Letter from
Misty Taggart,
former Hollywood Screenwriter

Dear Dr. Bush,
I wish to thank you so very much for the time you spent with me yesterday.

I know God lead me to your school and opened my heart to the possibilities. Yes, you did 'steal my tent' .... and I thank you so much for that.
I'm so very excited about what God is already doing in my life. This decision has brought me a wonderful new friend in (my trainer). She was a delight and I look forward to learning and working along with her. Also, today God answered my prayer. I have been talking with Him about this and needing some affirmation. While I was having my pedicure this morning, I was reading 'Jesus, Life Coach' ... and this began a conversation with the woman next to me. We chatted about a lot of things and I mentioned that I am studying for my Christian Life Coach Certification. She wanted to talk ... and talk. As I was leaving she asked for my card. Well, needless to say, I didn't have one. So I sent her to my web site ... and gave her my phone number. She asked, "Are you taking any new clients now?"
I truly believe that is 'definite affirmation' ... my life ISN'T OVER! ... There is joy. I just needed to get out of my tent and see the stars.
... I can't wait for my package of course materials to get here.
Misty Taggart, Surprise, AZ

Success Stories

Josh Perez & Kristine Perez – CCLC Graduates
PCCCA Certified Christian Life Coaches - Naples, FL

This complete training program has helped me and will continue to help me to use coaching instead of counseling with the majority of people I talk with. Most are simply in a rut, desire to make a change, or want to set a certain goal for their life. As a pastor it has already become a very valuable tool for me to use. Thank you PCCCA!

Kymberlee Byrd – CCLC Graduate
PCCCA Certified Christian Life Coach - Atlanta, GA
Major League Athlete's Spouse

The Certified Christian Life Coach program is very professional. You receive all the materials at once. The program is very organized. You know what to expect each week. The material gave me a deeper understanding of different
types of Christian Coaching. I was also given new tools to use with clients.
I felt supported through the process and know that there is support after certification.
Dr. Bush was a great listener and was willing to give input and needed feedback to me. She also encouraged me to pursue my niche and more forward.

Dr. Robert A. Gatter – CCLC Graduate
PCCCA Certified Christian Life Coach, Media. PA

My PCCCA trainer (Jeff Dieleman, MCLC) gave a great deal of practical advice and reinforcement. He provided support that was and is over and above the course requirements. Excellent computer and web knowledge.

Angela Tezano – CCLC Graduate
PCCCA Certified Christian Life Coach - Lake Charles, LA
Women of Excellence Life Coaching

PCCCA is an awesome academy of excellence that offers training for those who know they are called to help others. The training has increased my level of excellence personally and has given me the ability to build a successful coaching practice for women.

Brad La Fore – CCLC Graduate
PCCCA Certified Christian Life Coach, Leave Valley, MN
Real Estate Professional

Through PCCCA I have been able to achieve more than just becoming a Christian Life Coach. The skills I have acquired through this course have impacted my life and the lives of those I coach. Thanks to my PCCCA
trainer (Jeff Dieleman, MCLC) I am able to follow God’s calling on my life in helping others through Coaching. I highly recommend PCCCA’s Christian Life Coaching Certification course.

Jenny Grace Morris – MCLC, CCLC Graduate
PCCCA Master Christian Life Coach - Wilmington, NC

It is with great joy and much appreciation that I am sharing my experience with PCCCA and Dr. Leelo Bush. When God called me to be a Christian Life Coach I honestly was uncertain if this profession existed. Much to my delight, the internet provided me with a few resources. There were several people from schools and academy's that I spoke with and knew immediately that PCCCA was the one God chose for me. It had all the right credentials: Love for God, his children and a genuine Christian Heart. I received my certification after learning much about Christian Life Coaching.
Then the hard part came with the realization that I would be transitioning into a new life and profession. I wanted even more of the coaching-specific techniques and skills to successfully start my own practice even though I had some background in business ownership already.
I recognized the need to gain assistance from a Christian Life Coach. Dr Leelo Bush generously gave me the love support, ideas techniques and resources necessary to continue in Gods perfect calling. May anyone reading this be blessed with the same opportunities!

Hilbun Adams – CCLC Graduate
PCCCA Certified Christian Life Coach, Birmingham, AL
Former Alabama Lieut. Governor Candidate

I had never heard of Christian Life Coaching when I contacted PCCCA. The more I discovered about this profession the better it sounded like it was what I had been looking for in my life. What could be more rewarding than to talk to people about their dreams and visions and to help them discover Gods will for their life? I believe that life is about relationships and I have one with my trainer Evan. I would encourage anyone to look into joining this relatively young profession through the school of PCCCA.

