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Own Your Part In Changing the World

I believe you are reading this because you care deeply about making a measurable difference in the lives of others and changing the world.  As believers, we have an obligation to our Lord to fulfill the Great Commission. We are also charged with feeding, clothing and providing a safe place for others to overcome difficulty […]

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Coaching & New Natural Health Certification Opportunity

IT’S COMING THIS FALL! … I’m sitting here on the top balcony of our leased house in Key Largo and I’ve been contemplating an article about the benefits of God-given, natural health solutions and how certified natural health professionals are becoming in high demand. This reminded me to give you advanced notice about a new natural […]

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Top 3 Ways to Get Coaching Clients Fast

I have been doing some research recently on the top ways that coaches get clients in today’s market. Initially, most coaches think of one-to-one coaching as their number one income producer but aren’t sure about ways to get coaching clients fast and increase their practice income. Today I will show you how some simple ideas can […]

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Add A Lucrative Niche To Your Practice

If you have been around me or this Academy for some time, you may know I am a huge advocate of specializing with your coaching practice. This doesn’t mean that you can’t coach others who do not need that specific niche of coaching. But specializing helps you significantly because you gain a clear understanding about those […]

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No More Old-School Thinking. Delegate!

While we are busy helping our clients live a more efficient, happier life, if we aren’t prepared, we can become vulnerable to overwhelm by details large to small in running our practice. In today’s post I am going to share tips for when and how to delegate tasks to your team. Don’t have a team yet? […]

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