Add A Lucrative Niche To Your Practice

If you have been around me or this Academy for some time, you may know I am a huge advocate of specializing with your coaching practice. This doesn't mean that you can't coach others who do not need that specific niche of coaching. But specializing helps you significantly because you gain a clear understanding about those who need you, who will pay you and you learn how to reach them with your message.

Editor's Note: In this post, we'll be using the words niche and specialty interchangeably.

It is not unusual for a coach to struggle with niche selection because it almost feels counter-intuitive. You became a coach so that you could help others, yet suddenly you are focusing on just a small group.

But here's the truth. God did not create you to coach everyone. Because of your unique experiences and training, you are most qualified to coach certain individuals, those whose needs match your expertise.

Leelo Bush, Ph.D.

Leelo Bush, Ph.D.

Why should you consider adding a lucrative niche? Because you are probably too busy anyway and if you are going to do one more thing, it needs to make sense to your bottom line, right?  The specialties I am sharing today are much needed and in-demand. This means you will find plenty of opportunities to help others and grow your practice.

Financially, adding a specialty, can make a big difference in the fees you can charge. Your clients will expect to pay you more for your expertise. And the more you earn with your skills, the more you can give back to a ministry or your community. It's God's plan for you to grow in your calling so that you can be a greater blessing to others.

Currently, the two most in-demand and lucrative coaching specialties are:

Joy Restoration Coaching 
Includes two certifications and a license.

Help clients overcome grief and loss. My course is recommended by major organizations such as Grief Share and Hospice as well as our graduates. But this wouldn't mean much unless the skills you learn truly change lives! 

Joy Restoration Coach / Grief Coach course at https://pccca.org/joy/

The Joy Restoration Coach licensed graduates see their clients overcome grief and loss in a matter of months, rather than years in most cases. Their quality of life, feelings of purpose and joy return when they take the powerful steps I will teach you.

This is a business-in-a-box course with everything you need to learn how to become the go-to authority on the topic in your area. I even show you where and how to market, to make transitioning into this niche easy. We include forms, exercises evaluations and a sample brochure so that you can develop your own from this example.

Learn more about the Joy Restoration Coach certification course HERE.

Stress Relief Coaching
Coach individuals, groups and create corporate stress programs.

Stress is our number one enemy today and it's much worse than simply suffering with symptoms of anxiety.

Stress Relief MANUAL Cover 3D

When people are prone to certain diseases, chronic stress can impair your immune system to allow those conditions to persist or get worse.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University uncovered that children who are exposed to chronic levels of stress are more likely to develop a mental illness in cases where they are genetically predisposed to do so.

According to Healthline.com, high levels of stress in pregnant women can trigger changes in their children as they grow, particularly behavioral and developmental issues.

Stress can physically damage your heart muscle as it forces your heart to work harder and increases your blood pressure. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Stressed employees cost their employers millions of dollars every year with illness, absenteeism and lowered production levels. It is easy to understand why companies have great interest in reducing stress.

These days all we have to do is turn on the news to become stressed. The Bible prophesied there would be wars and rumors of wars. What makes it worse today is, we can't tell the difference between authentic and fake news because it is coming from the same sources. That in itself is stressful.

This course includes forms, evaluations and exercises to support your practice and help your clients.

As a Stress Relief Coach, you will know how to effectively coach individuals, groups to overcome stress and create corporate stress management programs.

Learn more about the Stress Relief Coach certification course HERE.

It is our goal at this Academy, to continue to provide you with new courses to qualify you to excel at your chosen specialty. If you are looking for specialty training and have not found the topic you need, please leave a comment near the bottom of this page so that we can consider it when we add new curriculum and certification options.

Both of these programs include material that will simultaneously coach you, train you as a specialist as well as show you clearly how to market your new specialty so that those who need you, can find you.

What would adding a lucrative niche do for your practice?


"Thank you Dr Bush. Becoming a Grief and Joy Restoration coach has literally change my life. I am in the military and due to retire within a couple of months. Thanks to the training I received through PCCCA, I am now certified as a CJRC/CCGC.

Since obtaining my certifications. I have embarked on this journey to be able to change lives and help people to heal from grief. I am also a newly published author. Thanks to PCCCA, I will start my coaching business full time in the spring of 2017.

I am super excited. The training I received is the cornerstone for my new business. I could not be more happier and thankful for this opportunity. The training has really changed my life. Thank you Dr Bush. To God be the Glory.
~ Vernessa Blackwell

Vernessa Blackwell, Maryland
CJRC/CCGC - Author

"Dr. Bush, I would like to thank you again for the Stress Relief Coaching training I received.

Tonight, at our Turn off the Stress Workshop held in the public library the people were educated and left knowing God loves them and it is possible to live with more joy and less stress. We packed the room!

Kim Hansen Castellano, New Jersey

Today is a new day and everything can change for you when you say "yes" to your personal and professional growth. God needs you now more than ever! 

Want to get certified as a coach or counselor?
There are many professional certifications to choose from.

0616 Christian Coaching summer school

Thousands of students will confirm that you are in the perfect place to get the training you need to help your clients as well as learn how to reach those who God has led you to help.

Many of our courses offer dual certifications.  One certification is for your use in the Christian / ministry world and the other is for your use in the secular world. PCCCA has you covered no matter where you feel led to work!

You will find the courses currently available listed at https://pccca.org/courses/  Yes, when you take one course, you receive both of the certifications.  This way you have a credential that will be recognized wherever you have an opportunity to work, whether it is a business or church/ministry type of setting.

Course Bundles:  Now we also have course bundles to help you save on tuition. These are courses that are typically purchased together.  You can find them at: https://pccca.org/course-bundles/

Just click the button above to select your course, enroll and begin today. Why not get certified before the end of the year so you can begin your practice in January?

PS  You may be wondering why many of our students pay for their courses in full.  The reason is that when you do, you can request FULL access to your course so you can do it at your own pace, as quickly as you like.  Otherwise you may have to wait a week to a month for your next module, depending on the course. Most students are excited to get prepared to serve their clients.

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