Colleen DeVetter – CCLC Graduate
PCCCA Certified Christian Life Coach - Owatonna, MN

My experience with PCCCA has been a wonderful journey of self-discovery and fulfillment. The study materials were well organized, easy to understand and very professional.
I would like to thank my Coach (Trainer) Evan Bush for his wisdom, guidance and his passion to help people discover who they are in Christ. Evan’s professionalism, excellence and knowledge of the materials made this program very enjoyable.
I would highly recommend this program for men and women who have a great desire to guide people into becoming all they can be with the help and guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Thank you Rev. Dr. Leelo-Dianne Bush and Evan Bush, MCLC, for always treating me like part of your family.

Joan Adams Brann – CCLC Graduate
PCCCA Certified Christian Life Coach - Vallejo, CA

My experience with my trainer was a wonderful addition to my life. Rev. Bush's knowledge, sense of humor, understanding and patience was helpful and encouraging. Our exchanges were very helpful, giving me a great deal of material that I will be able to use with those I coach. I often forgot I was talking to my trainer and not a friend of long standing. I will always be grateful to Rev. Evan Bush.

Deborah J. Thompson – CCLC Graduate
PCCCA Certified Christian Life Coach - Grand Junction, CO

I felt completely at ease with my trainer, Evan Bush. The training sessions were not only advantageous to my professional practice but were a blessing in my own life. I thank God that he directed me to PCCCA, website when I began searching for information on becoming a Christian life coach!

Erin A. Haskins – CCLC Graduate
PCCCA Certified Christian Life Coach - Columbia, MD

Now here I am end of January 2007, writing my testimony about this journey. I would have never made it if it wasn’t for Aricelys, my trainer and her many, many prayers, words of encouragement and a few much needed reality checks. I have no doubt in my mind that the Lord hand picked her for my specific personality and situation. I will be eternally grateful for her presence in my life during this process. I can still hear her voice in my head telling me to keep moving forward and to keep striving for the things that God has in store for me. Even more, I am thankful to the Lord for bringing me to this program. Throughout this experience He has been teaching me so much about myself it’s mind-blowing. Being coached has allowed me to see what has been holding me back from what God has for me for so long, me. I realize now that, though the enemy has been distracting me and throwing things in my way, the real battle has been within me. I have battled my fears, my insecurities and my past to just get to this point. So its time for me to act on some of the things He has been showing me and to take another step of faith by turning in my application for certification.
I know that the end of this battle is just the beginning for me. It was almost like a test to see if I was really committed to moving forward or if I was going to give up, again. But, I can’t give up and I will not chicken out. I am ready to work through my fears, I am moving past my insecurities and everyday I am letting go more and more of my past.
The completion of this course is the beginning of many things. God placed a vision inside of me long ago to start an organization that would give women a place to safely learn about themselves, learn about Christ, and learn from each other. That in turn will cause them to learn from what they have been through and learn of what the lord would do with their knowledge. I believe this is the beginning of the realization of my God-given vision and I’m a thankful to PCCCA for being the vehicle the Lord used to get things started

Luanne Hunt – CCLC Graduate
PCCCA Certified Christian Life Coach - Hesperia, CA
Author, Speaker, Singer/Songwriter, Life Coach

PCCCA’s life coaching program was more than I ever dreamed. I rediscovered so many wonderful things about myself & my gifts. The support from my instructor was excellent & I was very impressed by all the material.

Kimberly Ridenour – CCLC Graduate
PCCCA Certified Christian Life Coach - Texas

-5/29/07 Update-
I just wanted to touch bases with you to share how God has blessed
my life since graduating PCCCA.

First of all, I created a program called "Choice Of Action" that my church now offers as part of their post care program for their Kairos program at www.gatewaypeople.com which is an intense two day healing and deliverance ministry. God told me to offer the course twice as first fruits and this third class just blew me away when people were actually writing checks out to Heartsong (name of my coaching practice). I am now in the process of creating a program for youths, ages 11-15 called "Inside Out" based on scripture utilizing life skills to make good choices. In addition, I now write a column for my local newspaper called Coaching Corner and my first article comes out this week. And that is not all, the pastoral care department at my church refers many new clients to me and it just keeps growing.
I want to thank you and Aricelys (my trainer) again, for not only doing what you are doing, but using the wisdom God has giving to PCCCA and those who run the program and work for PCCCA.
God Bless you and I do refer folks to you!

Kim Ridenour, RN, CCLC - original statement after graduating from CCLC-

"I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to transform their life. This course has not only been eye-opening but has enhanced my relationship with God, husband, family and friends. I have found my passion and my heart sings. What an awesome experience and superb program. My coach through this program was Aricelys Medina and she was such an inspiration and blessing."

