Coaching Questions To Uncover Limiting Beliefs

Whether you are willing to admit it or not, each one of us has limiting beliefs. It’s true. Since we can’t see our lives in the same way God can, we don’t yet know what is possible.

By beliefs, I am not in this case referring to our faith in God. Rather, I am talking about our belief that we are capable of doing what is needed to reach our goals.

We need to take captive every thought and I think we can agree there is often head-nonsense going on where we are not thinking empowering thoughts. The questions in this post will help us understand what we are thinking and explore why in order to discover how we can find a better solution.​

Leelo Bush, Ph.D.

Leelo Bush, Ph.D.

Scripture tells us that we have each been given a measure of faith. And we also know that God wants us to seek Him if we feel weak because then He can show Himself strong.  But this is more about the practical application to get on with the tasks at hand.​

Even though I have developed numerous coach training programs and coached others (both formally and informally) too numerous to count, every now and then my husband challenges me about a belief or statement and typically it can be traced back to a limiting belief. He is right. This is probably just the human condition.

Below I have some questions, a few of which have followup questions​ added. Read over them all before you decide which ones are applicable to either your situation or your client's.

Coaching Questions to Uncover Limiting Beliefs

To work through major stronghold areas, I have some questions for you below, which you can ask yourself or those you coach, to aid in breaking through limitations.

· If we are our own worst critic, in what ways are you too hard on yourself?

· If you could step outside of yourself and truthfully observe how much you care or how hard you work, how could you be kinder to yourself?

· How would your life be different if you believed in yourself as much as God believes in you?

· We all have inner rules that guide us. List those things you think you should always do.
FOLLOWUP: Then list those things you think you should never do.

· When you feel stuck, where do you feel it in your body?

· Besides God, who else are you trying to please?

· What are you trying to avoid?
FOLLOWUP: How is avoiding it affecting you?

· What kinds of things get in your way when you think about your next step? 
FOLLOWUP: What is that “thing” trying to protect you from?

· Is there something you want to avoid feeling? 
FOLLOWUP: How do you think that feeling will impact your life?

· If you are completely honest with yourself, when you contemplate your next step, is it EXHILARATING or EXHAUSTING to you?

· Is there something you are afraid to look at that is stopping you from taking action?

· What do you feel silly putting into words?

· What inner rules do you have for yourself that get in the way of you taking the next step? 
FOLLOWUP: What are these rules costing you?

· What do you believe is stopping you from completely stepping into your (new) role?

Exercise / Homework: I suggest you get some paper and/or journal your answers to any of these questions that apply to your situation or have your client do the same. Then review the answers for greater insight.

I would love to hear from you in the COMMENTS section below. Please tell me about great questions you have discovered on your own, to help overcome limiting beliefs.

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Kim Hansen Castellano, New Jersey

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~ Vernessa Blackwell

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