites for over 12 years (as of 2015) and have used almost every software and platform known to mankind, all with disappointing or mixed results until I found what I am about to share.

(I was asked for this information by my inner circle so often, I finally created this page.)​

The site you are looking at right now, was built with this system,  In fact the owners of this WordPress system announced us as a top case study about 6 weeks ago because we had such astounding results.  We were brand new to WordPress and it was so easy, I believe anyone can do this.  Don't ever be at the mercy of a techie, who fails to perform or becomes untrustworthy with your lifeline... your website.  

You MUST know the basics or your business will remain vulnerable.

I don't do web development as a business, rather maintain over 60-some sites within our corporation and consult with clients about their choices.  Nearly all of our in-house sites have been converted to this with stellar results.

Here are a couple of our in-house examples:

Here is a link to our case study, so you can learn what we have done. Ours is the second one.   CASE STUDY LINK

Here is a link to the visual editor / content builder that surpasses every one on the market today... (from a small Swiss company with the best support and training in the webby world!    WATCH VIDEO OF THE EASIEST CONTENT BUILDER

Finally, here is a link to the WordPress Theme site so you can see what is possible.   SEE THE THEME POSSIBILITIES

Be blessed and use these tools to build your next big thing.  And please, don't share with your competition.  These are so good they are dangerous in the wrong hands. 

Love and blessings,

Leelo Bush
CEO and Director of Training
PCCCA / Beautiful Life International LLC

PS  In case you are wondering, we are affiliates of this system and may receive a commission if you decide to try it.​  If you know me, you are aware that I rarely share my top resources but you can see that this site was created with this system, so we are proof that it is a great alternative.  If you try it, please share your results with me.  (To date, everyone I have referred, who got this system, has loved it.  But they guarantee it, in case you don't.)