Minister Gloria A. Vaughn - CCLC Graduate
PCCCA Certified Christian Life Coach - Indianapolis, IN

I feel that all of my steps have purposely led me to PCCCA. This was the missing piece of my purpose. My coaching experience was truly a blessing! I found not only the right coach for me- I found a new, wise woman of God who I now call “friend”, (Florine Milligan, MCLC). I am excited about the practice that will manifest as a result of my training. I look forward also to the lives that will be impacted as a result of what I have learned from PCCCA and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Norma Jean Willis - CCLC Graduate
PCCCA Certified Christian Life Coach

I am a graduate and a Certified Life Coach from PCCCA. I thoroughly enjoyed my coach training with Master Coach Nancy Mansell. Nancy was an awesome coach trainer and I appreciated her sweet calm spirit that always kept our conversations centered on Christ. She was such a blessing to me. I believe that the training I have received from PCCCA will enhance my ability to minister to others as they discover their identity and their purpose in life. I am blessed to be able to present myself as a Christian Life Coach and I am excited about assisting all the people that the Lord sends my way.

Mary Kozak - CCLC Graduate
PCCCA Certified Christian Life Coach - Kenmore, NY
mary@pathwayslifecoach.com - Visit My Website

Over the years, God has blessed me with circumstances that were uniquely equipping me and preparing my heart to help people. I spent nearly two years praying about how I was to help. One day, in the midst of an online search, I was directed to PCCCA's website. Upon researching Christian coaching, and comparing PCCCA with other programs, the Lord made it clear that I was to pursue coach training, and with PCCCA in particular.
The course and my trainer, Rev. Evan Bush were such a blessing and encouragement to me. PCCCA truly stands behind their students, during and after the training. PCCCA continues to bless me with information, encouragement and advice.
During my coach training, I had the benefit of implementing what I was learning into my own life and into the life of my family. I quickly realized that Christian life coaching is life changing. My family continues to be blessed as a result of the training I received.
Now that I am certified, I am realizing the wonderful joy of helping people change their lives. God is awesome, and I look forward to each new day on this journey. I recommend coach training with PCCCA for anyone who desires to have a better life, or to help others do the same, and I thank God for using PCCCA to bless me and my family.

Wanda Phillips – CCLC Graduate
PCCCA Certified Christian Life Coach - Wildwood, MO

My experience at PCCCA not only prepared me to coach others, but personally opened my eyes to my need of being a coached. My trainer Aricelys helped me to move forward and believe in myself. She was not only my instructor; but became my friend and sister in God. This has truly been a blessed experience. Thank you to Dr. Bush and Aricelys for
your support and encouragement during this wonderful process. PCCCA was definitely a blessing from God.

Tina Kiehnle - Student
PCCCA Certified Christian Life Coach - Benton City, WA

I just wanted to let you know how well my first coaching training call went with my trainer, Aricelys Medina! Remarkably, she and I have gone through many similar situations and seem to have a lot in common. Aricelys was an
absolute blessing to talk with and a tremendous benefit to me! Thank you for praying that God would send me the coach He wanted me to have. My husband and I prayed the same thing a couple weeks ago and God heard all of our prayers. I couldn't be happier!
I look forward to my next week's call with her. I loved my homework assignments with Module 1 and Module 2. It brought so much more awareness while writing, praying and reflecting.

Sheri Cooks - CCLC Graduate
PCCCA Certified Christian Life Coach - Jersey City, NJ

To God be all the glory for great things He has done! Since the fall of 2003, I have visited the PCCCA website watching it evolve, praying, comparing the PCCCA training program to that of other schools, and contemplating whether or not to enroll. Well God's timing is perfect timing and on March 16, 2006, the Lord said "yes" and released me to enroll in this anointed program. From my initial call to master Christian life coach Derla Libby, I knew that this was a divine connection. Coach Libby is an anointed armor-bearer. As a licensed evangelist of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, her precious gifts are priceless to me. Coach Libby challenged me to walk in my calling with excellence, while assisting me to fine tune my ministry as a Christian leadership accountability coach with an emphasis on helping my clients to define their godly vision resulting in excellence. My experience at PCCCA was truly a blessing empowering me to prosper. I have learned skills that have positively impacted my life. I will never be the same and I am excited about my ability to help others reach their God-given potential and to fulfill their earthly purpose. "A man's mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps and makes them sure" - Proverbs 16:9. Heavenly Father, I thank You for directing my steps to PCCCA and making them sure.

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