Top 3 Ways to Get Coaching Clients Fast

I have been doing some research recently on the top ways that coaches get clients in today's market. Initially, most coaches think of one-to-one coaching as their number one income producer but aren't sure about ways to get coaching clients fast and increase their practice income. Today I will show you how some simple ideas can change everything.

Leelo Bush Ph.D. 0417

Leelo Bush Ph.D.

As I am developing new curriculum to help you with your coaching practice, I have found this to be a pivotal concern for many if not most new coaches. I have read articles, blog posts and books on the topic. I have also surveyed other successful coaches to learn their quickest path to profits. Today's post will share the top three ways to get coaching clients fast.

#3 Best way to get COACHING clients FAST

Optimize your social media group engagement

Here I will show you how to work your groups so they work for you.

The best place to begin is with Facebook. Are you currently a member of any Facebook groups? If not, now is a great time to begin. Doing this allows you to connect with precisely those people who will want the specialized variety of coaching you offer.

Your purpose in joining these groups is to increase your "know, like and trust factor".

facebook group image

One of the mistakes that coaches make when joining groups is linking with peers rather than prospective client groups. The truth is you need to begin in a place where your clients gather. Learn to speak their language and solve their problems in the group for free.

As you continue posting helpful content, answering their questions and solving problems … You will begin to stand out as an expert within the group. Do not sell in the group. Rather, when a group member asked you question that requires a more in-depth answer, invite them to private message you. This way you can speak to them confidentially and not disturb the group by offering your services in a public venue.  You also don't want to offend the group leader.  (PRO TIP:  If a group leader objects to you offering your services, ask if you may send them a referral fee if anyone from their group hires you.)

Research Facebook for the top five (1000+ member) groups your prospective clients may be in and ask to join. Begin building your profile daily by posting content that will help members of the group. Answer questions posed by members to create engagement and offer support.

This tactic requires consistency, content planning and diligent followup.​ (Don't just try it for a few days or weeks and give up.  Your prospective clients are watching you and want to see you are in it for the long haul.)

#2 Best way to get COACHING clients FAST

Become a guest on a podcast

Certainly by now you have heard about podcasting. It's one of the biggest things going on in the online business world. Podcasts allow the listener to access live audio even while doing other activities such as driving. Podcasts are great because they give you an opportunity to decide which podcast to listen to.

If you are still not sure that podcast thing is a big opportunity consider John Lee Dumas, who earns over $500,000 each month with his top-rated business podcast. He pulls HUGE numbers of listeners with his first daily podcast called Entrepreneur On Fire that started it all. If your audience matches his, what a great gig to be on his podcast!

John Lee Dumas Entrepreneur On File Podcast

John Lee Dumas and Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast

As a podcast guest, you get in front of potentially thousands of listeners over time. You see most podcasts, once they are uploaded, stay available for months and years to come in the archives. These recordings are accessible to anyone who wants to listen.

Each of these listeners is a prospective client. In exchange for your agreement to appear as a guest, the host will give the audience your contact information so they can contact you directly. What a terrific exchange of value.

If you want to become a guest on a podcast, first identify your target clients and who they are listening to. The podcast host wants you to bring some of your own audience along so if no one knows you yet, the "celebrity" hosts may not be interested initially. So start small and look for smaller podcasts to contact. Then grow from there.

How do you get their attention? When you find a podcast that you would like to be on, rate, review and subscribe to it. Then, send an email to the host, telling them how impressed you are by their podcast and how helpful it is to listeners. Once you have done this, offer to be a guest on the podcast and tell the host briefly how their audience will benefit. It's a great idea to offer their audience a "no-brainer", valuable download for free. This will create additional engagement and bring the audience member to your website to give you their contact information in exchange for the free offer.

Your credibility is now enhanced when prospective clients voluntarily arrive at the door steps of your website, asking for more information. Your job is to provide that information and stay in contact with them regularly. Then it's just a matter of time. Some people will respond quickly and others after years. Every now and then I hear from new clients who have been on my email list for seven or eight years before they finally act. The same can happen for you.

#1 "THE" Best way to get COACHING CLIENTS FAST 
(my personal favorite)

Group coaching / presentations 

Any time you can get in front of a group, do it. I recommend you organize your own group coaching programs. Or, speak in front of other organizations.

One of our PCCCA master coaches, Jenny Grace Morris, from St. Louis, MO, speaks in front of groups as a biblical storyteller. She told me recently that the easiest way she gets clients is from telling Bible stories in front of a group, then relating the story to a real life challenge and demonstrating coaching solutions.

You may not be called to become a Biblical Storyteller like Jenny but as you lead, coach and facilitate your own groups to solutions, your credibility is enhanced, making you the logical coach to hire for these specific solutions.

get coaching clients fast 1

Live engagement is powerful. Because you are a coach, your mission is to help others move from their unique challenge to success.

The fastest and best way to increase your coaching income is to develop a coaching program that provides coaching on the topic of your specialty. This could be anything from life purpose to career coaching. Whatever it is, make sure you know a lot about the topic from training, research and/or experience.

Remember, groups can be designed to engage in-person, via telephone bridge line or by webinar. To work in a group with you, members will pay a small percentage of your regular fee. Because each group has several members, you will be well compensated for your time.

For example, let's say you create a 4-week, group program. Your regular hourly fee may be $150 / hour and each group member fee could be a very conservative $25 per session.  If you have only 8 people in your group each week, you will earn $200 for the hour you spend with them. That is actually 25% more than you would earn in a private session, for your time. Additionally, group members become highly motivated to hire you for 1 to 1 work.

YOUR BOTTOM LINE RESULTS:  8 group members paying $25 per session for four sessions equals $800. Add to that, any private coaching clients you sign.

What if you had 12 group members? How about 16 group members? What if you ran two coaching groups concurrently? Can you see how coaching groups can quickly grow your income?


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